27.11.2001 / II. Fighter's Budoshow
Prague Fighter"s Budoshow movies
After release more than 200 pictures from Budoshow we offer some movies. During next weeb we bring you more movies from Prague Fighter"s Budoshow - Historical fencers, freestyle patterns, Viet Vo Date and may be something more. For best playing we recommend to install up to date DivX (actual version is 4.12).
25.11.2001 / II. Fighter's Budoshow
Show of different martial arts and fighting styles
Saturday´s afternoon was dedicated to II.Fighter´s Budoshow. As last year, whole exibition of plenty of martial arts took place in Sparta hall Letná. During more than three hours program exibition of Wu Shu, Taekwondo WTF, Capoeira, Aikido, Judo, Kyokushinkai Karate, Sumo, Musado, Kickbox, Tchaj ti, Viet Vo Dao, Karate JKA and Thai Box were shown. Program was added up by Fitness, Aerobic Dynamic Kickbox, Dragon Show, Fencing (the most interesting part of the show for me) exibitio
17.10.2001 / IV. Budoshow
Budoshow 2001 movie
First movie from Budoshow in Brno contain demostratition of Czech national team. Seniors competitors shown one of the most exciting demostrations whole galashow. During 10 minutes they demonstrate to all spectactors team pattern, special techniques, sparring, self-defence, power breaking (not in movie) and traditional sparring.
15.10.2001 / IV. Budoshow
Great martial arts show in Brno
Pictures from IV.th Budoshow in Brno. First movie from Budoshow is available in our videogallery.
24.9.2001 / Taekwon-Do demonstration
Demonstration of Taekwon-Do in Kladno again
Saturday afternoon on Sítná square in Kladno was devoted amusement afternoon with radio Relax. In tight programm had members of our club two performances. With this show we bring draw beauty of Taekwon-Do nearer to present spectators. Our students made a spectacle of patterns (tul), kicks to catching equipment, sparring (matsogi) and also very atractive powerbreaking and special techniques. Spectators went into raptures over great jump over the roof of the car.
10.7.2001 / Demonstration at Centrum Černý Most
Taekwon-do demonstration for spectators
So as the last year on the occasion of end of the school year young people got together near to the Shopping Centre Černý Most. Even this time students of our club haven"t been missing to show up to everybody what Taekwon-Do is and that it is practised very well in the Černý Most. In course of two 15-minutes long performances they demonstrated stretching, techniques of hands and legs, Patterns, Sparring, and Special Breaking Techniques and Power Breaking, too. Unfortunately the weather was ba
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