23.12.2015 /
TKD day on Sport 5 channel
On Christmas Eve, on 24th of December at 3 p.m. there is TV premiere of show about TKD day in Brno. You will see matches of Jana Kovářová, Tomáš Vodička and Jiří Novák. All those will also perform at exhibition of Czech National Team, where also Tereza Štekerová appeared. Next show times: - 24.12. at 22:00 - 25.12. at 9:05 - 26.12. at 16:00 - 27.12. at 21:55 - 28.12. at 8:50 Later you can see the show at Sport 5 website in archive.
22.12.2015 /
Last traning in Petřiny and visions for 2016?
Last this year´s training in our Petřiny dojang was dedicated to preparation for grading for coulour belts and advanced alternative kicking for black belt (what I though is brilliant original idea till I got to know national seminar was partly dedicated to the same thing – it is hard to admit that you are not the only one to have brilliant ideas :o) ) . Then we went for pizza and drink what meant that also not so regularly training students came and also socially highly skilled students from dojang in Černý most took part. Some wanted to leave early because of work, fortunately old
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18.12.2015 / Black belts examinations
New black belt in Sonkal
I discovered TKD by accident. My mother's friend had said that they were starting practising TKD, so I also tried it. I liked it because it was something different. I enjoyed learning something new all the time. I have been doing TKD for seven years and that prevailed - I have a lot to learn and that is the greatest thing about TKD for me. When I had white belt and I saw first exhibition, I admired what black belts did there. Back then it didn't come to my mind, that one day I will also be able to do it. When I reached blue belt, I w
16.12.2015 / National technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) & other instructors
National seminar
Year 2015 is coming to an end and we are in the rush pre-Christmas time when everyone is trying to finish things they didn't do during whole year, when everyone is buying Christmas presents, baking Christmas biscuits, tidying their homes. In this time, Taekwondists from Czech Republic have their traditional meeting - national seminar, which was held in Brno for third time in a row. In the past, one sports hall was enough for the seminar, in last two years we needed two halls and this time we used three. If this trend will continue, in 5 years we will need all halls available in Brno :-D The
8.11.2015 / Technical course with Master Jerzy Jedut (VIII. dan)
Hunting new experience
Ten years have passed since our first seminar with Jerzy Jedut. In 2005 the seminar took place in Znojmo and it was a valuable experience from which we have drawn inspiration for our trainings till today. In last year we accepted an invitation from our colleagues from Czech national union for one day seminar in Stránčice and again, it was very inspirative. This summer we received information, that similar seminar will take place in autumn. When the date was known, I was sure that I can't miss this opportunity. Master Jedut was full of energy and wanted to teach the participants as much as
2.11.2015 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
We are concentrating!
Autumn holidays and Zákupy have equalled to a training camp for years and this year wasn’t an exception. More than 40 members of Sonkal attended to our last training camp of this year. In addition it was the main preparation for the Czech national championship for majority of them. Finally we added also some photos of our street or rather road&wood view.
25.10.2015 / Self-defence seminar with Jan Novák (14-16:30)
Self-defence seminar with Jan Novák and regular seminars on practical Taekwon-do
Self-defence seminar with Honza Novák took place last Saturday in our dojang at Černý Most. Honza has the most common name in czech nation, but it is the only thing that is ordinary on him. He is one of the first people to practice Wing chun in Czech republic and spent part of his life protecting property and people - so practical fighting and preventing it was his living. First seminar in May was more of introduction as we had to find out what we need and what Honza knows. Second one this October was dedicated to close distance and training of developing skills of feeling opponent and avo
18.7.2015 / Summer camp
Shared summer camp
Every day we would like to share with you photos from Summer camp in Male Svatonovice. Summer is turned on and our taekwondo is growing. We try put new photos every day. So come back every night ;)
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15.7.2015 / Motivation in Taekwon-do
Motivation in Taekwon-do
Time has changed: nowadays regularity of training of common Taekwon-do student is different than years before. What was normal when I started Taekwon-do17 years ago is now considered kind of extremism. But I am not writing this to criticize present, I believe it is wise to accept it. It had been year and half from when I´ ve sent questionaire to all czech Taekwon-do schools in Czech republic for students practicing more than 10 years. Point was to discover how much you have to train to still improve. There is Pareto´s law in economy (to be sincere I understand economy as much as to building
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7.7.2015 / Seminar with Grand Master Choi Jung-hwa (IX. dan)
Wine, pickles and Taekwon-do
All three things in title belong for many years to royal city of Znojmo, even if Taekwon-do for approximately 20 years. After two years we went to Znojmo again and just as last time, goal of our visit was seminar with son of Taekwon-do founder, GM Choi Jung Hwa. This time went only three members of Sonkal. Local vineyards like sun, so the organizers prepared it for whole Sunday. Even though we were hidden in the shade of sports hall, the heat penetrated our doboks since first minutes. The seminar began with silent memory to general Choi Hong Hi. Although general passed away 13 years ago, hi
17.6.2015 / Summer camp
Grading? Trainings? Friends? Of course! Summer camp...
