29.12.2013 / 4th Christmas camp for red & black belts
Members of Sonkal said goodbye to 2013
If some action is repeated annually for the fourth time, you can call it traditional. So our traditional action is Christmas TKD camp for red belts and higher. After Christmas holidays, our highest grades went to three-day-long stay in Malé Svatoňovice to enjoy the end of year together. This year from Friday to Sunday, this extended weekend was full of training, trips and enjoying free time. Have a look at the pictures!
10.12.2013 / Test for color belts
33 higher grades
Today was this year´s last day of promoting in Sonkal. 33 applicants passed their exam on Černý Most in Prague. GM Hwang was the one who examined them on this special occasion. Congratulation to our new 1.kup Vendy Benediktová, who did really well with overall 67 points. Congratulation to everyone and keep your hard training.
10.12.2013 / Black belt examination
New Dans in Petřiny
Sadly these are not names of our new students. Just two of our members passed their I. Dan exam - Jirka Novák and me (Jan Dvořáček). Our exam took place in Brno on December 8. It went like this....Ondra Vrábel woke up us at 7:40, I packed my equipment a waited for hour for Jirka (I will sleep longer next time!). Then breakfast and we went to dojang. We brought Tom and Jana to train station on our way as they were travelling to Třebíč to watch some thaiboxing match. Everyone was preparing in dojang, warming up and stretchnig. Ondra registred us and we were informed about procedure o
9.12.2013 / Black belt examination
Two of us with black belt
Winter Dan promotions took place in Brno. Honza Dvořáček and Jirka Novák were succesful in our pretest during autumn training camp and did even better during promotion itself. I have to mention that Honza did power test for his weaker (but still strong!) hand as he (indomitably :o) ) broke his dominant one on Czech national championship. And Jirka was awarded as best applicant in his age group and got tie with logo of Czech taekwondo federation.
8.12.2013 / National technical course with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong
National seminar with GM Hwang
National seminar with GM Hwang took place in Brno December 7th. We had to wake up early for Saturday to be in Brno in time as it started to snow in Czech republic that day. One car driven by our instructor Martin Svitek left his home at 7 AM with me, Jirka Huml and Jirka Novák. I don´t know how was the jurney of other car (with Ondra Vrábel, Tomáš Vodička, Jana Kovářová and Vendy Benediktová), but we enjoyed our very much as Mrs. Nováková (Jirka´s mum) prepared so much food that all of us had to gain at least two kilos of weight during 2hours trip. Arriving to Brno without any
26.11.2013 / Pavel Loupal, 1977-2013
Indomitable spirit
"Here lie 300, who did their duty." - that´s classical quotation from Taekwon-do Encyclopedia as example of indomitable spirit. For me personally, Pavel Loupal is even better example for his long fight with serious illness. Pavel started his taekwondo career in home Třebíč during 1992 with few year´s break and then returned to our martial art in Sonkal during 2002. Pavel loved travelling and visited large part of our planet during his high school and university studies. His experiences both serious and funny happily shared with us. Year 2006 was his Round the World trip year when he vi
24.11.2013 / International umpire course
Refferees on toboggan?
What? Refferees on toboggan? In suits? Of course not, but it is partly true as you will see later.There were International referee course and seminar hosted by Czech Taekwon-do Federation. It took place in Aqua palace in Prague so now you probably undestand why I mention toboggan all the time. Seminar participants had chance to use all aqua palace facilities to both relax and enjoy themselves. And they had right to do it as Saturday training took 7 hours of training with GM Hwang Ho Yong. Theoretical part was led by master Michael E. Prewett. Both part of event were held in friendly athmosph
3.11.2013 / Autumn Sonkal's camp
Final day of autumn training camp
Wednesday was begun by breakfast after which most of us rested to get ready for first training. Training was focused on technical aspects - patterns for lower grades and team patterns, sport self-defence and special techniques for more advanced students. Technical training, but hard enough to make us hungry for schnitzel we got for lunch. Lunch break was shorter and we started sparring training at 2 PM. Reflex game was warm-up, better to see than to describe with new variation of one of four attacking center person who tried to avoid and counterattac ;o) Large pads training followed. Then
3.11.2013 / Autumn Sonkal's camp
Third and fourth day of autumn torture
Festive day of Monday was cloudy. Few brave individuals went for morning run, rest stayed in bed dreaming of breakfast. After breakfast dreamers went to bed again, hyperactives played some games. Morning training was focused on hand striking and foot techniques with some time for team patterns. Hard cardio followed so lunch was sincerely appreciated. We used lunch break to visit town where is a castle with scenic garden and very antisocial bear. Afternoon training was led by Svíťa (Martin Svitek) focusing on sparring stepping and pad drills. It was two hour of very hard work. Som
28.10.2013 / Autumn Sonkal's camp
Autumn sonkal´s camp 2013 - firs two days
It was Saturday 26th of October 2013 when we sallied to autumn sonkal´s camp that takes place at every year right before the Championship of Czech republic. It also took place in Zákupy (it´s a small village on the North of Czech republic nearby Česká Lípa) as last few years ago. We departed on Saturday 26th of October from primary school Vybíralova from Černý most about 9:00 a. m. For many most of participants was the transport by bus. Someone including me used their own coaches. Immediately after the arriving everybody started to move all of stuff from the bus to the dormitory an
19.9.2013 / Teachers´ course in South Bohemia
Great instructor meeting in South Bohemia
It was second half of September when instructor meeting took place near Lipno. Participants from most of Czech TKD schools arrived during Friday Afternoon. First training with GM Hwang started the meeting. We revised the basic techniques, patterns and also applications of the techniques. This training was “for warm up”. Immediately after that came Jan Mraček and Jan Klaška who led together a training aimed for sparring. Both of these trainers of Czech representation team took their roles very seriously. For us participants it meant two-hour-long marathon of combinations and techniques
3.9.2013 /
Do you want start practise Taekwon-do?
