24.12.2019 / National technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) & other instructors
With the Grandmaster and the Masters
On Saturday November the 30th part of our Sonkal School set off to Brno to the National seminar of Taekwon-Do under the lead of Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong. I was looking forward to being there so din not mind to get up so early in the morning. We departed from Prague at about 7 a.m. which is quite early for Saturday. There were no complications on our journey and we arrived in time. We even managed to stopped at a petrol pump on the highway to have a breakfast. The seminar began at 10 a.m. after we took a group photo. I was disappointed a little for instead of immediate practising everybo
27.10.2019 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
Finale part of preparation for Czech nationals
Check out some photos from our stay in Zakupy. Sonkal team members are preparing for Czech national championship. Photos from Monday's & Tuesday's training sessions are uploaded.
17.10.2019 / Recruitment
4.10.2019 /
Training with Legends in UK
Let me start with a brief summary for impatient readers: I was really lucky during my last business trip. I joined 2 trainings of the Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do school and I had a chance to briefly chat with Master Andy Whiteley and his students. For sure, I do not have to introduce Master Andy Whitely to senior Taekwondists but for those less aware, including myself, Andy Whiteley is an ITF Taekwon-Do Master VIII Degree, International Instructor, Examiner, Umpire, Technical Director ITF France. Now, let me share the whole story step by step and I’m sorry that it is a bit longer beca
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1.10.2019 / Recruitment
22.9.2019 / Festival Stop zevling
Sunny Saturday
Every year we organize various recruitment events for newcomers. This year, as well, we took part in an event for children “the Town of Activities“. We were supposed to make fun rather than complicated program for children who collected stamps for their tasks. So we made a monkey track with a ladder and cones. In order to get a stamp, the kids had to hit the target with a couple of punches. Along with the all-day program at the stand we had two exhibitions where we tried to show as much of Taekwon-Do as possible. Each exhibition included power-breaking, self-defence and closing aisle
22.9.2019 / Taekwon-Do demonstration
Taekwon-Do demonstration for schoolchildren
On Tuesday, September 10., Sonkal performed three consequential exhibitions in elementary school Hloubetin and during them all classes of that school observed our performance. In our exhibition, taekwondists of all age categories and different belts showed their skills. Beginners, who started taekwondo last school year showed pattern, basic techniques on pads and basics of step sparring. More experienced, including some people who train for decades, showed board breaking both on the ground and in the air, sparring, self-defence, advanced pattern and combinations on pads. After two of three
20.9.2019 / Instructors´ seminar Brno
Science in Taekwondo and instructors´ seminar in Brno
I´ ve found few interesting scientific articles about Taekwondo recently and want to share few notes and links. Also I want to invite you to (not only) instructors´ seminar in Brno. Study, personal training and teaching of others is what is base of what I teach during seminars. I believe that searching for new informations and approaches and keeping open mind is good way how to enjoy Taekwondo deeply even after tens of years of practice and teaching. Don´t miss a chance to spent some time together discussing ways how to teach. Weekend is primarily dedicated to instructors, but also other Ta
22.8.2019 / 21th Adults, Juniors & Veterans World Championship
A group of six to Plovdiv
On Saturday, 24th of August, the six of Sonkal members will take a flight to Plovdiv, where the World Championship of Taekwon-do ITF begins on Monday and continues until Friday. The Championship is quite special this year especially because the veterans, adults and juniors will compete together at one event for a very first time. Until last year there were always separate Championships for juniors and veterans in even years and adults in uneven years. This year is special for our school and Czech Republic too because two relatives, father and son, will represent together as a teammates and
21.8.2019 / Summer traning camp
Sweat and drudgery in Svatoňovice
Not to forget Taekwon-Do during summer time our school Sonkal went to traditional summer camp in Malé Svatoňovice in the Eastern Czech. Unlike previous years this time the camp did not take place at the end of August but in the middle of July from 13th to 21st. At the beginning the practicing was easy because the temperature was not pretty high and it was also sometimes rainy. Later, though, the thermometer showed a bit higher numbers which significantly influenced our power. Still most of us did not give up and bravely faced the heating despite the sweat-soaked uniforms or T-shirts. At l
13.7.2019 / Summer traning camp
Rainy start of camp
Photos from our summer stay in Malé Svatoňovice are completly available. Check them all :-) Check also our Facebook profile where you can find many interesting videos not only from summer camp :-) If you check our Instagram you will se selection of best photos from our events!
12.7.2019 / Easter's Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Easter Hunt in Zákupy
Easter Teakwon-do camp in Zákupy is traditional program over Easter holidays for every Sonkal member. This year a lot of people did not even had a chance to join us because of limited capacity. The bus full of our teammates left Prague on Thursday morning. Some of us (me as an example) joined others later in the afternoon but soon enough for afternoon Taekwondo workout. Quite hot summer weather welcomed us in Zákupy, which is unusual in April. It was gorgeous outside but the gym turned into hot sauna. This fact was warmly welcomed by those, who were on diet because of oncoming tournaments
8.7.2019 / Summer traning camp
6.7.2019 / International technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
Practicing unites!
