31.12.2016 / 7th Christmas camp for red & black belts
We're Sonkal, we're Taekwon-do, we're mannequins
At the end of christmas camp in Malé Svatoňovice we made special video for our visitors :) On the last day of year 2016 we made photo set from our Christmas camp of red & black belts holders. One more video added, this one is about kick drill training.
14.12.2016 / Black belts examinations
December Black Belt Testing in Brno 2016
On the Sunday 11th of December 2016 there was black belt testing taking place after the Saturday national seminar. For my taste the attendance was really plentiful since there were 27 aspirants to being testing for higher degree. Among them was one applicant for the 4th degree, two for the 3rd degree and the rest was divided approximately one half for the 1st degree and one half for the 2nd degree. There were four people from our school who were trying to gain higher black belt degree. Míra Novák was tested for the 1st degree, Pavel Zavadil and Jan Dvořáček for the 2nd degree and Pavel
12.12.2016 / National technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) & other instructors
Taekwon-do nation in Brno
Just 2 weeks before Christmas day, Czech taekwondoists had their small Christmas. Around 100 of us met not to win medal or trophy, but to spend time together and to practice and improve. Eighteen of our advanced students (red belt and above) took part in Czech national seminar. Four of us had harder goal - they needed to both practice hard and save energy to be able to perform well on next day´s Dan tests. We left Prague at 7 AM - very early we thought. We found out it was good decision at first stop as one of us decided to go to t
13.11.2016 / Technical course with Master Jerzy Jedut (VIII. dan)
Tul & technique marathon
Also this year we accepted the invitation from the Czech national union to attend its traditional national seminar under the lead of Master Jerzy Jedut from Poland. This time very numerous group of people from our school came to Strančice to enjoy two very hard training days. As well as the year before Saturday was aimed to the colour belts trainees and Sunday for the black belts only. So from the Saturday program could Ondra Faltin learn the English word “longer” (concerning his stances) and be also taught about more valuable corrections. The Saturday program was ended by mirror patte
10.11.2016 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
Preparation for nationals
Check all photos, info will be later.
21.10.2016 / article
Social aspect of Taekwon-do
Taekwon-do has many meanings. It brings stamina, strenght, fun, ability to defend yourself. Some enjoys winning medals, learning that there is prize for effort. Some find themselves in teaching and influencing others. And as time goes these meanings are changing and intertwining. And beside these there are social aspects of Taekwon-do. Meeting with my old Taekwon-do friends from time we were in talented youth organization together (15+ years ago) brought me to writing this essay. It was great evening, we met after years, but there were still what to talk about. Of course old Taekwon-do stor
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10.10.2016 /
Demonstration at high school Nad Alejí
On 7th of October we demonstrated our martial art at high school Nad Alejí under the lead of Jan Dvořáček. We met at 9:45 a.m. before the school building. I was lucky to sleep two more hours than usual. And I quess that every Friday should look like that. Right in the entrance we met the deputy with whom Jan Dvořáček agreed on the exhibition. He welcomed us and told us that he would announce the exhibition through radio and that it would take place during the large break. After quick clothes changing, warming up and rehearsing our demonstration we moved to the gym and waited for t
1.9.2016 / Summer traning camp
Videos from camp
We made two videos from Sonkal's summer camp - competition in step sparring & action scenarios. You can download or watch online :)
29.8.2016 / Summer traning camp
Sixth stop
Our latest short report is about last day on our summer camp. Check photos and come back later for full report. There will be also vids from competition in step sparring and action scenarios. Also check our facebook pages for short videos by Jirka Huml, they worth it.
29.8.2016 / Summer traning camp
Number 5 is alive, story part five
Today we are going on with fifth part of our summer camp which is also the last but one. The photo gallery contains some shots of Friday and Saturday trainings. In this evening you can look forward to seeing the last load of pictures about Sunday colour belts testing and training.