If you want to start practise Taekwon-do just visit our regular training session. We are looking for new Sonkal's members during whole September. Our training sessions starts on Tuesday September 4 on Cerny Most and on Monday September 10 on Petriny. Detailed info about training you can find here.
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2.9.2013 / Interview with Jan Chaloupka
Interview with Jan Chaloupka
Trying to be informed about czech results during this year´s Worlds, I was aware about our first individual medal being won by Jan Chaloupka (3rd place, male senior patterns III. Degree). And I knew in that moment that he is the next person I want to question thoroughly. Here I share result of our email conversation. 1/ Jan, first of all, congratulation to your success on Worlds. Bronze medal on such a level of competition is great. How do you feel about it? Satisfied or you saw yourself even higher? Thank you. I am terribly happy for breaking ill-luck I had on all Worlds I took
6.8.2013 / Black belt examination
18.6.2013 / Taekwondo skiing
Don´t forget the Winter
It is getting warm so people are starting to complain saying "It is horribly hot." me having an answer in my mind "What do you want in summer? If cold weather, move to Greenland." So let me cool you by memory of winter. We were planning (=chating about while drinking beer) with Štěpán Procházka (friend of our school from Toi-gye Prague, who is training with us as add-up to his training, but still he trains in our dojang more than some of our own students!) to go skiing as taekwondo event. I was interested because Štěpán like to hurt himself while doing long jumps and various tricks. A
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23.4.2013 /
Another charity collection
Sonkal massively joined charitable collection of PET bottles caps. Past year we got more than 70 kgs, this year we got more than 100. We are happy to slightly help such a warrior as Michalka Laníková, who fights her illness each day.
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21.4.2013 / Tests for color belts
28 higher grades in Sonkal
Spring grading took place in our dojang in Černý Most. All 28 participants were succesful. Also highest grades - 1.kup were achieved. Congratulation to everyone, enjoy photos. Next grading is planned as part of our summer camp.
14.4.2013 / International technical course with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong, IX. dan (info pack & application form)
Another international training
12 training hours in 4 trainings were well-prepared for participants of this year´s International technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho Yong. More than 30 taekwondists took part in this traditional meeting. Members of Czech national team joined us during Saturday, so Třeboň´s dojang was crowded with people. Seminar started on Friday when GM Hwang described and explained all basics principles of Taekwon-do. Special focus was put on composition of our great martial art and on proper developing of power in our techniques. Theory was followed by hard practice, when even the most basic movement
2.4.2013 / Easter's Sonkal camp
Snow got punched, Ice kicked
Easter is commonly understood as coming of spring, unfortunately it was just a joke this year with winter holding tight. Fourty Sonkals trained hard on our traditional training camp no matter what. We got 13 trainings in 5 days, focused mainly on coming grading and also improving skills in sport sparring. Easter monday was in name of tradition when girl got (gently) beaten and boys splashed by water. It was quite a battle. And it was also time for poetry (because Tereza Žilinská lose a bet :-D ). Big summer camp is coming and signing in will be available soon. And because so many pe
27.3.2013 / International Technical Course with GrandMaster Hwang Ho-yong, IX. dan
Improving our Taekwon-do on international level
We practiced on intertnational seminar with GM Hwang in Nitra, Slovakia. Photos available.
24.2.2013 / Training with members of Korean national demo team
First training of its kind in Czech republic!
124 photos from special training with members of korean national demonstration team available!
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19.1.2013 / International technical course with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) ( info pack )
International training
One of the last TKD events of 2012 took place from 7th to 9th of December on Chodov in Prague. This event was international seminar with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong. From organizational reasons the term changed from spring to winter but everything else stayed the same – four three-hour-long trainings. Actually there was a change. At Saturday there were two trainings also for national seminar participants so international seminar participants could meet many Czech Taekwondists and see them in action. Friday evening´s training was focused on practicing basic techniques and detailed explanati
1.1.2013 / Interview with Milan Prokeš
Interview with "doyen" Milan Prokeš
When I first met Milan (Milan Prokeš, V. Dan, head instructor of Velešín Taekwon-do school, national team member, head of czech Taekwon-do federation technical comittee), I though he is just old guy from south bohemia, who is respected because he is head instructor of his own school and practices for long. What a mistake. In few years we know each other I had the privilege to develop friendship with him, to see that he is still improving despite of age and motivates me in much more ways than only physical part of Taekwon-do. So he is perfect person to interview. Milan, how did you g
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