Czech Taekwondo Federation organized International Technical Seminar with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) in the date from 31st of May to 2nd of June. As in the several past years, the venue was sports hall TJ Chodov at Prague 4. Many high degrees of Czech Taekwondo gathered on the tatami but also several guests from Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Moldavia. Most honored guests were surely Master Andrew Whiteley and Grandmaster Wayne Brown with his wife Dorine. Sonkal members who attended the seminar were Ondřej Vrábel and Pavel Šnábl. The plan was to go throu
1.7.2019 / Test for color belts
Grading at the end of the school year
The end of the school year is usually full of exams, tests and is dedicated to earning the best final mark. Sonkal members added one more test to their schedule – color belt grading which took place on 13th of June. Almost forty adepts for higher grade gathered at Vybíralova School’s gym on that hot afternoon. Most of the adepts were newbies – adepts for 9th and 8th kup. Most advanced adept was Martin Schwáb who applied for blue belt or 4th kup. The grading was quite ceremonial because the juror was GM Hwang Ho-yong. Grandmaster awarded everyone with points according to their per
21.5.2019 / Sonkal Open
13.5.2019 / Seminar with GM Kim Bok Man
Meeting the legend
Seminar with 85 years old grandmaster Kim Bok Man Hip twist, no sine wave, being kicked, sword, different techniques preparations, hips, Taekwon-do history, ball of the foot, self-defence, fighting fans, „challenge me with knife“, hips, pain in elbow, ripping the shoulder, stances, real boards… These words are floating in my mind 2 weeks after experience with GM Kim Bok Man seminar. With Pavel Šnábl, III. Dan we did easy training in our park day before, chatted drinking beer and left Prague before 6 AM on Saturday. Was pretty tired but looking forward to it. It was intensive exp
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19.4.2019 / Easter's Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Easter's camp
Take a look into Sonkal's ongoing sport camp in Zákupy. We have also plenty of movies on our Facebook page!
15.4.2019 / Easter's Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Cookbook for Easter's Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Easter Taekwon-Do camp is coming and we have some important information for all attendants: - We are going to meet on Thursday 18th of April at 9 a.m. at the gym in Černý Most – we will load necessary stuff that we will take with us - The departure is planned about 9:30 a.m. from Plechárna - Once we arrive we will unload the stuff then accommodate and have lunch. First training will be in the afternoon Training groups will be divided as follows: - white belts (the beginners who have not done testing yet) - yellow stripes - yellow belts + green stripes - green belts and highe
12.3.2019 / Instructors' and assistants' weekend with Martin Svitek and SGM Hwang (organizer Taekwon-Do School Velešín)
How was the instructors camp on Lipno?
Thanks to great responses from last year’s instructor’s weekend, I decided to participate as well. To train with other black belts, get to know each other, go for a trip, have a beer in the evening, sing… And in the morning have a wake-up bath in icy water of Lipno dam – isn’t it tempting? This year, the date was the second weekend of March. The program was different due to a visit of grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong who led two blocks on Saturday evening and Sunday morning focused on theory and moral culture of Taekwondo. Friday and two Saturday blocks were led by Martin Svitek (Svíťa
3.3.2019 / Sport camp on other continent
Egyptian in Egypt
At the turn of Sunday 17th of February an unusual event awaited some people of Sonkal school. A trip to a training holiday in Egypt on Sinai peninsula with the final destination in Sharm El Sheikh. This was an idea of our head-instructor Ondřej Vrábel. The main reason of this trip was to visit our other instructor Vladimír Švanda who is on business trip as a soldier in this locality. Despite the interest of this visit among trainees was great at the beginning there were eventually just seven of us who made that trip. Ondřej Vrábel, Veronika Holečková, Pavel Šnábl, Jna Veškrna, Jiř
27.2.2019 / Test for color belts
76 new color belt holders
On Tuesday February 12 we held first color belts promotion of this year. We achieved the highest number of applicants in history, it was together 76 new belts! Check out photos from whole promotion in our main gym at Černý Most.
19.2.2019 / Sport camp on other continent
Sun, sea, training and our friend Vlada
Currently we are staying in Sharm El-Sheikh like our member Vladimir Svanda, who is here serving as a member of Multinational Force & Observers (MFO). So, look on pictures taken during our stay :)
3.2.2019 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
Winter camp is past. Everyone survived hard cold and snowy weather. Watch all pictures from our stay in Zákápy. We will be back on Easter's holiday! :)
18.1.2019 / Instructors' and assistants' weekend with Martin Svitek and SGM Hwang (organizer Taekwon-Do School Velešín)
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