The history of Taekwon-do in Czech republic started in autumn 1986, when Taekwon-do group under TJ Karate České Budějovice grew up in České Budějovice. Creation of this group was motivated by member of Yugoslavian national team Zoran Samsa (he was I. Dan holder that time). Afterwards first Taekwon-do school in Czech republic was founded on 11. May 1987. Important role in developing TKD that time took Tony Nobilo (VIII. Dan nowadays) and Emin Durakovič (VII. Dan).

Korean instructor Hwang Ho Yong (V. Dan that time) came to Czech republic in October 1987. Grand Master Hwang (IX. Dan holder nowadays) teaches Taekwon-do up to the present day with few short breaks. Also other Korean instructors took part in developing Taekwon-do in Czech republic (Yun Nam Gyu and Son Son Gun).

Since then the number of Taekwon-do schools has grown and nowadays more than 4000 people practices Taekwon-do. All the schools (more than 25 nowadays and most of them have more gyms) and their members are united in Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation. In real it means that nearly whole Czech republic is covered by Taekwon-do schools. Until now Grand master Hwang has been leading the technical development of Taekwon-do in Czech republic and he is the only person who is allowed to give higher grades and degrees (up to 4th Degree). Technical supervising of Grand Master Hwang is done especially on regular (1 per month in every region) regional seminars for red belts and above.

During past years the Czechs have presented very good results. Now they are one of the best in the world (always in TOP 5 on World championships).

Title of world champions are their biggest success:

  • Jan Mraček – male senior sparring, Slovenia 2007
  • Ilona Hambergerová – female seniors special techniques, Slovenia 2007
  • Male senior team - patterns, Slovenia 2007
  • Female senior team – power breaking, Slovenia 2007
  • Juraj Hasík – male junior sparring, Bulgaria 2006
  • Jaromír Michl – male seniors special techniques, Australia 2005
  • Jan Mraček – male seniors sparring, Australia 2005
  • Michal Košátko - male seniors sparring, Australia 2005
  • Female senior team – special techniques and power breaking, Australia 2005
  • Male senior team – special techniques and power breaking, Australia 2005
  • Petr Hasík – special techniques, Malaysia 2004
  • Jaromír Michl – male seniors special techniques, Greece 2003
  • Female senior team – special techniques, Greece 2003
  • Barbora Sýkorová – female juniors special techniques, Puerto Rico 2002
  • Petra Tošnarová – female juniors sparring and power breaking, Puerto Rico 2002
  • Jan Mraček – male juniors sparring, Puerto Rico 2002
  • Female junior team – special techniques, power breaking and patterns, Puerto Rico 2002
  • Male junior team – special techniques and sparring, Puerto Rico 2002
  • Female senior team – special techniques, Italia 2001
  • Jaromír Michl - special techniques, Argentina 1999
  • female junior team - power breaking, India 1998
  • Jiří Hovorka - sparring, Poland 1995
  • Radka Dlouhá - sparring, Malaysia 1994
Czech national team is second in Europe for many years and its members are getting gold medals regularly and also titles for the most successful competitors.

Czech Taekwon-do federation organizes many competitions. There also exist in the Czech republic Talented Youth Organization which prepares future representatives. All of this contributes to the success of the Czech Taekwon-do. The competitions include varies rounds - regional rounds, championship of Bohemia, championship of Moravia and the top event – Czech national championship.

The competitions are held in all age categories - kids, juniors, seniors and veterans. Structure of national competitions is very well organized through perfect equipment – tatami, power breaking and special techniques post and electronic scoring system for sparring. Especially last named equipment is our school really proud of, because we developed it and put it in practice. Tatamis using this system are much faster than rings using old system of paper forms and it also provide possibility of checking quality of work of each referee.

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