19.12.2017 / Christmas Taekwon-Do demonstration
1.9.2017 / Jan Dvořáček - video profile
The transporter
Delivery of special item is requested? If so, solid transporter is necessary. I also used one of them, look how it worked. Hope it was not done by this way:
1.7.2017 / Sport day in Vybíralova school
Taekwondo demonstration
On second Saturday of June Primary school Vybíralova arranged the day of sport for general public on its playground. As the participants of the morning part we showed two demonstrations of our beautiful martial art. Apart of those demonstrations, where our youngest students and also the most experienced showed their performances, we had time to visit the gym next door, where girls from Fitstudio D had their aerobic demonstration. Everything we showed you can see in made photos. In a few days we will add a video. If our demonstrations interested you, you can start train with us. Our gyms
19.6.2017 / O2 TV Sport
1.12.2017 / Devil's cup
27.11.2017 / Cup of Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Fedaration
20.11.2017 / Devil's cup
20.11.2017 / Czech national championship
Four individual titles & second place overall
Photos from Czech nationals in Nymburk are complete!
19.11.2017 / 2nd meeting of CYT
Winners for the second time this year
Also the second round of "talented youth centers" competition went very well for center Prague 2 and this centre won again. Taekwondo competitors met in Nymburk this time and for two days they compared their skills. Saturay was dedicated for youth competitors and Sunday for juniors. Sonkal members earned several gold medals for our center, especially four starts of youth green and blue belt competitors ended up with four gold medals! At the end, center Prague 2 was awarded as most successful centre for both this competition and the year 2017. Complete list of results can be found
13.11.2017 / Czech national championship
Impressions and experiences from Czech Championship
On the weekend 3rd – 5th of November there was the traditional Championship of the Czech Republic in Taekwon-Do. This year it was held in Nymburk again. As usual, the gathering was on Friday 3rd of November at 5 o´clock p.m. in the sport hall. It was followed by weighing of the contestants, giving out the accommodation and the tickets for lunch and dinner. The opening of the competition was on Saturday 4th of November at 8:30 a.m. The morning belonged to the pupil category which started with the patterns. In the afternoon the senio
3.11.2017 / Czech national championship
Watch national championship on-line
When you are not able get in Nymburk personally you can watch online streams: Saturday Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3
2.11.2017 / Czech national championship
22.10.2017 / Kicboxing tournament Czech Open
Kickboxing experiences - Czech Open 2017 CSFU
Jirka Novák and Bert Kindl asked me about possibility of participating in some kickboxing tournament to get new experiences and motivation. After discussing with rest of Sonkal instructors and picking suitable events one problem occured - we cannot clone ourselves and there is so many activities that it took more than year to really took part in one. We took part in international tournament in kickboxing Czech Open 2017 in semicontact disciplines (semicontact only on paper everyone hit hard ;o) ). The magnificent seven participated (Pavel Šnábl, Honza Dvořáček, Jana Kovářov
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22.9.2017 / 20th Adult World Championship
Photos from stay in Beijing and World Championship in Pchongyang
All photos from our stay in Beijing and also 20th World Championship in Pchongyang are available. Today added 10 photos from visit of Czech Embassy in Pchongyang. Already available videos of Czech team members in patterns. Also individual and team final matches. Please accept our apology because pattern adult female III. degree optional pattern is not complete (some technical issues). Updated videos from day two - sparring matches. You can watch fights of Sonkal member Jiří Novák and also all final matches day 2. Today we udpated video gallery with three movies of Czech nationa
9.9.2017 / 20th Adult World Championship
Sonkal at the World championship
What looked like music from distant future at the beginning now is getting really close. We are talking about World Championship of seniors (the twelfth in the order). Foursome of students of our school is about to visit Pyongyang in North Korea. At first, Ondřej Vrábel and other two referees Rostislav Kaňka and Tomáš Kuba went to the Far East on 10th of September. Not that it is necessary to go to the venue in advance, but such a trip is explicitly asking for several days visiting of China, Beijing specifically. The threesome of contestants – Tereza Žilinská, Tereza Štekerová
25.6.2017 / Ljublana Open
Road, Taekwon-Do, road
At the weekend 19th to 21st of May team of our school Sonkal made a trip to Slovenia to attend the 15th year of Ljubljana Open. This competition was attended by 280 competitors from 23 clubs of nine countries. We arrived in Slovenia on Friday evening around seven o´clock p.m. After a whole-day trip sitting in the car we got weighed and then we went to accommodate ourselves. Next morning we arrived at 9 o´clock a.m. in the hall. We made some warm-up and the competition started at 10 o´clock a.m. All of the categories of patterns and sport sparring were finished in a chaotic manner. It
