8.12.2001 / III. Christmas championship youth Naeryo chagi school
Great fights at the end of year 2001 in České Budějovice
About 214 competitors from 22 taekwon-do schools from Czech republic, Slovenia and Croatia have come to České Budějovice to took part in III. Christmas championship youth Naeryo chagi school. Sonkal, at last taekwon-do competiton in this year, was represented by 16 competitors, all of them in kids cathegory. Starting in this competiton was pretty new for lot of them, because of getting higher grades after grade test on Thursday. But we could rely on our Official Czech national cha
2.12.2001 / The best schools cup
243 competitors at Frýdek-Místek
More than 240 competitors from 16 taekwon-do schools (12 czech, 2 polish and 2 slovakian) took part in international competition named „Best school’s cup“. Competition on this sport event was great, for example male kids 8.-7.kup had 41 competitors. Sonkal sent to Frýdek-Místek town 17 competitors. As always, we were very succesful in paterns cathegory …..we got double (both first and second place) in these cathegories: Patterns male kids 6.-5. kup Patte
19.11.2001 / CYT whole republic meeting
Young talentes met in Třeboň
Second national meeting of the youth talented oraganization took place in Třebon last week-end. All of 6 regional youth talented organizations participated in this competition. As a part of this was comparing skills of both regional organizations and individuals. Team from Petrohrad taekwon-do school (Russia) competed here as guests and they were very skilled and strong opponents in sparring. This meeting convinced us that lot of talented and skillfull competitors practice in Czech republic and that junior national team is going to have opportunity to take new promising adepts.
5.11.2001 / Czech republic championship juniors and seniors
Competition year 2001 is over now.
Top sport event of a season is always „The Czech national championship“. More than 260 competitors (both juniors and seniors) from 20 czech taekwon-do schools participated in 4 disciplines (patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking). Sonkal was represented only by 4 competitors (Tomáš Bobek, Hoang Yuang Huy, Tran Vu Huy and Nguyen Hai Ha). The most succesful Sonkal
28.10.2001 / Czech republic kid's championship
Kids Czech Republic champions 2001 are from Sonkal
Nice sport season ending of Czech Taekwon-do Federation in kids cathegory was Czech national championship for kids. More than 160 competitors from 15 schools participated here. Our competitors started here and as you may read below, they were pretty succesful. We were most succesful, as always, in patterns (tul), where gold medals were taken by Pavel Zavadil, Linda Deutchová, Filip Konár (he defeated his brother Honza in fratricide final match) and Dominika Bardonová. Silver medals were
14.10.2001 / II. Regional competition
Regional competition again on Černý Most
On October, 13 this year, does our club again have the honour to organize Regional Competitions for all clubs in Prague. The rules on paper had been already sent to heads of clubs´ addresses. We request the pleasure to make available the rules to all Taekwon-dists also on our Web site: Rules + Application Form (ZIP) Rules (Word File) Application Form (Excel File)
6.10.2001 / Republic competition juniors and seniors, group B
First Autumn republic competition in Třeboň
Over 80 competitors from 10 clubs met in Třeboň to first autumn competition. This time the hall pertained to juniors and seniors group B (up to 3. kup). As is usual they competed in all of four Taekwon-Do ITF disciplines. Complete results are here. Pictures are available traditionally in whole article.
30.9.2001 / I. Regional competition
Great feat of Sonkal´s kids !
Translation of this text is in progress ... Full results - Word (in Czech only)
24.7.2001 / XII. World senior's championship
The best World championship"s actions
With short delay we bring for all our visitors some movies with the most exciting fights from World championship. All movies are in MPEG4 (DivX) format. You can download these movies:
8.7.2001 / XII. World senior's championship
4. place for Czech Republic
The Czech National Team carried off at XIIthe Senior World Championships in Rimini, Italy one gold, four silver and one bronze medals. Thanks to these result was our team placed 4th in the total standings among those 63 participating countries from 5 continents. Predictably, our camera was in and outcoming are following 358 pictures. Available to download are following video records: Traditional Sparring - England Traditional Sparring - Argentina
21.5.2001 / Bohemia championship kids & juniors group A+B
28 medails from Bohemia championship
As the top of the Taekwon-Do season in the Spring part were undoubtly the Czech and the Moravian kids and juniors championships that took place on Sunday, May 20, in the sports hall in Třeboň. 213 competitors from 17 clubs throughout the Bohemia and Moravia participated in all, and 138 competitors from Bohemia. After very good results in previous events (Kerberos Cup or CYT competition), our contestants acquited themselves excellent even this time. Already traditionally were our competitors d
6.5.2001 / Juniors & seniors European championship
Movies from European championship
Now we bring you on our site movies from European Championship in Spain. As we promise short time ago we made 2 movies with new Taekwon-do ITF event Traditional sparring. In first one there are competitors from Greece during their match against Poland. Second one is with Czech fighters Miroslav Sýkora & Kamil Vyvial. In last movie is match between Rostislav Kanka and Greece competitor in IV. degree patterns. All vids are in MPEG4 format (Divx).
