1.11.2004 / XVII. Sonkal sportcamp
Very good preparation for Czech national championship
Hi folks, we bring you (kind of late, sorry :o) article from elsewhere – from training camp in Borotín. After a long time we changed our destination and visit South of Bohemia. As soon as we left the bus, young and inteligent (how else) village footballers were staring at our girls, (who leaft the bus as first) thinning that Miloš Zapletal with Miss of Czech republic participants came. But unlike „Miss“ girls we manager to have two trainings that day. Accomodation was pretty fine. Few of us went through our funn
27.9.2004 /
Taekwon-do connecting people
As you know from older articles, Peter Regan visited our last and also this year summer camp (he is going to come for autumn one too) and because 10 days spent not only by training is time long enough to get know each other well and to speak about plenty of things, we have agreed about our visit in Switzerland to check towns and nature, uncover nature of Swiss people and also to help with trainings and show how do we teach and practice taekwon-do here in Czech republic. We arrived to cloudy Zurich at 7:30 AM 20.9.2004 aft
31.8.2004 / XVI. Sonkal sportcamp
We have survived (some haven’t) 10 days TKD marathon
Hi folks, I bring you small article about great training camp held in Malé Svatoňovice. We left on 21st August 9:00 from Černý Most, I’m sure more than 40 of us and moreover one participant from Switzerland – Peter Regan, who left his family for a while to see us and let us practice English language. We arrived just for the lunch :o) Only one two hour training waiting for us after lunch, but this was „improved“ to 2 hour training two times a day. We slept in boarding school, it was good way how to remind
24.5.2004 / XV. Sonkal sportcamp
Informations and photo material from last Sonkal"s camp
On Friday (21st May) Sonkal convoy, formed by one bus and 3 cars left Černý Most driving at Česká Lípa. Venue of our next, 15th in Sonkal’s history, training camp was sport area in Zákupy near to Česká Lípa. Our trainers had done a control of accommodation and place quality, final test – our stay here – showed both advantages and disadvantages of this new location. Accommodation was booked in plain, but absolutely accurate rooms. The only disadvantage was the lack of space in some of them, where we had to add beds. We ate in local school canteen and for some „tape
22.3.2004 / Juniors and seniors national team camp
Degree tests for I. and II. dan by members of Czech national team
Degree tests for I. and II. Dan were part of Czech national team’s training camp held in Hrdoňov near lake Lipno during this weekend. We had 3 girls (Bára Sýkorová, Linda Deutschová and Lucka Kolmanová) trying to pass I. Dan tests in total number 18 appliers for I. Dan and 2 for II. Dan. We were here to take some photos, so check it in photo gallery, unfortunately our camera was out of order during II. Dan test, and so
2.2.2004 / 2003 overall report
Final report for 2003
With the beginning of the year 2004 let us summarize the most important events for Sonkal Taekwon-do school, that happened during year 2003. 1. Sport achievements: Our competitors took part in whole Czech national championship series and other competitions organized by Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation during last year. New part in plan of competitions was international Czech Open 2003 tournament, organized by Sonkal in cooperation with Czech Taekwon-do ITF Fedaration. During the end of sport season, our
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