School will be soon over and two months of dawdling and relaxing await. But it would be no proper summer holiday without TKD summer camp in Malé Svatoňovice. As in last year, we prepared 9 days full of TKD. If you look at the last year´s pictures, you will notice that many participants have different colour of belts. To say the same next year, it is necessary to practise regularly and the summer camp prings a great opportunity to get better. We aim to improve at fundament
14.5.2015 / International technical course with GrandMaster Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
Nice practice sessions
Translation in progress. Enjoy with pictures.
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19.4.2015 / Test for black belts
One more grading
Two gradings in one week, that\'s a lot. But at Saturday, it was not about colour belts, but the black ones. Sonkal members chosen for grading were Tereza Štekerová for I. dan, Tomáš Vodička and Jana Kovářová for III. dan. All of them lined up in front of Czech TKD Federation committee led by GM Hwang Ho-yong. All three did a great job and they were rewarded with nice points and also practical gift - TKD tie. Now they just have to wait for official certificate from ITF and then strips on belts can be painted. We sincerely congratulate to Tereza, Jana and Tomáš!
18.4.2015 / Test for color belts
Grading done!
On 16th of April, GM Hwang Ho-yong visited our gym at Vybíralova elementary school and he led first grading of this year. 23 members of Sonkal lined up in front of him. Most of them were beginners from both our gyms at Černý Most and Petřiny. Together with our members, also 7 people from club Silla led by Radka Heydušková showed GM their skills. The spectrum of Silla members was interesting - from little Petra Heydušková, whose parents crossed fingers for her, to 57-year-old adept for 3rd kup who with his enthusiasm showed that Taekwondo is truly for everyone.
7.4.2015 / Spring Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Easter eggs in taekwondo
Complete photo set from our Easter\'s sport camp.
20.2.2015 / Regional course for red & black belts
Second Prague seminar
This demanding Taekwon-do weekend ended up with second Prague seminar with GM Hwang Ho-yong. Two hours of practising fundamental techniques graded into hosin-sool and some special techniques. GM explained importance of theory of power in fundamental techniques and also using opponents energy in self defence. Seminar was very interesting, also because of many IV. Dans and higher. Place for III. Dans were as far as in the third row.
6.1.2015 / Stretching manuals
Advanced stretching notes
Dear Sonkalweb readers, I´ve wrote this text two years ago for participants of tkd trainers seminar I led here in Czech republic. Motivated by Swiss taekwondists I translated and also upgraded it this year. I believe this should be basic text for everyone suffering "I am too old for this" in young age, have strange pain after training or have students with such a complaints. It is not point of this text to show plenty of exercises, but to explain principles we often forget about in Taekwondo (and also other martial arts at least as I am aware) and that are not covered in Ecyklopaedia of
2.1.2015 / 5th Christmas camp for red & black belts
Snow, frost, candies, taekwondo
The fifth Christmas camp of black and red belts This year it was our fifth trip to Malé Svatoňovice. This camp is only for people with red or blak belts. The camp contains interest technical trainings, trips, lectures on taekwondo and another fight topics, Chrismas cookies, fun games, movies, etc. The camp was held from 27.12. to 29.12 and we went there in three different groups. The first group from Prague district \"Černý Most\" consisted of Tereza Žilinská, Lenka Hrstková, Vendy Benediktová, Jirka Huml and the driver Ondra Vrábel. In the second group of \"Petřinští\" were
1.1.2015 / Black belts examinations
Six & two
500 photos online, commentary later.
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