20.12.2007 / Tests for color belts
28 successful adepts for higher color belts
28 students of our school applied for higher grades – colored belts. The most numerous group was the group of students trying to gain the 9th kup and the counter group was formed by one student applying for 1st kup. The exam was performed accordingly to the new Training and test plan of the Czech Taekwondo Federation and was successfully passed by all applicants. Thus, they find under their family"s Christmas tree among other presents also a new belt. Sonkal congratulates!
19.12.2007 / Tests for black belts
Next black belt in Sonkal
Campanus gym located in Prague"s Chodov district hosted in sunday"s morning on the 16th December black belt test for 18 members of the Czech Taekwon-do Federation. Required degrees varied from I. to III. dan. The most numerous group of adepts (13) was the group of 1st kup holders (including Ms. Monika Junová too). Besides them there were also four adepts for II. dan and one adept for III. dan. As well as the previous test performed in September this year also this test was organized accordingly to the new Training and te
7.11.2007 / XXVIII. Sonkal sportcamp
Preparation for National Championship
45 taekwondists took on Thursday 25th October the road to an established autumn sport camp held before November’s Czech Republic Championship. As well as in previous years we were based in south-bohemian village Borotin. During the 4-day stay there our instructors prepared 2-3 training lessons per day with respect to on-coming Championship. All camp was unfortunately seriously affected by a viral infection that involved more than two-thirds of all participants. Our motto for this camp might be expressed as: "What doesn"t kill me
24.9.2007 / Tests for black belts (I.-II. dan)
Ten applicants for I. Dan and one for II. Dan met in sport hall Třeboň on Sunday (September 23). This exam was organized in not usual date because of upcoming European championship – few national team members took exam for black belt to be allowed to compete there. Our Sonkal girl Aneta Hemerová was one of black stripe holders applying for I. Dan. Exam was a bit different compared to years before. Girls had to do added flying kicks - twimyo dolmyo yop chagi and twimyo bandae dollyo chagi and also dolmyo yop chagi in po
6.9.2007 / XXVII. Sonkal sportcamp
Movie with action sceneries and model sparring
In our latest movie you can see tournaments in model sparring and action sceneries. Some pairs in model sparring prepared their perfomance little bit different from original idea.
24.8.2007 / XXVII. Sonkal sportcamp
Photos and information from Summer camp
It is August 23 and coach full of killers from Sonkal Taekwon-Do School is leaving Prague at 9.30 AM. Our destination was again many times examined Malé Svatoňovice in Trutnov region. This was our fifth time there. We had to stop and wait for about half hour just after the border of village because of clearing works after a car crash. No Sonkal killer was injured. After we put up in our residence for next 10 days, we ran to eat some bite. Sonkal killers started with afternoon training where rules of camp were got to kn
10.7.2007 / XXVII. Sonkal sportcamp
Preview for summer camp
Our big summer training camp draw nearer, so we want to briefly describe what to look forward to :o) Of course, there is always bit of space to change, improve or add some ideas :o) Facts: - 2 trainings per day - 2 hours for higher group, 1.5 hour for lower group. Student will be divided into group regarding their grade (belt colour) and for sparring trainings also owning of protective gear. Details will be known during first training.
25.6.2007 / Tests for black belts (I. & II. dan)
Photos from degrees test
End of June mean not only end of school year but for few years also traditional date of examination for black belts (Dan). This Examination took place in Prague this time because lot of applicants was from Prague. Examination committee was composed of these high Dan holders : Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan), Ing. Ladislav Burian (V. Dan) and MUDr. Rostislav Kaňka (V. Dan). Eighteen Taekwon-do students applied for I. Dan and 11 for II.Dan. All applicants had to show their qualities of patterns, sparring, self-defence, special tech
28.5.2007 / Linda Deutschová in internet TV PG24
Linda Deutschová in internet TV PG24
Linda will atend in Show of Celebrities on internet TV PG24. There is only one way how to watch - via internet on the web page www.pg24.tv. This television is focused for people from information technologies, computer games and there is couple of regular shows like Show of Celebrities. If someone missed live coverage, you may look at archive of internet television PG24 - Show of Celebrities #9 (sorry, only Czech langu
10.5.2007 / XXVI. Sonkal sportcamp
Preparation for spring"s competitions successfully done
Second training camp of year 2007 was organized on national holidays. Forty-seven Taekwondoists from Sonkal went through 5 days full of Taekwon-do and fun in South of Bohemia in Borotín. All members were allowed to visit this camp, but it was mainly focused for sport competing (Talented youth organizations tournament and Bohemian championship). 3-times World champion Honza Mraček came with his colleague Honza Klaška to spread some of their sparring knowledge and skills. Warm-up for these 2 trainings was done through kick box aerob
24.4.2007 / Tests for color belts
56 higher belts in Sonkal
Fifty six sonkal taekwondoists did their grading on Thursday April 19. Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) was examiner as always. Most appliers were white belts this time. First grade was the highest approved rank. Despite of high number of applying taekwondoists, grading was really smooth and fast. Next grading will be part of our Summer training camp in Malé Svatoňovice, where Master Hwang will lead two trainings for our stundents.
30.3.2007 / International course with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. dan)
More than 40 participants of course
More than 40 taekwondoists visited Prague to take part in International seminar with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) to practice together from Friday to Sunday. Seminar was really international because of attendance of Swiss and Polish practitioners. Master Hwang went through patterns from Chon-Ji to Choi-Yong, whole sparring system (Sambo, Ibo, Ilbo, Ban-jaju, Jaju matsogi), special techniques, power breaking and also self-defense and tando matsogi (defense against knife) in 11 hours of training. Because of seminar schedule there
7.2.2007 / XXV. Sonkal sportcamp
Winter sport camp
Fourty-six taekwondoists went to Zákupy near Česká Lípa on Friday (2nd February). Our regular training camp team was reduced by flu epidemic, but expanded by Sean La-Plain from UK. During intensive 4 days we practiced basic techniques, kicks, patterns, special techniques, power breaking, sparring combinations, sparring itself and also some self-defense. Gym was open all days, what some of us used for their own training. Training camp was also dedicated to grading preparation, which will be held in mid of April.
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