6.5.2001 / I. Republic competition CYT
2nd place as year before
It became already a tradition, that one of the competitions organized in May by the Czech Taekwon-Do Federation is devoted to our young talents - to representatives of the regional CYT(Centers Youth Talentes) struggling. Although competitors of the national team do not participate in this kind of competitions, there came much more competitors to Třeboň as in last years. But quantity is not important and as we could see more than 130 from kid and junior categories competitors were perfoming exce
2.5.2001 / Juniors & seniors European championship
Spain is very good place for Czech national team
On Tuesday, May 1st, the Czech Republic national Team returned from the Spanish Villayojosa, close to Benidorm, where VIIth Junior and XVIth Senior European Championship took place. The Spanish spring Weather was very agreeable and as you can see from the pictures taken by us it was pretty nice in Spain (especially the sea). The whole championship set into a new modern arena was planned out to three competition days. Although no one of the representation team succeeded in defendin
14.4.2001 / Czech Republic versus Slovenia
World champions in sparring in Třeboň
Saturday, April, 14, a joust between the Czech National Team and the Slovenian one took place in Třeboň. The Junior and Senior competitors did more than 40 matches, that have been for both of the teams build-up to the forthcomming European Championship. The most prestigious matches were those with Tomáš Barada and Binco Tapilatu - they both showed up belonging justly to the top throughout the world.
5.3.2001 / Germany Open
Gold & bronze medal from Germany
In the days March 3rd and 4th, the Czech national team took part in the, now already traditional, Germany Open (unfortunately one week before the prestigeous Slovenia Open was dropped because of a snow calamity). The competition was designated for junior and senior competitors, who encountered in separated categories of coloured and black belts in patterns and sparring events. Participation from abroad was really remarkable - teams from Netherlands, Latvia, Moldova and first of all from Argentina
25.2.2001 / Kerberos Cup
After few years renewed Kerberos Cup
On Saturdy, March 24th Taekwon-do ITF Kerberos set up a "Cup", renewed after a few years. In contrast to previous yearts, this year for the first time could contend all the age categories (kids, juniors & seniors). It was competed in patterns and sparring. In teh competition took part competitors from 7 clubs comming from all the Czech republic (Kerberos, Toi-Gae, Sam-Il, Frýdek-Místek, Znojmo, Plzeň and our club). From Sonkal started together 22 competitors and in spite of some of them were c
22.1.2001 / Republic competition juniors & seniors group A
First movie from Taekwon-do competition in Czech republic
This is our first movie for internet. In movie is Huy"s final match with Dušan Cába (Naeryo chagi school) in sparring up to 52kg. Lenght is 5 minuts a 30 seconds (including subtitles and a few special effects). We recommend download movie to harddisk and than run in Media Player manually. If you don"t have installed drivers for Divx (MPG4) format download here There are two versions:
21.1.2001 / Republic competition juniors & seniors group A
7 medals with only 3 competitors
First of competitions arranged this year by the Czech Taekwon-do Federation was devoted for junior & senior age cathegory of group A, which means 2nd kups and higher (red and black belts). It was competed so as usually in all the four disciplines (patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking). In Třeboň, an excellent concurrence met repeatedly and many top fights were to see. The competition in January is always combined with selecting candidates for the Czech national team, which
6.12.2001 / Sonkal's tests for color belts
Higher colored belts in Sonkal
27 adepts for grade test from Sonkal passed their tests. Most of them did tests for higher grades, only one for 9.kup. Despite of this fact we was able to be 100 percent succesful and everyone passed. The highest grades was 1.kup (Linda Deutchová and Matěj Kropáč), who started their preparation for I.degree by passing this test. When they will try to pas I.Dan test depends on their abilities and of course their minds. Translated by Martin Svitek
19.11.2001 / Tests for I. degrees
Pictures from black belt exam.
