30.12.2011 / 2nd Christmas camp for red & black belts
Snow? Not available :-)
And it´s here again. Man who had problem with every school essay was assigned to write for this website again. Me! I don´t know how to start so I will write down everything I think about and what I remember after New years´ party. So...when Ondra sent us email about second Christmas camp I did not think even for a minute and signed in. I knew from last year´s that it is great opportunity to get to know each other better, get some new motivation and also leave Prague for few days (and all the nasty food and "have to lazily watch TV whole day" mood). Now a bit about how this even
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15.12.2011 / Examination for I.-V. dan
14.12.2011 / National technical course with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong
14.12.2011 / Tests for color belts
8.12.2011 / Sparring training for blue belts and above
Fists, feet, flying, on ground...
Year 2011 is coming to its end, so it was time to organize next special training. Martin Svitek picked up idea of training where blue belts and above kicked, punched, threw, choked and many other things in untraditionally traditional way of sparring. Many visitors from other tkd schools again visited our dojang to join Sonkals in their training. Probably everyone felt coming Christmas so contact was close and lot of fight ended on ground :o) Not to be forgotten - red and black belts warmed up hour before this training practicing patterns for I. and II. Dan.
8.12.2011 / Sparring training for blue belts and higher (14:00-16:00)
Stab, cut, kill
Next specialized training held on Černý Most od October 8. Specialized mean focused on more advanced techniques practiced by red belts and above. Our red and black belts trained tando matsogi (defense against knife attack) in first hour and then blue belts joint them and practiced sport sparring. We took few photos that are now available.
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14.11.2011 / 40th Sonkal sportcamp
Preparation for national championship
Whole 5 days we were preparing for Czech national Championship in Brno. Sonkal's traditional Autumn' camp wa held from Wednesday 26th till Sunday 30th of October in Zakupy near Ceska Lipa. You can look at 168 photos from training sessions.
26.9.2011 / 39th Sonkal sportcamp
Action scenarios & step sparing
30.8.2011 / 39th Sonkal sportcamp
Order for perfect weather was fullfilled on 100%
Check 1187 photos from Sonkal"s camp in Male Svatonovice! Also have a look to video gallery because two movies from competitions in step sparring and action scenarios.
1.8.2011 / Test for I.-VI. dan
Photos from tkd camp and examination for I.-VI. degree
Day -2 (Friday 22/7) - I come earlier again, I was looking forward to it whole year, but now my mind is a bit confused. I am afraid if this camp will be good enough compared to last year´s which was supreme. We come (together with rest of PraguePardubiceVrané team) before lunch (we would be there earlier if I would listen to my car and put some fuel in it) to sweat through our common clothes because Martin Zámečník told us to join end of training. Free afternoon, no cell phone, no e-mails.….I cycle through forests around camp
7.7.2011 / Interviews 2011
Teodora Szőcs
I had opportunity to interview one very pleasant taekwondoist during Nitra Cup 2011. She also took part in Sonkal open 2011 with small group of her fellow taekwondo practitioners from Taekwondo Academia Slovakia. I speak about 16years old Theodora Szőcs. She started taekwondo because of her parents at age of 7, but wanted to quit after one year. Fortunately her parents persuaded her to continue and now she is successfully dedicated to taekwondo for ninth year.
21.6.2011 / Afternoon relax
21.6.2011 / Sparring training
Photos taken by Stanislav Petera
2.6.2011 / Interviews 2011
David Briza
I chose 31 years old David Bříza from Tong Il České Budějovice for next interview. David started his training in 1992, but stopped after two years and started again five years ago. He like sport in all of its forms and was interested in martial arts since childhood. „I chose Taekwon-Do for its diversity and philosophy. Taekwondo gives him strength both in physical and psychical aspect and met many interesting people thank to it, especially his wonderful girlfriend. When I asked
22.5.2011 / Interviews 2011
Sandra Guggisberg
Quest was simple (and Ondra Vrábel was its creator) – make an interwiev during Bohemian championship or Czech Open. I thought about some Swiss taekwondist from the beginning, because I knew others doesn´t want to use english so much. Peter Regan would be good choice, but then I got idea that talking to Sandra Guggisberg might be interesting. She is kind of big small women of Swiss taekwondo for me (I hope it sounds nice because it is meant that way :o
2.5.2011 / International technical seminar with Master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. degree) ( info pack and application form )
Look at 240 photos from two days international technical couse in Slovakia.
