31.12.2014 / Technical seminar with Jerzy Jedut (VII. dan)
How I switched my camera
December had been really hard month for me - competition, regional seminar, national seminar, grading, Christmas exhibition, Sonkal seminar... Despite all of that I didn't hesitate for a while when invitation from Czech National Union for seminar with Jerzy Jedut appeared in my mailbox. Years ago I attended two-day-long seminar with master Jedut and with Jaroslaw Suska in Znojmo and it was very inspiring. The seminar consisted only of two training units aimed for fundamental movements and patterns to Ge-Baek but still I had been looking forward to it as little boy. Trainings with master Jed
31.12.2014 / National technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) & others instructors
The end of year in Brno
Look at photos, comment will be later.
1.12.2014 / Test for color belts
26 higher belts
Translation in progress.
4.11.2014 / Sonkal's camp
Preparation for Czech nationals
Look at 149 photos from Sonkal's camp which was dedicated to preparation for Czech nationals in Brno.
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23.10.2014 / Sparring seminar with Hwang Su-il
Hwang Su-Il and Budoshow
It was Sunday mornig date 19 of October 2014, when we made our journey to Brno where annual Budoshow took place. The main leader of this Budoshow was Libor Macháň V. Dan, a member of Czech federation of Taekwon-Do ITF who invited a legend of Taekwon-Do ITF Hwang Su-Il VI. Dan as the main guest of Budoshow. I had the honor to figure out, why he is so famous and respected among all of members of Taekwon-Do ITF. It was because of a seminar that took place in the Sunday morning before the Budoshow and this seminar was led by Hwang Su-Il. At first sight he was a pleasant small sized fellow, wh
23.10.2014 / Sparring seminar with Hwang Su-il
Tekken live
At the end of this summer I received information that VIP guest for this year's Budoshow in Brno is Hwang Su-il from Japan. His visit was automatically linked with seminar before the show. Organiser of Budoshow correctly predicted a huge interest of Taekwondists and because of that he organised two seminars. The first one on Saturday was for lower grades and for wide public. Sunday seminar belonged to red and black Taekwondo belts. I did not keep this info for myself and it led to 14-member Sonkal expedition. Sonkal members have played Tekken on summer camps for a long time so the motivatio
13.9.2014 / Summer traning camp
Results of Summer Camp Competitions
During the Summer Camp, several competitions were realized. People attending already know the winners. For the others there is a list. Step sparring: - 5th kup and below - Alexander Mach and Hubert Skála - 4th kup and higher - Jiří Huml and Pavel Šnábl Night game: 1. David Pařízek 2. Tereza Štekerová 3. Aleš Charvát 4. Aneta Zelinková 5. Tereza Žilinská Ultimate Basketball Sonkal Open: - younger category – team of Libor Zelenka - older category - Miroslav Novák, Alan Charvát and Tereza Štekerová Tekken 2014: - younger - 1. Aleš Charvát, 2. Hubert Sk
8.9.2014 / Holidays by sea
Pumping a forces to next part of season
17.7. 2014 we traveled together to sunnny island named Mallorce. For a long time we were thinking about taking a break from work and fast life. So we decided that a moment of free time will be good for our bodies and souls. Regeneration in sport is really important especially for me because for me it´s hard to relax. Except sunbathing and swimming, sometimes we ran in the morning and once we rode a bike. It´s a different feel to swim in the swimming pool than in the sea. Nature around us was beautiful. So we took some taekwondo photos too. We were pleased with everything and liked to
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5.9.2014 / Swiss summer camp
Swiss summer camp and perseverance of Peter Regan
It is Sunday morning and I drink tea before breakfast and try to recollect how it was in Switzerland. It is few weeks after our return, so it is hard work. Swiss taekwondists kept inviting me to their camp for years and I kept promising (honestly) that I will come one day. And that day finally came this year for few reasons. I don´t want to robotically describe whole camp, I want to share what touched me deeply through whole stay. And it was perseverance of Peter Regan. I met Peter on our Sonkal camp sometime in past (I believe in 2002). He came with one of his daughters. Irish (now I f
30.8.2014 / Summer traning camp
End of summer with Taekwon-do
I really enjoyed this year’s summer camp in Male Svatonovice. I was not sure what to expect because I hadn’t attended any camp for a long time. It started with ease. Trainings were not as exhausting as I thought. We had enough free time and the ambience was pleasant. This was really just the beginning. The energy level needed for the trainings was rising steadily. Alan, however, disregarded this increasing demand for energy and woke up at 4 a.m. to cook pancakes for everyone. The most critical day was Tuesday. We could get though it only because we all (15+) were thinking about sauna. T
