7.6.2024 / Scottish Open
Scottish kilts on and off we go
I'll disclose at the outset that we didn't really wear the traditional Scottish kilts, but they were definitely the focus of our tour of Edinburgh and the topic of our discussions. Anyway, 12 competitors and 2 coaches left Prague on the afternoon of Thursday 16 May and after a 2.5 hour flight arrived at the airport on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Here two vans from the organisers were waiting to transfer us to Hamilton where we were accommodated for the duration. On Friday morning we made our way to the nearby train station and moved to the centre of Edinburgh. Even the journey itself was
27.5.2024 / Sonkal Open 2024 (info pack )
How was Sonkal Open 2024?
I won't answer because the competitors, coaches, judges and parents have to say. However, I will tell you some interesting facts and observations. It was definitely more on time this year as there was no weigh-in and the morning meetings were very brisk. After 10am, 286 competitors from 25 schools lined up for the roll call ceremony and soon everything was underway on the traditional 6 tatami. Actually there could have been seven for most of the day as the number of judges was great. Instead of moving the tatami's we created a seventh corps of judges and rotated them between rings for any brea
16.4.2024 / 29th Junior, 38th Adult, 15th Veteran & 13th Youth European Championships
Photo Gallery European Championships 2024 in Koper
Our photo gallery from the ITF European Taekwondo Championships in Koper, Slovenia is now complete. We look forward to seeing you at the next events and especially at the European Championships 2025 in Tallinn, Estonia!
10.4.2024 / 29th Junior, 38th Adult, 15th Veteran & 13th Youth European Championships
Seven at the European Championships
This year's European Championships will be hosted by the seaside city of Koper in Slovenia. The European Championships return to Slovenia after 11 years and will be hosted for the first time by Koper from 15-22 April. The actual competition will start on Wednesday 17 April and end on Sunday 21 April. The Czech national team is sending a very large team which will include seven members of Sonkal. Honza Dvořáček will make his European debut, competing among the veterans. For the others it is already a repeated participation. Jirka and Ondra Faltins will try to emulate last year's golden su
18.3.2024 / Czech Open - Marek Lazor memorial
Second trophy for the most successful school in a row
For the second time the international competition Czech Open came to the hall of the Řepy Sports Centre and for Sonkal it was a symbolic double. We started this year with excellent results, winning the trophy for the most successful school at the 1st round of the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Cup, and we achieved the same success in the intense competition of 400 hundred competitors from 13 European countries. The seniors and juniors did great, but the pupils and juniors on Sunday were not left behind either. It was a very interesting comparison of performance across European taekwondo for everyone
11.2.2024 / Cup of Czech Taekwon-Do Federation
Good start to the season
On Saturday 10th February the new season of Sonkal competition started with the 1st round of the Czech Taekwon-do ITF Cup. Both rounds of the Cups offer very good opportunities for participants to test their form before the higher types of competitions, especially thanks to the system of competing against each other. Our starting list was slightly affected by the ongoing spring break in the capital city, but still our team was the most numerous. Several of our charges tried their first start in the older age group and it was a good test for them with lots of new experiences. Eventually 2
5.6.2024 / International technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
Photo report from taekwondo seminar
On Saturday we visited with our cameras an International technical seminar under the guidance of Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong, which was organized by the Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation in the conference hall Aquapalace in Čestlice near Prague. Traditionally, Grand Master Wayne Brown from the British Taekwon-do Federation and his wife Dorin Brown (VII Dan holder) were present.
21.5.2024 / Sonkal Open 2024 (info pack )
Sonkal Open 2024
On Saturday, we are waiting for the next edition of the international competition Sonkal Open. The venue will traditionally be the Řepy Sports Centre. And what can the competitors, coaches, judges, spectators and the organizing team expect? 6 competition areas (rings), 316 competitors from the Czech Republic, Ireland and Slovakia from a total of 25 clubs. Tradition of both competitions organized by Sonkal are matches in both line-ups and sparring with each other, or in larger categories in groups. There will also be two non-taekwondo competitions with Blazepod reaction lights. The best
18.3.2024 / Online international instructor course with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong
From Australia to Canada
On Saturday and Sunday, the Czech Taekwon-do ITF Association with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong organized this year's online international instructor course. More than 70 instructors, Masters and Grand Masters from all over the world participated. Countries from every inhabited continent were represented. Two blocks of three hours each were devoted to general taekwon-do theory and the final block was practical, with Grand Master Hwang explaining the theory of power, conducting training and system of sparring. Throughout the seminar Grand Master was assisted and interpreted by Masters Martin Z
11.3.2024 / Test for color belts (registration from 18.30, test starts at 19.00)
Eighty higher technical degrees
On Thursday, 29 February, 80 applicants for higher technical grades took up the tatami at the Vybíralova Primary School in Černý Most to take their exams. Despite the very high number, the exams were conducted as efficiently as possible and after less than 90 minutes the results were announced. This time all grades from yellow to black stripes were awarded. Congratulations to all those successful and we wish them to continue their intensive training. The next section trials will be held in about mid-June!
2.2.2024 / Online international technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho-yong
Technical seminar attracted more than 90 participants
Take a look at the photos, information will be added later.
29.1.2024 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
Information about winter camp in Zákupy
Winter camp is coming up in a few days and we have some useful information for all participants: - We will meet on Thursday 1st February 14:30 at the gym of Vybíralova Primary School. Then we will move to the bus stop Sídliště Černý Most ( map ). - Do not forget to bring a declaration of infection-free, which is mandatory for each participant regardless of the age - forms! - Upon arrival there will be unloading of materials, accommodation and dinner at about 6pm. The first training session will be in the evening. - T
15.4.2024 / Easter's Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Sunny Easter holidays
For this year's Easter, it was practically 100% true that it was a spring holiday thanks to the warm and sunny weather throughout our stay. Just as the bus door slammed behind us on the return journey, the weather started to turn bad... But let's get to the beginning of our regular camp during the Easter holidays. On Thursday, March 28th, we met first at the gym of Vybíralova Primary School in Černý Most to load the necessary materials. After a short transfer to the prepared bus, where after a little paperwork we quickly boarded the bus and drove across Prague and Central Bohemia to Boro
2.2.2024 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
No snow, but lots of taekwondo
Winter camp was all about dynamic weather this year, but the snow was sadly lacking. What we missed more were a few participants who were taken down by illness at the last minute, and also Pavel Zavadil, who was supposed to be the yellow and green belt coach. So it was time to improvise, but the fighters have to adapt. The list of negatives would be over and now only the positives and social security, as they say in a Czech film classic. The big positive was the pile of newcomers at the camp, and I don't mean just the belt-beginners, but those taekwondo players who came to the camp with
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