31.12.2010 / Christmas camp of higher belts
Snow, ice, fun & taekwondo
Time of rest, lounging, eating Christmas desserts connected with gaining weight are away and group of Sonkal’s tried to spice Christmas mood with some taekwondo. Nine red and black belts left Prague slightly after 9 A.M. on December 27. Two cars consisted of Ondra, Vláďa, Svíťa, Pavel Bareš, Petr Legner, Michal Zacharuk, Pavel Šnábl, Veronika Holečková and me. Our way led to, well known (for us), Malé Svatoňovice. Everyone is able to imagine this village in summertime, because we spent many summer camps here,
15.12.2010 / Test for I.-III. dan
Another two Sonkal members achieved black belt
Look at 189 photos from Sunday"s examination for black belts.
14.12.2010 / National technical course with Master Hwang Ho-yong
Have a look at 172 photos from national course in Nymburk.
11.12.2010 / Tests for color belts
Bull eye -> 21 higher belts
On Thursday December 9 we organized the last exams for higher belts in gym of Vybiralova school. 21 adepts chosen by trainers successfuly applied for their higher belts. Warm congratulation to all! Check 127 photos.
6.12.2010 / Special training for higher belts - ground fight
Photo serie
We met on frozen Saturday December, 4 in Černý Most, where Svíťa (Martin Svitek) organized training focused on integrating moves from greco-roman wrestling and ground fighting to our skills. Goal was to introduce techniques for close distance and ground, so different situations than normally taught in taekwondo trainings. Warm-up was enriched by falls, rolls, handstands and few variations that prepared our bodies and tuned our minds for fun on mats. First drills were focused on throwing opponent and fixing
1.11.2010 / XXXVII. Sonkal sportcamp
Preparation for Czech Nationals supported by sunshine
5 days long training marathon is done and you can see 183 photos. Check here.
27.10.2010 / Pattern & sparring training session
Nor karma will stop Sonkal"s
So another regularly irregular Saturday training event is behind us. I was sad that time for special training (special time, special content) will be probably after National championship, so I decided that intensive sparring session will be the right thing. I have tried to invite few friends from other taekwondo schools and styles to organize nice Saturday, unfortunately my karma is probably not right, because lot of things went different way than I planned (as always in my case). Ondřej Vrábel (IV. Dan) remembered that he promised us to lead training for black belts patterns and intensiv
18.10.2010 / Photoshooting in Prague's center
Autumn sunshine invited Sonkal"s girls to Prague
Because weather forecast said that not only pressure, condensation point, humidity and side wind should be optimal, but also sun should shine, our plan for sunny Sunday 10/10/2010 was decided. Three Sonkal girls went to Prague historical center to make some photos. They were not alone dressed in strange way .... we met many Scots in traditional kilts :o) We started in front of Powder Gate than through Celetná street to Old Town Square. Then we systematically raked through streets to Charles Bridge. We finished on Kampa´s L
17.10.2010 / Interviews 2010
Vendula Bluchová
First victim of my interview mission is small Vendulka Bluchová from Frýdek-Místek. I interviewed Vendulka on talented youth organization competition on Moravia. Vendy is 8 years old, attending third grade of primary school, but she says school is boring for her except of physical education. She has small animal farm at home – two dogs, three cats, parrot and hamster. Favourite leisure time activities are Taekwondo, playing with her dog Vikl
25.8.2010 / Summer camp special guest Hwang Su-il
Tomáš Vodička"s point of view
This year’s camp was, in one word, wonderful. I have never visited summer camp before, so I was thinking if it is worth of taking part. I had just returned from camp in Slovakia and I. Dan exams were before me, so I was not sure if have strength to manage everything. Finally Svíťa (Martin Svitek) persuaded me and we left Prague to travel to Sklárna two days before camp. You know, I had to use this chance to train with such a „masters“ like Hwang Su-il and others (We know that Mr. Hwang, Knighton and Dekker are not Master
19.8.2010 / XXXVI. Sonkal sportcamp
Camp in motion
Tonight have a look at movie with footage of all participating pairs in step & model sparring tournament. We added movie with action scenarios competition. This year it was much better than previous years.