28.7.2014 / Black belts examinations
Late report cards
Terka and Vendy received a taekwon-distic report card. The only difference was that this was one month later. However it was totally worth it!! As in the first class, either of them succeeded very well. After years of a hard work they could show off everything what they had managed to learn. Then it was up to the grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong to decide whether they knew enough to get their black belts. After patterns, sparring, self-defence, special techniques, power breaking a theory was the result clear - PASSED. When girls will get their certificates, their doboks will be decorated by black
19.6.2014 / Summer traning camp
How to end the summer? With Taekwon-Do, of course!
10 months of school duties past really quick. If I look to our Do-Jangs I can see that our trainees made very big progress in their techniques. As a proof is many significant higher belts than we had 12 months ago. I remember many of you with yellow or greed belts last year. Today those colours are different, from blue to red. To reach bigger improvement and thus higher belts as well, it´s necessary to still train and practise hardly and try to minimalize our own lacks. At this-year summer school in Malé Svatoňovice, we´re going to focus our practicing to kicks with spinning, sparing
9.6.2014 / Visit to Pardubice TKD Club's camp
30.5.2014 / Mountain climbing
Mountain climbing as part of Taekwon-do training
Five activities that nourishes spirit of Taekwondoist are described somewhere at first pages of Encyklopaedia. These are travel, mountain climbing, cold shower and baths, public service and etiquette. I spent some time on (at least) one of these and as I was watching a storm rushing through forest, fortunately from shelter, idea of writing short essay about it came to my mind. I don´t want to copy part of Encyklopedia and put it on website, more I want to share broader view on Taekwon-do as I see it nowadays. But fist I will cite The Book: Mountain climbing (Dung san) – This form of e
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1.5.2014 / Test for color belts
50 new belts
Instead of Tuesday training, our gym of primary school of Vybíralova belonged to the first colour belt testing of this year. From both gyms of Sonkal school were chosen fifty members of Sonkal, who, from 7:00 p.m., performed the required content of training an testing for the specific degrees. Most numerous naturally were both groups of Taekwon-Do beginners, meant 9th and 8th Kups. Even though this time nobody took the exam for the highest colour belt degree – 1st Kup, we could see six successful aspirants to red belts – 2nd Kups. Congratulation to everyone for successfully passed t
21.4.2014 / Easter's Sonkal camp
Carol, carol, Sonkal
In 2014, Easter holiday belonged to Sonkal TKD camp. On Maundy Thursday, around forty Taekwondists went from Prague to Zákupy near Česká Lípa. Five-day-long TKD camp was aimed mainly for oncoming colour belt grading and also red and black belts got a load of training sessions for them (e.g. self defence against knife and new patterns). For some people, three trainings a day were not enough so they added basketball matches and running in the morning. On Monday morning, all men did the traditional ritual and went carolling. Women were ready for it and they rewarded the carollers with s
9.3.2014 / Self-defence seminar with Zdeněk Adamojurka
Self-defence seminar with Zdeněk Adamojurka
I had promised to invite someone interesting for Saturday seminar long time ago. It is easier to promise than to do so it took some time (but I really tried - one thing skillful martial artists have in common is fact that their time is precious). Finally, my good friend Zdeněk Adamojurka accepted my invitation. Zdeněk is IV. Dan holder, former national team coach, leader of Oh Do Kwan tkd school, but first of all he is Warrior both in body and mind. I gonna write few words from position of organizer and especially student. I was happy to see, that this kind of seminar brought about 15 peopl
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6.3.2014 / Black belts examinations
Other two new black belts in Sonkal
By the beating of two o´clock p. m. 24 Taekwo-Do trainees lined up before the examination board of Český svaz Taekwon-Do ITF for the exam of black belts from first to fourth Dan. Among the applicants for first degree of black belt were two trainees of our school – Renda Čapek and Lukáš Veverka. Both of them as well as the others performed the patterns, sparring, self-defence, special techniques, power breaking and also the theoretic knowledge of Taekwon-Do. Lukáš showed very serene performance during the exam which was reflected on his evaluation. He got 66 points, the highest sco