28.4.2011 / Tests for color belts
40 new belts
Spring grading took place in our main dojang on Cerny Most on Thursday (March 28). After intensive pre-grading 40 Sonkal members were chosen to be tested by international instructor Ondřej Vrábel. Everyone passed, so congratulation and we wish everyone deep motivation to future improvement. Look also at 123 photos from test. Martin Svitek note: I am really happy, that I finally believed our students´ step and semi-free sparring – year before it mostly looked like theatre, now it is more of skills demonstra
25.4.2011 / 38th Sonkal sportcamp
Fundemantal necessaries of life = sunshine, warm & taekwondo :)
Today was ended first this year sport camp of Sonkal. We ordered at first accomodation, food and gym, but from first day it looked like we also filled from for perfect weather! Everyone bring together excellent mood and tons of power in muscles for all training sessions. In overall we spent excellent five days with taekwondo. Look for the 544 photos from whole Easter"s sport camp of Sonkal.
20.4.2011 / Interviews 2011
20.4.2011 / Interviews 2011
Aneta Joskova
After long deciding, I chose first victim of my interviews - Aneta Josková, who passed her I. Dan tests last years´ December as I did. After checking photos from European championship I found out she´s new member of Czech national team. Aneta is 15 year old girl from Mladá Boleslav taekwon-do school Ge-baek. She practices taekwondo for 8 years and is I. Dan holder. National team trainer Jana Hoňková asked her to participate in Tallinn’s European championship after winning sparring at Czech national championship
15.4.2011 / International instructor course with Senior master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. degree) ( info pack and application form )
First international instructor course of new type
From April 10 till 11 was held international instructor course in Nymburk. It was first course of new type by ITF rules. Almost 30 taekwondo practitioners were led by Master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. dan) throught methods of teaching in our martial art. It was mainly focused on correct teaching DO, moreal culture.
15.4.2011 / Test for I.-VII. dan
New black belts and Ondra"s "Five"
Tests from I. up to VII. Dan took place in Nymburk during evening after International Course. I was somehow allowed to see tests from IV. Dan above that were officially closed. Let me write few subjective comments. Zdeněk Vavruška was the only adept for IV. Dan and despite of fact that he will be 40 this year (I had to ask him again after test, because it was hard to believe) he did great job (in fact he did great job even for age between 20 and 30). It was great performance and I think good motivation for many people.
13.4.2011 / International technical seminar with Master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. degree) ( info pack and application form )
This year international technical seminar in Nymburk took a part more than 60 taekwondo practitioners from Czech Republic, Greenland, Russia, Switzerland, Poland and Croatia. Look at photos from whole two days of course which was filled with taekwondo movements and also a lot of fun.
30.1.2011 / Special training session for blue belts and above with Marek Svitek (14.00 - 16.00)
Next seminar for higher belts passed and because I was not the one (even though trainer´s name differs just by two letters) to lead it, let me write something about it. I promised to bring my brother (Marek Svitek, nicknamed Tatanka) for our training for months (ok, realist would say for years). He started to practice kickboxing just few months after I have started taekwondo, did thousands of very colorful training with trainers of high standard (pioneers of kickboxing in Czech republic) and fought probably hundreds of f
5.1.2011 / Sport camp of club Sabom
I spent last weekend before Christmas on winter camp of Sabom taekwondo school that is led by my friends (friends from time when we practiced as blue belts together in TYO Prague II) Aneta and Martin Procházkovi (they were together as long as I remember, but Aneta changed her surname just before two years or so). I will try not to be so talkative this time and only share few thoughts with you together with few photos. 1/ Most of participants were children, but respect they showed was very mature. I won´t forget this sen
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