29.10.2003 / XIV. Sonkal sport camp
Training for Czech Republic National Championship
From Friday 24th to Tuesday 28th of October 14th Sonkal training camp took place in one of our favorite locations Frýdštejn, which we pretty adore not only because of its rich breakfasts and great sauna. Nine trainings in 5 days was dedicated mainly to sport preparation before National championship which is approaching (it will take place this weekend in Třeboň). Together with sport preparation it was of course (at least I hope) few nice days with good friends which gave us new experiences a
1.9.2003 / XIII. Sonkal sportcamp
Photos from Sonkal summer camp
Next training camp (13th in Sonkal history) is behind us. This one, the longest training camp in Sonkal´s history (Sonkal members are getting tougher and tougher, 12 days of trainings are really big challenge for everyone), took place in small village Malé Svatoňovice with wonderful surroundings of Jestřebí mountains. This village is well-known as a birth place of brothers Čapek. Our bus with more than 40 participants, not only from Czech Republic, arrived to th
31.8.2003 / New Students' Recruitment in Kladno
6.8.2003 / 1st Summer camp Taekwon-do ITF with Master Hwang Ho Yong
Reportage by Martin Svitek
In days from 31st July to 3rd August 2003 first training camp with master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) took place at Ostrava college given by Marek Lazor (II. Dan, chef trainer of Il-Dong Taekwon-do School Ostrava). At first I want to truly thank for organizing such a great event. About 40 taekwondoists from 1. kup to III. Dan came, including few taekwon-do schools chiefs and former national team members. Whole camp was dedicated to taekwondoists who are preparing themselves for next degree tests. Trainer Pavel Bareš (II.Dan), Martin Hlůže and Martin Svitek (both 1. kup) took par
23.4.2003 / XII. Sonkal sportcamp
Easter sport camp was excellent
Fourty four Sonkal members left to Radvanice on Thursday morning (17th April). After two hours in the bus we put up ourselves in Radvanice pension, took lunch and our trainings could have started. During 9 2-hours trainings basic techniques, patterns (Chon-ji to Ge-beak), kicks (basic, turning and flying), special techniques, sparring drills and sparring itself were practiced. Power breaking was tra
4.2.2003 / Final report for year 2002
1.Sport achievments As well as years before, in 2002 our students took part in many competitions organized by Czech Taekwon-do ITF Federation. In international matches, Sonkal was represented by four of us, also members of Czech national team - Tomáš Bobek a Hoang Quang Huy in senior cathegory, Barbora Sýkorová and Linda Deutchová in juniors. These 4 took part in Slovenia Open, Germany
13.1.2003 / Course with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VII. dan)
Great 3 hours course with Master Hwang Ho Yong
On last Saturday (11th of January) Prague taekwondo practicioners have first opportunity to train with master Hwang Ho Yong (VII.Dan, official founder of taekwondo in Czech republic) after two years. Thirty-five red and black belts met in our gym. Highest degree was, except master Hwang, of course, Radka Heydušková (Dlouhá) III.Dan. Few second degrees came to train at this course (all of them are trainers) from taekwondo school Sonkal, Hosinsool and Kwang Myong. After
6.1.2003 / Course with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VII. dan)
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