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4.3.2014 / International instructor course & technical seminar with GrandMaster Hwang Ho-yong (info pack, application form & accommodation form)
Another international seminar
9.2.2014 / Interview with Marek Lazor
Interview with Marek Lazor
As I first visited Taekwon-do event many years ago, Marek Lazor (IV. Dan, chief of tkd school Il-Dong Ostrava) already played some important role in Czech Taekwon-Do federation. For many years I did not understand his role (what I still probably don´t), but as years passed and I had opportunity to speak with him few times, train under him and see him during some official meetings of Czech Taekwon-do federation I found out that he is person who don´t need to be seen to much, but has huge amount of work fom Czech Taekwon-do behind him, great knowledge of Taekwon-do and delicate personality wit
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6.2.2014 / Regional course for red & black belts
They met near by Kolin
We regularly travel to take part in regional seminars with GM Hwang in Kolín. Reason is that Prague seminars are crowded with people and Kolín events are special with their friendly athmosphere and just few participants. I was surprised when I hardly find a place to park my car and seeing that smaller dojang is full with about 40 people. GM Hwang started seminar with short warm-up (and I was looking forward to playing basketball against him as we do when number of participants is really small) and then qucik stretching on the ground. Whole 2hours seminar was dedicated to Chon-Ji to Choon
31.12.2014 / Christmas Taekwon-Do demonstration
Traditional demonstration before Christmas
Look at photos now, info available later.
23.10.2014 / 17th Budoshow, VIP guest Hwang Su-il (www)
17. Budoshow in Brno
In the Vodova's hall there was again an exhibition of martial arts after a year. It is held by school in Brno, which is led by Libor Machan. The VIP guest was the holder of 6th dan in Taekwon-do ITF – Hwang Su-il, who is really famous for being a representative of Hwoarang in the game Tekken. People could look forward to a very big range of arts. For example - Judo, Karate, Aikido, Tchai Chi, freestyle karate, brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Musado MCS and as for me a very interesting exhibition of samurai in their costumes. Taekwon-do also had a very nice exhibition, only the coming of Hwan Su-il t
18.10.2014 / Taekwon-Do demonstration
One? No, two are better!
Last year we performed a demonstration on Chodovická Primary School in Horní Počernice, Prague. It was accepted very positively by the students. So Tomáš Vodička arranged another demonstration for this September aimed for popularization of Taekwon-do and for recruiting new members. Actually this time there were two demonstrations - separately for primary and secondary school. At the beginning, we tested reactions of students from first to fifth grade and we received storming applause. After the demonstration, children had an opportunity to try some punches and kicks on pads. Second demon
25.9.2014 / Taekwon-Do demonstration
Exhibition of Norbertov
It was about a half of August when Martin Svitek addressed me to organize an exhibition for pupils in school nearby our Do-Jang, that could help us to recruit new members for our Taekwon-Do school. I was trying to find a school where we could carry out the exhibition and finally I managed it in the Primary school Norbertov. It was due to little help from my friend who was working there as a teacher. We planned the exhibition to 25th September 2014. With a help of Ondra Vrábel we gathered eight people who took a part of the exhibition. It´s a pity that most of them was from the the Do-Jang of
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8.9.2014 / Back to school - Taekwon-do demonstration
No steps back, let's jump and kick
During August, our club was asked to perform an exhibition on entertainment afternoon “Back to School” in front of shopping centre “Centrum Černý Most”. We gladly accepted this program for Sunday afternoon. Also many of our students are returning back to school after summer holiday so it was a pleasant distraction for them. Team of people attending was composed not only of black belt stagers, but also those who have still black paint dripping of their belts. Still most of the attendants were red and blue belts and one green belt. But Ondra Faltin is not some greenhorn as the color
14.5.2014 / Special photo shooting
Green fields rocks
41 photos from our Saturday's shooting near by Mohelnice. Hi-res version included!
