19.12.2005 / Black belt tests
Photos from degree test
Last Sunday before Christmas was dedicated to degree tests for I., II. and III. Dan. It took place in Campanus Primary school in Prague – Chodov and we were there with our camera. Committee was formed by master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan), Ing. Ladislav Burian (V. Dan) and MUDr. Rosislav Kaňka (V. Dan). Congratulation to successful applicants.
1.11.2005 / XX. Sonkal sportcamp
Well done preparation for Czech Nationals
It´s Wednesday, 9 o´clock A.M. , autumn holidays begins and our big Sonkal crew is leaving Prague for jubilee 20th training camp. This camp was dedicated mainly for Czech national championship preparation. We went to south bohemian Borotín for second time, because according to survey Sonkal students like it here. Bus was really fast, so in a while we were in target destination unpacking our equipment. After this, first training came, but it was one of the easier ones, so we managed it without problems though we were af
10.10.2005 / Tests for color belts
49 Sonkal"s members applied for higher belts
Our third grading of this year took part on thursday (6th October). We let 49 students to try their luck this time. Most appliers were for 9th grade, only one was for 4th grade. We are happy that we have new 4 holders of higher colour belt – red with black stripe (1.kup). Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII.Dan) led the grading as usually.
2.10.2005 / The 3rd Summer Taekwon-do ITF camp with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. dan)
5 demonstrations = 5 movies
Finally we made movies from 3rd Taekwon-do Summer camp with Master Hwang Ho Yong. We offer 5 movies with presentation of 5 demonstration teams. All participants were very tired but the shew the best !
28.9.2005 / Course with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. dan) for 2nd kup and higher
Few hotos
Only couple photos from today"s training with Master Hwang Ho Yong.
2.9.2005 / XIX. Sonkal sportcamp
Cake battle and kids action demonstrations
We prepared two movies from last Sonkal"s camp. First movie is from great Cake battle, which was a part of Big summer game for kids. In second movie you can find four action sceneries made by kids.
22.8.2005 / XIX. Sonkal sportcamp
Photos from on-going camp
Hi Sonkalies, So not the most favourite part of the year came – school. But not to bore you by school talks, which you hear every day, I´m going to bring you something from the holidays, from the better part of the year. I want to write about our 10-days long summer camp which took place in well-known Malé Svatoňovice during August. Few of us went to brand new location, but for the veterans it was common place for our summer camps. Also the sun hide for few days, but we rised barometers by our good mood and our trainings
5.8.2005 / The 3rd Summer Taekwon-do ITF camp with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. dan)
More than 60 participants
This year there was the 3rd Summer TKD ITF Camp in Prague at the Campanus Basic School - Chodov. We were training for whole three days. It was really wonderful time for us. The head of this camp was traditionally Master Hwang Ho Yong (8th Dan). The first training day we practiced patterns form Toi-Gae Tul up to Juche Tul in the morning. The same day in the afternoon, we practiced sparing. It was very nice weather so it was possible to train outside. All types of the sparing were practiced and everyone of us was really exhau
27.6.2005 / Black belt tests
Pictures and info from degree test
Sunday afternoon, there has been an examination for the 1st black belt and 2nd black belt degrees in Basic school Campanus. There were 14 applicants for the 1st black belt degree and 4 applicants for the 2nd black belt degree. Our student (member of Sonkal) Vladimír Švanda was there too. He was among applicants for the 2nd black belt degree. We would like to compliment his performance. He was one of the best ready applicants for his exam. We all hope that this week will be known results of the examination. The head of commission wa
27.6.2005 / Trainings
Some photos from trainings
In complete article you can look through some photos taken during our regular trainings on Černý Most. On last picture is Barbora Lála Sýkorová after her arrival to Czech Republic. Lala tried conviced us she still speaks Czech very well .