22.6.2017 / 1st meeting of CYT
Talented in Ostrava
The North Moravia meetings of centre of talented youth (STM) recently means to us getting up very early in the morning. We experienced that on second Saturday of May as well. Sonkal part of united team STM Prague 2 set off a while after 5 a.m. from Černý Most to arrive about 11 a.m. at the sport hall in Ostrava. After necessary weighing of competitors for the sparring everybody underwent training program of Taekwon-Do and non-Taekwon-Do activities. The Saturday part of competition started after 3 p.m. and contained the contests of young and older pupils. In the patterns contest Ondra Falt
22.6.2017 / Sonkal Open
Sonkal Open - how to handle a crowd
Our Taekwon-do school has organised local Prague competitions for several years and in many aspects it's aa routine competition. Few years ago we started league system, which is more time-demanding, but is really good for competitors to gain more experience. Last year we maneged around 200 competitors, but in the year 2017 a big challenge came up - 279 competitors. That is a solid crowd of taekwondists. In the beginning I would like to mention high competition of people who arrived to school sports hall in Prague - Petriny. Many current
20.6.2017 / Open Czech national championship of Czech National Union
Czech National TKD Union Championship
In the middle of May, opened Czech National TKD Union Championship took place in Benatky nad Jizerou. After few small problems, short opening ceremony started the competition. Sonkal came with few color belts and 5 experienced black belts. Our competitors earned a lot of medals in patterns and sparring. You can have a look in Competitions - Successes section. Black belts also won the competition in team patterns. Only optional pattern was performed. We were also able to earn few medals in power breaking and special jumping techniques.
19.6.2017 / Devil's cup
19.6.2017 / Sonkal Open
256 contestants at Petřiny
At the weekend on 27th of May the competition Sonkal Open took place at Petřiny in Prague. There were 21 schools and 256 competitors taking part in it. Around eight o´clock a.m. the Sonkal team assembled in the gym to prepare the contest area. The competition began at ten o´clock a.m. using the system each against each. First in the most were the patterns´ competition of pupils followed by the pupils´ sparring. In all our pupils gained 5 medals. The goblet for the most successful pupil got Ondřej Faltin who won 2 golden medals. After lunch the juniors´ and seniors´ categories followed.
30.5.2017 / 23rd Junior, 32nd Adult, 9th Veteran & 7th Youth European Championships
Success of Taekwondists from Sonkal at European Championship
Old Liverpool harbour hosted this year's European ITF Taekwon-do Championship. Not the harbour itself, but the modern arena in the neighbourhood of historical Albert Dock. Taekwondists from Sonkal were traditionally a part of Czech National Team, but this year in record number of seven competitors. In individual patterns, Jiri Novak and Tereza Zilinska were awarded both with bronze medals. Unluckily, performances of Tomas Vodicka, Jana Kovarova and Lenka Hrstkova ended just under the medal positions. Right after, six Sonkal competitors starred in team patterns, where teams of junior male
25.5.2017 / Sonkal Open
Two days to the kick-off
This year Sonkal Open is just one step away and the enormous turmoil of competition is going to burst out on this Saturday (27th of May). Despite the canceling of the double starts we registered all-time high number of competitors – 279. They are composed of 19 Czech schools and 2 Slovakian schools. Sonkal Open is traditionally organized under the auspices of Czech federation of Taekwon-Do ITF and by its financial and material contribution. Build your form for Saturday and show it at School of Petřiny!
19.5.2017 / Sonkal Open
Only one week left
Only one week is holding us from this year Sonkal Open in Petřiny in Prague. What is awaiting the competitors this time? As usual, there would be big number of contests thanks to the system each against each or more precisely a few groups. Due to high number of contestants we were forced to cancel the possibility do compete in two categories. Even though, the competitors will be awarded by the higher number of matches in groups. All of the contestants are awaited by many matches of pattern competition. The blue, red and black belt holders also the sport sparring. There are some medals for
25.4.2017 / 23rd Junior, 32nd Adult, 9th Veteran & 7th Youth European Championships
Share with us look in Liverpool
Yesterday we arrived to Liverpool and today we had opurtunity to do sightseeing of historical center. Look at first photos and also our FB pages for more photos and also a few short videos! Photos from whole European Championship already published. On Sunday we add a few photos from after competition time.
