23.12.2006 / Tests for black belts
Konar"s brothers Jan and Filip participated in black belts grading on Saturday 16th December. They applied for I. dan. There was more than 40 people trying to get I., II. or III. dan. All of them were successful and they received very nice gift before Christmas. You can look at 230 taken pictures.
19.11.2006 / Course with Jerzy Jedut and Jaroslaw Suska
Znojmo"s school So-San organized from 18th till 19th November course with polish instructors Jerzy Jedut (VI. dan) and Jaroslaw Suska (V. dan). Every minut of each training session was very inspiring and motivating for future training. Look at attached photos.
27.10.2006 / XXIV. Sonkal sportcamp
More than 50 taekwondists at Borotin
Fifty taekwondoists from Sonkal spent time from Thursday (26/10) to Monday (30/10) on autumn training camp in Borotín. All 5 days were dedicated to Czech national championship preparation. We practice both individual and team patterns. In next training phase we focused on special techniques, power breaking and sparring. And of course cardio and calisthenics were part of each training. Most of days we had 3 trainings per day. Despite of main goal of this camp – preparation for national tournament, we also practiced step sparrings
23.9.2006 / XXIII. Sonkal sportcamp
After information and photos flood from our summer camp in Male Svatonovice you can look at prepared three movies. If you need more information about movies content please look at article.
24.8.2006 / XXIII. Sonkal sportcamp
Summer camp
Yet today we put some photos from first day of Sonkal"s sport camp. 51 taekwondists is already training, 3 more will come this weekend. Another photoset is available. 16 photos contains today"s afternoon training session of higher belts group. There is available phot set from 3rd day of our camp. This set contains photos from morning, afternoon and evening"s traning. During evening training we shot with camera patterns of each participant, we will look at this later. Yestarday came 3 members of team www.budogirl
7.8.2006 / Summer Taekwon-do camp
First self-defense routine tournament in Czech Republic
After conclusion of 4th Taekwon-do camp was organized first competition in new Taekwon-do discipline - self-defense routine. 7 teams participated in tournament. In our movie you can look at all demonstrations. Rules were little bit modified due all teams competed together (1 hero and 2 attackers). Next year there will be regular types 1 female against 2 persons and 1 male against 3 males.
3.8.2006 / Summer Taekwon-do camp
Another Taekwon-do camp today started
In Prague today started another Taekwon-do camp. In gym of basic school Campanus practise together about 60 taekwondoists from whole Czech Republic. This year is camp focused for self-defense and all participants will practise until Saturday. At Sunday will follow tournament in self-defense routine, new Taekwon-do competition item. During opening of camp Master Hwang Ho Yong presented degree certificates to successful appliers for I., II., III. and IV. degree in June and July. From today our members - Petr Legner and Lukáš L
26.6.2006 / Black belt tests
Our gym on Vybíralova primary school hosted 13 adepts for I. Dan, 4 for II. Dan, 4 for III. Dan and 1 applier for IV. Dan. Exams were divided to two parts – before and after noon. Before lunch all adepts for I. Dan were examined and the rest applying for higher degree showed their skills in the afternoon. Four Sonkal members tried to pass tests. Petr and Lukáš Legnerovi (applying for I. Dan), Martin Svitek (for II. Dan) and Pavel Bareš (for III. Dan). Results will be known later in summer, but you can enjoy plenty
20.6.2006 / 8 years of Sonkal
What is Taekwon-do ?
Our Taekwon-do school celebrates its eight anniversary today. It looks like it was yesterday, but it is exactly 8 years when Sonkal was accepted by Czech Taekwon-do Fedaration as proper member. As small gift, we prepared video that briefly shows what is Taekwon-do about. Materials for it were made last summer and finally we can share it with all of you. Enjoy it!
16.6.2006 / Tests for color belts
38 successful requests for higher belts
At Thursday June 15 took a place tests for higher color belts in our gym on Cerny Most. 38 Sonkal"s members requested higher belts and they all pass through. Congratulation to all and we wish a lot of power to further trainings.
4.5.2006 / National technical course
More than 120 participants
National seminar with master Hwang wasn’t organized for few years. After this break we had opportunity to practice with taekwondists from whole Czech Republic. Seminar took place in Treboň hall, that provided adequate place for more than 120 2nd grade and above practitioners. Seminar has two 2-hours parts. We practiced techniques and patterns from Chon-ji to Choong-Moo on first and then kicks, all forms of sparring and self-defence in the afternoon.
16.4.2006 / XXII. Sonkal sportcamp (Easter's holidays)
308 photos shooted during camp
Hi there, So next camp is over, I can’t count them all. Easter camps are second best, behind the summer. It was great this year, we were in Borotín. We came by bus, housed in hostel and then hurry up for some meal. After that training, dinner and then got silly. Gym was open, so we tried all the equipment. When we got tired, we watched TV and then went to bed. We have two trainings per day during rest of camp, trainings were much better than last time. I liked sparring drills the most, we also got some advices. We went to nea
9.2.2006 / Tests for color belts
49 successful sonkal"s in test
Grading led by Master Hwang Ho Yong took place in our gym on Černý most this evening. All 49 appliers passed. Together with high points, words of compliment from master were great appreciation of our work. Next grading in Sonkal will be probably in the half of June.
8.2.2006 / XXI. Sonkal sportcamp
Winter camp
Fourty six taekwondoists met on first Sonkal WINTER camp in Zákupy, near to Česká Lípa. We have visited Zákupy for camp few years ago. Six taekwondoists from Switzerland, led by our old friend Peter Regan, together with Sonkal members spent 4 days here. Grade tests will follow few days after camp, that’s the reason why camp was focused more on technical problems of Taekwon-do. Practitioners were divided to two groups regarding their belts. Instructor team had to lead about 7 hours of trainings per day. Tech
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