16.6.2021 / Trial camp of Taekwon-Do national team
One + one
On Saturday, 5th of June, the selection camp of the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF team took place. The purpose was to discover new talented male and female taekwondo players who will expand the national selection in all age groups. Sonkal sent junior Tereza Simandlova and junior Hubert Skala to the one-day training camp. The camp included two training blocks. The morning one focused on basic techniques, patterns, special techniques and in the case of seniors and veterans also power breaking. The afternoon was entirely devoted to sparring. It was very nice to see so many people together and in dec
2.6.2021 / 65th Anniversary of Taekwon-Do
Taekwon-Do pattern mobile application
Do you want to have all Taekwon-Do patterns in your mobile phone? Each one of all 24 Taekwon-Do patterns is available for going through technique by technique. And what more? You can view every one of the techniques from 4 different angles. You can also watch a video of all patterns from Saju Jirugi to Yong-Ge on our YouTube channel by clicking the link in description of the chosen pattern. If you need to quickly view a specific technique, you can use a list of techniques- when you access it, just click on the name of the technique you are looking for and you can overlook a photo of it (also f
17.5.2021 / 29th online technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong ( YouTube stream )
Also Grand Master of Taekwon-Do can be surprised
The last online seminar of Czech ITF federation took place on 9th of May. It was led by Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong, the most important person of the day for number of reasons. Apart from all the knowledge passed on by Grand Master a second enticement was in place in the form of a secret celebration of Grand Master’s 65th birthday. Looking back, I must say that moving the seminar week later than originally planned, thus closer to Grand Master’s actual birthday was a great idea. To make it a proper celebration during the covid times, we connected our schools’ main coaches and other instruc
14.5.2021 / Payments, training, etc.
8.5.2021 / 28th online technical seminar with Master Ondřej Vrábel YouTube stream
How not to get lost in Kwang-Gae
On Sunday, May the 2nd I had the privilege to lead the 28. online seminar for members of Czech ITF Federation. I had a complete freedom in choosing the seminars content, so I choose the pattern Kwang-Gae and it's techniques. I asked my student Tereza Žilinská, 2nd Dan, to perform the techniques. During the 90 minute-long seminar, we went through the individual techniques that are new in for the 1st Dan holders. All of the three patterns that are required for 2nd Dan are very technically demanding. Kwang-Gae is know for it's slow pace and hard-to-balance movements. I believe that all pa
7.5.2021 / Breathing in Taekwon-do
How to fight after fight with Covid
Article in czech language about home-based exercises to help with long-covid breathing problems. Written by our instructor and physiotherapist Martin Svitek, V.Dan.
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