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15.3.2014 / Taekwon-Do demonstration at Petriny aerobic cup
Very successful demonstration
It was 15th March, a dull and cold Saturday. Our steps led to the gym in Petřiny. Sonkal Open - a competition organized by us, is going to be there in 2 months. Because of this fact we made a warm-up in a form of an demonstration for the traditional Petřiny cup in aerobics. We did well even due to a great atmosphere prevailng in the gym. The atmosphere was made by all contestants and also their fabulous parents and other viewers. It was really nice to do such an demonstration!
18.2.2014 / Taekwon-do demonstration at ball of FitStudio D
The January exhibition for aerobic school
Last January Saturday we had an occasion to demonstrate Taekwo-Do again before a numerous community of Fit Studio D in the occasion of their traditional ball. After a year a few of the ones went to Kyje to perform the demonstration. Our neighbours from next door gym of Primary school Vybíralova could see our exhibition of our martial art again. Although the parquet was quite slippery, which hindered to bounce better for some jumping techniques, this exhibition is placed amongst the succeeded ones. The video will be added during a couple days. In the half of March we will have a second part
16.12.2014 / Třeboň Open - youth, junior and senior (tul, matsogi, t-ki & wirok) info pack & application form
We won it again
The sixth annual Třebon Open got by a small piece close to its predecessor the Christmas cup of Naeryo chagi school, which took place in České Budějovice. We not only took over the tradition of Christmas competition, but we also expanded it by the number disciplines to four. Although our team was not so numerous this year as in previous years, it was compensated by the determination to keep \"renting\" the cup for another year. Jirka Novák demonstrated a very good performance primarily in patterns, which he won. Moreover, he did “double starts” (he took part in the category of s
19.11.2014 / Czech national Championship
Third place overall
Complete photo set from Czech national championonship in Brno.
13.11.2014 / 2nd national competition of CYT
On the victory wave in Ostrava
The second weekend of October this year belonged to the second meeting of young taekwondists. After the spring round in Nymburk, we headed to Ostrava. Our center for talented youth tried a different type of transport for this event and instead of the usual traveling by bus, we saddled up the "iron horse" this time. The Saturday morning meeting was suffering for most of us, but soon, in classic words, benefits and social security prevailed. The oldest went to the children's corner and the others took up reading or other social activities. The train arrived to Ostrava Bonver arena on tim
8.11.2014 / Cup of Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Federation 2nd round youth, juniors & adults
Return to Třeboň
It’s been a couple of weeks ago since the last Union’s competition in Třeboň was held. The very last time was in 2008 Czech Championship. Fomat of the competition and its name is quite different today, but that was not a problem for any taekwondists which returned to the land of lakes, fishponds and fishnets! Difficult competition in patterns and matsogi was awaiting all 172 competitors from 12 different schools. Whenever the number of competitors in each category was low enough, then that category competed in the system of everyone against everyone. The biggest categories were as us
5.8.2014 / 11th Junior and 6th Veteran World Championship
We took photos in Tajikistan
Now we put final version of 377 photos taken during our stay in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. You can enjoy some photos from sightseeing around hotel, training session of Czech national team and of course tournament pictures. There is also special section taken during Rostislav Kanka grading for VII. degree.