16.8.2010 / XXXVI. Sonkal sportcamp
Photo collections from summer camp
After years of camps spent in Malé Svatoňovice, changing place to Sklárna near Pilsen (where summer camp with Master is organized for last few years) was a breath of fresh air. So our direction changed from Trutnov to Pilzen region. Departure was planned to 6/8/10 8:30 from our gym, but some Taekwon-do enthusiasts cannot sleep waiting for the camp, they came more than hour earlier...so no work loading our equipment left for me. At the other hand I looked like I was kicked out of my home, because of rucksack and two bags
7.8.2010 / Summer camp special guest Hwang Su-il
Beer with Hwang Su-il
Next summer camp is over (unfortunately) and because it was again (for the 8time) great experience and left many never-to-forget memories in me I want to share some with you. Normally only me and Lenka Dvořáková take part from Sonkal dojang, but this year I persuaded also Tomáš Vodička (that time 1. kup, now I. Dan ;o) to accompany me (it took me about 7 seconds saying „you may have 5 trainings with Hwang Su-il instead of 1“). My brother „happily“ (good to be older brother) brought us there, so it took just
4.8.2010 / XXXVI. Sonkal sportcamp
Last days remains till start of Sonkal camp
One day remains to our traditional summer training camp. Our caravan will not travel East as always, but in a 180 degrees different way. Sklárna u Žihle north of Pilsen (huge facility for various events as children and sport camps etc.) will shelter us this year. Participants of summer camps with Master Hwang knows this place very well and it will be interesting change for the rest of our students. Let´s see what awaits us: at least 2 trainings per day – we gonna practice all parts of our art. Everyone will get plenty of trainings focused on fundamental exercises, patterns,
3.8.2010 / Examination for I.-III. dan
Next Sonkal member was promoted to I. dan
Look at more than 230 photos. Some info will be available later.
30.7.2010 / Summer camp special guest Hwang Su-il
This year camp with many foreigner participants
Big numbers of Czech taekwondists are participating on this year camp and there is also many people from Poland, Switzerland and Netherland. VIP guest are VI. dan holders - Hwang Su-il (Japan), Paul Knighton (England) and Paul Dekker (Netherland). Master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. dan) is traditional guest in spite of his return from Korea only last Wednesday. Look at 71 photos from our one day stay on this excellent event. Another 55 photos added!
21.7.2010 / Arrival of Master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. dan)
Welcome of our Master
On Tuesday July 20 at 6:15PM landed on airport Prague - Ruzyne airplane from Moscow and Master Hwang Ho-yong (VIII. dan) was also on the board. Master returns to Czech Republic after more than 6 months stay in Korea. His family should be back in one month. Master Hwang was in great mood and was very pleasent with welcome of a bunch taekwondo people. Check a few photos from meeting with Master Hwang in the airport hall.
6.7.2010 / Summer camp of Taekwon-do Academy Slovakia
Slovakian mission was very successful
Joint Czechoslovak training camp 2010 Four Sonkals (members of Sonkal taekwondo school) – Ondra Vrábel, Vladimír Švanda, Pavel Šnábl and Tomáš Vodička went to Stará Turá to compare skills, learn new training methods and also to meet new friends at Taekwon-do Academy Slovakia training camp. We left Prague at Saturday 3/8/10 short after 8 A.M., weather was deadly hot, but fortunately Vláďa has AC in his car. Only delay on our way to Slovakia was lunch in KFC – tasty chicken :o) Adrenalin p
23.5.2010 / National technical course
Excellent national course
On May 23, 2010, a National seminar was held in Brno. Master Hwang Ho Yong was missing because of his trip to Korea. This seminar was led by Mr. Rostlislav Kaňka (6th black belt degree) and Mr. Martin Zámečník (5th black belt degree). There were also other international instructors like Mr. Petr Poklop (5th black belt degree), Mrs Jana Lazorová (4th black belt degree), Mr. Marek Lazor (4th black belt degree), Mr. Ondřej Vrábel (4th black belt degree) and Mr. Milan Prokeš (4th black belt degree). The morning part of
15.4.2010 / Tests for color belts
31 people have higher belts
35 photos.
24.3.2010 / Studio photo shooting by Jan Broz
Studio photo shooting by Jan Broz
On Sunday January 17 we made a few photos in co-operation with Jan Broz (http://www.sunnyphoto.cz). Take a look at photos.
22.3.2010 / 35th Sonkal sportcamp
Spring is coming
Sun was shining, wind blowing over the fields. Doboks waving in windows of an old mill. One of the sentences on application form said: „Training camp will be focused on cardio conditioning“. I liked the idea so I took part. It was just four days camp and first was not so hard, so maybe you say „it is not possible to improve cardio in four days“. You are right, but I offer you different point of view. Everyone on this camp ran few kilometers and trained really hard, it is of no question (check photos), but still it
22.2.2010 / Course "Hands techniques a little bit different"
Hand techniques in a slightly different way
Next seminar with Martin Svitek took place at Černý most on Saturday (20/2/10), this time focused especially on hand techniques and also on cardio, what probably was not main goal, but we – lazy boys – had hard time :-D Less than expected came, but at the other hand Martin had enough time to put individual advices to everyone (of 4). We started with warm-up and stretching, then with few rounds of light sparring to show Svíťa what to focus on. Main problem was probably our static stance so we did few stepping exercises (dodging, side steps, head movements...etc.). Basic
21.2.2010 / Tests for black belts
New black belts
There was an examination for candidates of black belt degrees from Czech national team in Brandýs nad Labem on Saturday. Among seven of junior male & female members of the National team was Kristýna Hudková (candidate for the 1st black belt degree, a member of Sonkal). Monika Junová (also the member of Sonkal) was missing there because of injury. If Monika wasn"t injured she could participate on exam for 2nd black belt degree. Warm congratulation to Kristýna Hudková pro successful achievement of I. dan and also to an
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