23.4.2017 / 23rd Junior, 32nd Adult, 9th Veteran & 7th Youth European Championships
Liverpool = football? Maybe. Liverpool = taekwondo? Yes
We had to wait for long sixteen years for the return of the great tournament to British Islands. The last time World Championship took place in Edinburgh was in the year 2000. For me it was a little bit emotional for that year it was my first big Tournament. Now we have the year 2017 and I am accompanying the Czech national team at Europe championship with number 17. I hope there would be more time for sightseeing than many years ago in severe north. And if not, I would not mind too much for I go there because of the umpiring. Number seven mentioned above is peculiar because across the English
22.3.2017 / Czech Open (youth, juniors & adults) - info pack
The International Tournament in Nymburk with Five Hundred Participants
I dare say that the name Czech Open took roots in minds of those who are practising Taekwon-Do ITF, at least in Czech Republic, and it became known to them as much the capital city of their land. For Czech Open held in Nymburk is really international competition that every year greets numbers of participants from different places of the world. Their number grows up every year and this year we could count over 500 participants, which was truly praiseworthy. The beginning of the contest was on Friday 17th of March 2017 when all of the contestants had to sign up and be weighed. Unlike previous
16.3.2017 / Nitra Cup ( info pack )
Slovakian experience
Finally we made photos from Nitra Cup 2017. Short info will be later. Our school makes regular visit to competitions and not just in Czech Republic. It´s not only a sport what we are learning but it´s more a martial art in it´s all glory. The main goal is healthy life-style, improving physical condition, techniques and self-defence. The recruitment for kids, youth and adults is all the year round in our gyms. You can find us in Černý Most, Petřiny and Horní Počernice. More information here
19.11.2017 / Technical course with Master Jerzy Jedut (VIII. dan)
Polish experience
During Saturday and Sunday 11.-12.11., few members of Sonkal attended almost traditional Polish drill with lots of interesting exercises. After a year, we accepted invitation from Czech National Union of TKD to Strančice, where 4. national seminar with master Jerzy Jedut took place. The goal of the seminar, as in previous years, was improvment of basic techniques and patterns. At the beginning of training units, new or improved interesting exercises were shown. And because master Jedut wanted not only our brains to be tired, but alsou our bodies, he put some exercises olso to the middle of tr
31.10.2017 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
Preparation for National championship
Photos from Sonkals preparation for Czech national championship are all online. On our FB profile you can watch several movies which been updated continuously during sport camp in Zakupy.
15.9.2017 / Round kick and round kick
Round kick and round kick
Article mention few notes about scientific article : „A biomechanical analysis of the roundhouse kicking technique of expert practitioners: A comparison between the martial arts disciplines of Muay Thai, Karate, and Taekwondo„ Full text available here: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0182645 Martin Svitek, IV. Dan
3.9.2017 / Summer traning camp ( info )
Sunrise during the morning running
On Tuesday (22.8.) at 5 o´clock a small group of sonkal members ran to lookout tower for sunrise. Every morning we run for better condition, but we had an idea, that this runnig would be better with sunrise. So Kačka Vítečková, Martin Matouš, Honza Veškrna, Štěpán Poláček, Vítek Šneberk, Daniel Štěpánek, Mrs Pfeiferová and me decieded to see this beauty. At 5:45 we were on the top of the tower and view was amazing. Thak you for this experience., Tomáš Vodička
21.8.2017 / Summer traning camp ( info )
We are back in Malé Svatoňovice
Even this year the second half of August belongs to traditional visit of Malé Svatoňovice. Local site of Academy of security and law has been our refuge since the year 2003. This year is very specific for our school – this summer camp is breaking the records in the number of not only all participants but also in the number of black belts. See the photos of first couple of days of our staying in the birthplace of famous Czech writer Karel Čapek.