28.8.2016 / Summer traning camp
Summer camp part four
Time is pacing really fast every other second means another step toward the end of summer camp in Malé Svatoňovice. After less than three hours we are going to jump into the bus and head for Prague. Of course all of us would like stay here a few weeks later but we should stop at the best time. But we are not going to stop taking photos. Today we prepared one hundred two photos for you. This evening and tomorrow we are going to finish last two days (Saturday + Sunday). You can see more photos and videos on our Facebook websites that are prepared by Jirka Novák. And those who liked the
27.8.2016 / Summer traning camp
Sonkal's update
We are still staying in Male Svatonovice and train harly so we are getting better and better. Today we made new photo set with 200 pictures from training sessions and other activities from Monday till Wednesday. Our idea is bring more photos tonight, stay tuned! :)
26.8.2016 / Summer traning camp
Summer camp is going on
Sonkal's summer camp is going on for many days but lack of time means photos of first two days. Tomorrow is day number 8 and we will bring you more interesting photos.
15.8.2016 / Summer traning camp
1.8.2016 / Sport camp of TKD Pardubice
Summer camp in Pardubice
This year in may our coach Martin Svitek (IV. Dan) sent us some information about Taekwon-Do summer camp of team from Pardubice under the command of Radek Kolář. I recalled an article of Pavel Šnábl which I read two years ago. Pavel had already attended this camp and he praised it a lot. After a short family talk I decided to attend this camp myself. We set out in Friday afternoon – me, Martin Svitek and Pavel Šnábl. We met each other on our usual spot at Černý Most at about 3 o´clock p.m. Pavel took the role of co-pilot and clutching his cellphone he navigated us in the directio
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28.6.2016 / Summer traning camp
Are you coming with us?
End of schoolyear is coming and also the end of training season 2015/2016. Kids and taekwondists will have two-month-long holiday. But don’t worry, during summer holidays we will have trainings in Prague and at the end of August we will head to Male Svatonovice for summer camp to prepare for new training season. And what about you? Will you come with us? You can choose if to dawdle or have 9 days full of Taekwon-do. Everyone from white to black belt can attend this camp. Content of training will be divided according to belt and age.
13.6.2016 / International technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
Internationally in České Budějovice
On Thursday 19th of May another international technical seminar in České Budějovice burst out. It was led by Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong. Even though there was only one foreign guest from Cyprus, it did not avoid all Czech instructors and Taekwon-Do practitioners to enjoy three days full of training under the command of our Grandmaster. There were practiced all of patterns of our beautiful martial art as well as a complete fighting system with specification of many details necessarily needful for proper education of our students. All the time there was enough room for asking questions of a
3.6.2016 / Black belts examinations
One for 68 other for 69
The ending of International seminar in České Budějovice belonged traditionally to final testing for higher degrees of black belts. Contrary to accustomed traditions this time were tested much more applicants for higher degrees than those for first and second degrees. There were only two candidates for first degree of black belt, one of whom was our trainee Herbert Kindl. He showed very good performance which testing committee led by Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong awarded for 68 points. Applicant for second black belt degree was only one – Jiří Novák. He was still in form from Europe c
2.6.2016 / Test for color belts
We have new higher belts
Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong (9th Dan) visited our gym on 26th May to assess skills of our 47 members for higher belts promotion. Most of new belts were form the sort of beginners which means yellow stripes and yellow belts. We are very pleased that so great number gained yellow belts after a few months of their Taekwondo life. At the other end of colour belts spectrum were two applicants for red belts. At the end of testing could all of 47 our school members rejoice in gaining higher belt and receive a certificate confirming its possession. Congratulation to everyone and we are looking
30.4.2016 / International technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
Internationally in České Budějovice
Less than three weeks remain till international seminar in Czech Budweiss. Return of GM Hwang Ho-yong is connected with this seminar. GM should return to Czech Republic after his several-months-long stay in Korea and we can look forward to good amount of practice and detailed information about techniques. International seminar is organized by Czech ITF Federation in cooperation with GM Hwang and every year with international attendance. This seminar is not only a source of i
30.3.2016 / Spring Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Easter's eggs
Translation in progress. Check photos.
24.2.2016 /
1.2.2016 / Test for color belts
3.1.2016 / 6th Christmas camp for red & black belts
Post Christmas not only practising
Translation will be done later, now check photos from our three days stay in Malé Svatoňovice.
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