6.6.2005 / Sport camp in Greece
Sun, sea and Taekwon-do
Pavel Bareš: Three of us spent more than week on wonderful camp in Greece. Pavel Bareš, Martin Svitek and Pavel Zavadil sunbathe, enjoyed water pleasures in swimming pools and sea took really intensive taekwon-do trainings, visited some historical places and that everything with great people. Nice „activities“ instead of work and school in Prague, don’t you think so? :o) Whole camp was organized by Martin Zámečník from Ge-Baek Hosinsool school, around 30 taekwondoists and few parents took part in it.
4.5.2005 / Tests for color belts
65 Sonkalers applied grading
65 appliers for higher ranks gathered in Černý most gym for grading this Tuesday (3rd May). Number of members applying this time was higher then ever before. The biggest group (24 taekwondoists) were white belts grading to yellow stripe. Two people did well for 2.kup and 4 for the highest grade – 1.kup . Despite of high number of applying members, grading had fast and smooth going. And it is important to mention that our students were 100 % succesful. P.S.: See last photo – Pavel Zavadil got wet not as a torture for b
30.4.2005 / XVIII. Sonkal sportcamp (Easter's holidays)
Step sparring from Easter"s training camp
Our students had task to show their own aktion in step sparring during one evening"s training lesson. Here you can see how much they use creativity and practise precisely :-)
28.4.2005 / CYT camp
Preparation for competition
From 21st to 24th April, training camp for talented youth, organized by taekwon-do school Hosinsool took place in Studenec. Also 6 taekwondoists from Sonkal took part in it. Early after first training we recognized differences between trainings in Hosinsool and Sonkal, but in a while we started to enjoy it. On Saturday we left our hostel for Jilemnice town, to attack local sweet shop. But he biggest surprise appeared on Sunday evening when we took kitchen „duty“ - chopping bread, greasing, washing dishes really didn’t make u
22.4.2005 / Celebration of 50 years Taekwon-do foundation
Taekwon-do demonstration
From today is avalable movie with 5 minutes Taekwon-do demonstration. This demonstration was presented by Ge-Baek Hosin Sool Prague school during celebration of 50 yeas Taekwon-do establishment.
16.4.2005 / Celebration of 50 years Taekwon-do foundation
Photos from anniversary
Today afternoon and evening were dedicated to celebrate 50th anniversary founding Taekwon-do. Whole event was done by Prague school Ge-Baek Hosinsool which did nice live demonstration and also prepared historical documents about taekwon-do in Czech Republic and generally all around the World. Ponrepo cinema, where this great event took place, was decorated by plenty of photos, enrolment posters from early years etc. Watch few photos in our photo gallery. Next week short video from live demonstrations will be available.
12.4.2005 / Step sparring tournament
Step sparring tournament
Our students had next oportunity to demonstrate their skill in step sparring on the regular training time in the gym on Černý Most. This time competed pairs against others and eliminated to the victory. Some couples demonstrated great creativity, while others competed, they prepared another action.
26.3.2005 / XVIII. Sonkal sportcamp (Easter's holidays)
Reportage by one Kladno girl
On Thursday (24 March) our bus flew from Prague forward Radvanice. After pretty never-ending journey we reached Radvanice and sieged new equipped rooms, few of them also with TV. On our way for first training it would be good to have jackboots, because plenty of mud around the boarding-house didn’t´ leave our doboks shiny white, especially doboks of the youngest ones :o). We start with patterns and fundamental exercises first days, what kept our energy and allow us to survive whole camp. We continued with special techniques, pow
14.2.2005 / AETF International umpire course
Few photos from umpire course
After few years an international referee seminar took place in Prague. Seminar was chiefly organized for european referees and was led by AETF referee comitee members. Also the ITF congress took place in here. So Prague welcomed the biggest persons of our martial art.
7.2.2005 / 2004 overall report
Year 2004 summary
Next year had gone, so let us summarize our successes and activities in few paragraphs. 1. Sport successes: It is tradition that our members take part in whole tournaments serie organized by Czech taekwon-do federation. In spite of fact that none of our competitors achieved the Czech national title, we did really well. We have to mention how our female kids team did on the Bohemian championship and the second round of Czech national championship – girls got gold medals from all three categories (patterns, s
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