31.12.2022 / Taekwon-Do demonstration in Vybíralova Primary school
Three taekwondo demonstrations at Vybíralova Primary School
On Thursday, 29th September, we performed three taekwondo demonstrations for schoolchildren at Vybíralova Primary School. The demonstrations were intended for the complete first grade and because it is a large school, the audience was very large in all three cases. The success of the demonstrations is evidenced by the fact that it brought a large number of people to our recruitment group. As we have already mentioned, there were three demonstrations and thus the themes in the photographs are repeated. Take a look at the 137 photos and the video edited by Alex Mach.
31.12.2022 / Taekwon-Do demonstration in Hloubětín Primary school
Successful demonstration of Taekwo-Do for schoolchildren
On Tuesday, 27th September, we presented a Taekwon-Do demonstration to the first and second grade schoolchildren of the Hloubětín Primary School. Because the local gym is very small, we divided our presentation into three demonstrations with slight variations. The photos are therefore interlaced and the techniques may be repeated. In addition to the photos, you can also watch the video footage. The aim of the demonstration was to attract more people interested in our order in BPA Hloubětín, which is directly adjacent to the Hloubětín Primary School.
30.11.2022 / Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open 2022 / 7th Devil's cup ( info pack )
Taekwondo men and women are ready for the devil
The last competition of 2022 is upon us and the hall of the sports centre in Prague Řepi can look forward to 322 competitors from 23 schools from the Czech and Slovak Republic. Surprisingly, we managed to break the Sonkal Open record for the number of competitors set in May. The number of countries will be standard and it looks like we will set the standard in the number of rings, which will be 6 again on Saturday! And what will be better than last year? Mainly that we don't have to deal with any covid measures, taping of arm bands and keeping track of how many people are in which area of
21.11.2022 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
Return to south bohemia
A lot of water has passed in the rivers since our last visit to Borotin in South Bohemia. Of the current camp participants, we could count on one hand the number of people who remember the last time they attended in 2008. A lot has changed in those 14 years, but definitely for the better. Throughout the camp we were accompanied by unusually warm weather, which tempted us to explore the area during the afternoon breaks. Even though the camp was for five days, they passed as quickly as the water mentioned in the introduction. And we can look forward to the Easter return, which we will make m
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