On Sunday 18th November ran over the exam to I. dan in Třeboň. There was overal 9 candidates from five clubs. From Sonkal there was Tomáš Bobek and Pavel Zavadil and both had great deal. We are convinced that both will get their own black belt
13.11.2001 / CYT Prague II sportcamp
Last training camp at year 2001
About 50 members of Prague II talented youth organization (one of six regional organizations) took part in last training camp of year 2001. Accomodation and food were booked in nice hotel Kahan in Česká Lípa. Kids and juniors had seven 2-hours trainings, practicing hand and foot techniques, patterns (tul), sparring combinations, sparring and of course improving their jumping skills and then special techniques (t-ki) on our t-ki post. At the end of camp, kids (both male and female) had time to practice for their team patterns part of coming competition. This training camp was g
6.9.2001 / New Students' Recruitment in Kladno
The Sonkal Club trains also in Kladno
After three years of being free standing we decided to start training in another gym - in Kladno Rozdělov. Although as for inhabitants Kladno is supposed to be a quite big city, as for Taekwon-Do it has been untouched. But everything is going to be changed from September, 12 and our club is going to work here. Training lessons will take place Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:30 to 20:30 (in the next school year we would like to extend the training lessons and to shift them to more attractive time) in the Grammar school Moskevská, Moskevská 2929, Kladno - Rozdělov. The way into the gym is rea
3.9.2001 / VII. Sonkal sportcamp
Summer training camp is over
From Friday, August, 24 to Sunday, September, 2 VIIth club training camp took place. We"ve set out already for several times to the Frýdštejn. Except regular training lessons (two hours twice a day) there were prepared for all of the forty-seven participants a lot of fun and of free time livening up. On Wednesday, a walking tour was organized. It led by the Frýdštejn castle ruins, among the sandstone formations and to the final of several kilometres long hike where the path was lined with bea
4.4.2001 / International umpire course
Carribbean sea
Short movie made by our digital camera You must have installed Quick Time player.
4.4.2001 / International umpire course
First course ITF referees
For the 1st time in history the International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF) decided to arrange an international course for umpires and referees from whole world. As the locality for taking place of this course, the east Carribbean isle Grenada was chosen and as we could make us sure with our own eyes this was an excellent choise. The leading person has been, so as it has been last year in Prague, Master William Jacob Bos (VII. degree and chief o
26.3.2001 / VI. Sonkal sportcamp
50 Taekwon-do students 4 days besieged Frýdštejn
The first of Sonkal sport camps in this year was with brand of dismal weather, but also of many excellent achievements during the training lessons and a lot of fun in the free time. From Thursday afternoon till Sunday evening our students went through more than 14 training hours dedicated above all to patterns, sparring and special techniques practising. Saturday evening, together with the owner of the Sporthotel in Frýdštejn, we"re arranged a small disco disco for all the fifty participants - a
27.11.2001 / II. Fighter's Budoshow
Prague Fighter"s Budoshow movies
After release more than 200 pictures from Budoshow we offer some movies. During next weeb we bring you more movies from Prague Fighter"s Budoshow - Historical fencers, freestyle patterns, Viet Vo Date and may be something more. For best playing we recommend to install up to date DivX (actual version is 4.12).
25.11.2001 / II. Fighter's Budoshow
Show of different martial arts and fighting styles
Saturday´s afternoon was dedicated to II.Fighter´s Budoshow. As last year, whole exibition of plenty of martial arts took place in Sparta hall Letná. During more than three hours program exibition of Wu Shu, Taekwondo WTF, Capoeira, Aikido, Judo, Kyokushinkai Karate, Sumo, Musado, Kickbox, Tchaj ti, Viet Vo Dao, Karate JKA and Thai Box were shown. Program was added up by Fitness, Aerobic Dynamic Kickbox, Dragon Show, Fencing (the most interesting part of the show for me) exibitio
17.10.2001 / IV. Budoshow
Budoshow 2001 movie
First movie from Budoshow in Brno contain demostratition of Czech national team. Seniors competitors shown one of the most exciting demostrations whole galashow. During 10 minutes they demonstrate to all spectactors team pattern, special techniques, sparring, self-defence, power breaking (not in movie) and traditional sparring.
15.10.2001 / IV. Budoshow
Great martial arts show in Brno
Pictures from IV.th Budoshow in Brno. First movie from Budoshow is available in our videogallery.
24.9.2001 / Taekwon-Do demonstration
Demonstration of Taekwon-Do in Kladno again
Saturday afternoon on Sítná square in Kladno was devoted amusement afternoon with radio Relax. In tight programm had members of our club two performances. With this show we bring draw beauty of Taekwon-Do nearer to present spectators. Our students made a spectacle of patterns (tul), kicks to catching equipment, sparring (matsogi) and also very atractive powerbreaking and special techniques. Spectators went into raptures over great jump over the roof of the car.
10.7.2001 / Demonstration at Centrum Černý Most
Taekwon-do demonstration for spectators
So as the last year on the occasion of end of the school year young people got together near to the Shopping Centre Černý Most. Even this time students of our club haven"t been missing to show up to everybody what Taekwon-Do is and that it is practised very well in the Černý Most. In course of two 15-minutes long performances they demonstrated stretching, techniques of hands and legs, Patterns, Sparring, and Special Breaking Techniques and Power Breaking, too. Unfortunately the weather was ba
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