15.10.2023 / Regional course for red & black belts
Large regional seminar in Beztahov
GBHS held a regional seminar with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong at its taekwon-do centre in Beztahovo near Votice on Czech National Day, 28th September. Around a hundred taekwondo men and women from various clubs found their way to the sports hall, despite the beautiful weather. The seminar was divided into two parts - in the first part, led by Grandmaster Hwang and Master Martin Zámečník, they practiced fundamental movements and lower patterns. The second part was led by international instructor Ales Vyzral (coach of the Czech national team) and its content was training of basic combinatio
4.10.2023 / Taekwon-Do Demonstration
Demonstration in Vybíralova Elementary school
On Wednesday 20th September we had a great opportunity to show the first grade schoolchildren of Vybíralova Primary School in Černý Most in three demonstrations how Taekwon-Do looks like. Because Vybíralova is a big school, we divided the classes into three separate demonstrations. Nevertheless, the audience was always large and appreciated each part of the demonstration. This time the yellow, green and blue belts got the biggest space from our ranks, commanded by experienced I. dan (black belt) holders Jiri Faltin and Hubert Sk
2.10.2023 / Taekwon-Do Demonstration
Taekwondo demonstration in FZŠ Chodovická
Tuesday morning, 19 September, was dedicated to taekwondo at the Chodovická Faculty Primary School, i.e. its demonstration for first grade students. Shortly after 8 a.m. the large gym was filled and a dozen of taekwondo men and women under the leadership of Tomáš Vodička began to show what our martial art has to offer. The demonstration had a brisk pace and offered everything from patterns, kicks, sparring, special techniques, power breaking and self-defense. The very end belonged to trying out kicks and punches in the prepared lap. We are looking forward to meeting new people intereste
15.9.2023 / Test for color belts (from 7 PM)
4.9.2023 / Summer traning camp
Hot summer training camp
This year's training camp can be defined as roasted to a crisp. Not only by how great nine days it was, but also by how hot it was all the time. Photos from the summer camp are complete. 512 photos.
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