1.8.2014 / 11th Junior and 6th Veteran World Championship
4410 Kilometers to the East
A plane is going to take off and fly to Moscow on Saturday around 13:00. On the board there is going to be the Czech representation (from our members: Jirka Novak). One of the pair of international referees will be Ondrej Vrabel. In Moscow after some waiting will our team get on the borad of a next plane that will transport them to the capital of Tajikistan - Dushanbe. There is going to take place the World Championship of juniors and veterans. Jirka is now nominated to the special techniques, sparring and he is also a member of our junior team. The whole Sonkal keep their thumbs crossed a
20.5.2014 / Sonkal Open
International participants in Prague
Half of May has been during last ears connected with open TKD competition hosted by Sonkal Praha. This year, an unexpected number of competitors from 18 TKD schools attended. Big surprise for hosting school was participation of Latvian school led by master Semenkov. Second international participant was expedition from several Slovakian schools with several representants. Total number of competitors reached 156 in three age groups. Many of them took advantage of competing in higher age or belt group and also in higher weight cathegory.
12.5.2014 / Cup of Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Federation 1st round youth, juniors & adults
About Moravia journey
Saturday, 3:45 a.m. ... Ring, ring, ring ... 3:45 a.m., really? ... Yes, it's true. Get up and do the wake up drill. Not really a wake up drill but dress up, take the stuff and leave. Pick up one almost sleeping Tereza (Štekerová) on one end of Prague and then head for another Tereza (Žilinská) on the other end. It's 4:50 a.m. when we enter the highway and leave Prague. Girls are quite surprised that the sun ALREADY rises - it should rise at around 6 a.m. ... The journey is fast, the traffic is low in this early time. At one roundabout me and my navigation don't understand eac
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9.5.2014 / Sonkal Open
6.5.2014 / 1st meeting of CYT
Talented talents
First weekend of May with its temperature and rain reminded rather March. But as Taekwondists are beings of indoor or more precisely they train their bodies inside a gym, it did not affect our performance. The sport hall in Nymburk hosted about 160 Taekwon-Do competitors from five regional units of talented youth. In Saturday morning they were awaited to weigh themselves and register for Sunday comparison of their performances, and in the afternoon they experienced interesting program prepared by Department of children and youth. Basic sorting was to younger and older, when one group underw
1.5.2014 / Nitra Cup ( info pack a application form )
Valuables we earn also from Slovakia
194 photos and later info by Tomas Vodicka. Results of Nitra Cup 2014
10.4.2014 / 20th Junior, 29th Senior, 6th Veteran & 4th Youth European Championships
Taking pictures at Euro's
You can see 484 photos from whole four days of this year European Championship in Minsk, Belarus. Today we added 116 photos, mainly from special techniques. Pictures have been updated to final version, enjoy!
3.4.2014 / 20th Junior, 29th Senior, 6th Veteran & 4th Youth European Championships
Next week, direction to Minsk!
Next week in the Capital of Belarus, Minsk, will be held this year´s Championship of Europe. Czech republic will be represented by large expedition of national team, which includes also Tomáš Vodička, Jana Kovářová a Jiří Novák, the members of our school. After hard preparation in Třeboň the national team is going to meet at the airport in Prague on Monday 7th of April to leave for Minsk. On Tuesday they´ll be followed by team of four referees, in which Ondřej Vrábel won´t be missing. In which disciples are members of our school about to compete? Jiří Novák: patterns of
24.3.2014 / Czech Open (youth, juniors & adults) information pack & application form
We have another cup
Last weekend in Nymburk sports hall was dedicated to international Taekwon-do competition Czech Open 2014. This competition was organised for the 12th time and it was the first competition of 2014. This beginning of season started for Sonkal as well as the last season ended. Our girls gained trophy for the most successful youth female (Lenka Hrstková) and junior female B (Tereza Štekerová). Also other competitors did well and earned some medals. I would like to mention twin sisters Tereza and Veronika Žilinská who competed at the same time in pattern competition and both won gold medals
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