13.12.2022 / 15th Serbia Open
Serbian mission
On Friday 18th October we set off from Prague for our first participation in the Serbia Open, which was held for the fifteenth time in the second largest city of Serbia, Novi Sad.11 competitors in two cars set off on an 800km long journey, but thanks to the non-stop driving on the highways of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia it was not as bad as it might seem from the kilometres. With a few short breaks, we arrived at the venue around 6:30. Accommodation, weigh-in and dinner at the hotel followed. In the evening we still managed to walk around the city centre, which is very nic
5.12.2022 / Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open 2022 / 7th Devil's cup ( info pack )
Pre-Christmas taekwondo devil's flick
The hall of the sports centre in Prague Řepi hosted the seventh year of the Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open - Devil's Cup. After last year's covid edition, it was very pleasant to deal only with ordinary operational matters, and not how to protect the participants and comply with the ever-changing measures. But the past is the past and let's get on with the year just ended. With five days to go before the entry deadline it was looking like a more intimate number of competitors, however the weekend and the last day was a crushing conclusion. There were 323 entries but only 291 competitors entered th
24.11.2022 / UK Open 2022
Sonkal in the British Isles
In 2019 we went to the competitions in Scotland for the first time, which were organized by the United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Association. We really liked the competitions then - friendly atmosphere, solid organization and interesting opponents. The following three years we had to postpone our participation because of Covid 19. This year it finally worked out and our choice fell on the UK Open, which is held regularly in November in the town of Guilford. This town of 100,000 is located southwest of London. It is worth mentioning the actual sports centre where the races were held, because the avera
17.11.2022 / Czech national championship 2022
National championship for the first time in Ostrava
This year's national championship - Czech Republic Championship was held in Ostrava for the first time. Sonkal was represented by 23 competitors after two medical corrections. The whole team was very well prepared and the performances were at the top level! In the competition of 22 other schools of the Czech Taekwon-Do Federation our competitors did great. In this case it is not only about the second position, but also about the ratio of the number of competitors - our 23 versus 89 at GBHS. The difference was in the final count three gold medals :-) In addition to the second place trophy
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