8.8.2017 / Interview with Ondřej Vrábel
Interview with Ondřej Vrábel
Ondřej Vrábel is well-known for probably every advanced czech taekwondoist. He used to be one of the main organizers of czech tournaments, now continuing in this work by Sonkal Open and Devil´s Cup. He is also experienced international referee. He followed Theo Šeda in post of chairman of Sonkal taekwondo school few years ago. He is the main instructor of the oldest Sonkal dojang at Černý most for same amount of years. From beginning of sonkal website existence, he is the main creator and "worker" of its content and person who sat for hundreds of hours to add most of the photos and video
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7.8.2017 / Summer traning camp ( info )
10.7.2017 / Summer traning camp ( info )
9.7.2017 /
28.6.2017 / International technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
England, Netherland, Finland, Switzerland, Poland & Czech
The headtitle is a list of countries which attended international seminar in Prague led as usual by GM Hwang Ho-yong. Sports hall of TJ in Chodov hosted from Friday 19. to Sunday 21.5 around 40 taekwondists from 6 countries. The most honoured guests were masters Wayne Brown from England and Chris Eickenhorst from Netherlands. Then James Kessler from England, Rafael Kesti from Finland (national team trainer) and Sofia Manz from Finland (Europe champion in 3. Dan senior female patterns). And from Czech Republic, many 4. - 6. Dan holde
27.6.2017 / Black belts examinations
One, two, two
It´s not grades of school report even though most of school pupils would take them with by fistfuls. But they are given technical degrees DAN, black belts, if you please. At the end of international seminar trio of Sonkal people – Adam Pastorek, Lukáš Veverka, Tereza Štekerová – stepped before committee of Czech Taekwon-Do Federation (Grandmaster Hwang Ho Yong, Master Rostislav Kaňka, Master Martin Zámečník and Sabom Milan Prokeš) accompanied by Master Wayne Brown (Great Britain) and Master Chris Eickenhorst (Netherland). All three of them successively showed of which quality
26.6.2017 / Test for color belts
Higher belts of May
January testing meant to us all-time high number of applicants of higher belts. Similar situation happened at next testing in half of May. Although this time the highest given belts were blue, again the most numerous testing were for the yellow stripes and yellow belts. Congratulation to everyone and we are looking forward to meeting high number of applicants in the end of our summer camp.
23.6.2017 / Training camp TKD Pardubice
Year later at Pardubice tkd camp and ode to Pavel Šnábl
Year passed quickly and I´ve visited camp of Pardubice tkd school again. This time with whole family (as it is sweet stay there for everyone) and also with one of the most experienced student of Sonkal - Pavel Šnábl, III. Dan. Weather looked like autumn this time, so my beloved garden trainings were substituted by sweeping dusty gym with our toboks. But as we are indomitable we at least enjoyed Satruday fire more and Sunday better weather was gift and not source of heatstroke as normally. Radek wanted to focus on reverse turning kick, but changed his mind and we trained suroh (s
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1.6.2017 /
How to get better in Taekwon-Do?
For long time I´ve got on my mind some consideration of the number of finished training classes, or more precisely the presence of people at the class. This article is not about the introduction of magical methods and tips of motivation. This is about to be food for thought what a person, who wants to get better, should do better. In some Taekwon-Do practitioners is their attendance on very high level. But there are many practitioners whose class attendance is not quite good. What is the reason? Perhaps, for them, Taekwon-Do is not such a big priority in their life unlike million other thi
28.5.2017 / Summer traning camp ( info )
23.4.2017 / Spring Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Taekwondo Easter's holidays
According to my feelings, this was at least 154th camp which was held during the spring festival – Easter. Even though it was one of many, again it was something specific, something special and something different. There was beautiful view in the gym during first days, when our black belts had so little space that they occupied first three lines. In five days we managed training of everything necessary, still we had a plenty of time for some mischiefs, fun and blabbing about everything possible and impossible . The usual negative aspect was that at the end of the camp everybody re
23.4.2017 / Test for color belts
January's color belts promotion
At the end of January our colour-belts testing took place in Černý Most. Very strong autumn recruitment in our all three gyms reflected the number of the participants of the testing. If I am not mistaken in was the highest amount of tested people in the history of our school. Congratulations to everyone and we wish you another portion of joy during your Taekwon-Do practicing!
11.1.2017 / 7th Christmas camp for red & black belts
Christmas camp according to Honza Veškrna
I was looking forward to Christmas camp very much. On the first day we went for walk to the woods and also see military bunkers of Second World War. The inside looked awesome and we got very interesting lecture which I really enjoyed. Although it was very cold inside the lecture was worth it. There were some weapons, guns and ammunition inside the bunker. We also saw a bedroom for soldiers and pantry. Everything was interesting and later on I did not care about coldness anymore. The other day we planned to visit an waterpark in Poland where we went right after delicious lunch. The trip was no
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