18.11.2000 / Seminary with Hwang Ho Yong
On Saturday, November, 18 a republic seminary was held in the Třeboň sports hall there. It was led by Hwang Ho Yong, the International Instructor (VIIth dan). During two training units, the participants practised Pattern from Chon-Ji to Ge-Baek and afterwards, essential sparring forms (three-, two- and one step sparring, etc.). As it became a rule in the recent time, even this time we have had a digital camera to mediate the air directly from course of the events - 40 pictures.
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30.10.2000 / CYT sportcamp
Training is needed :-)
In October, 25 to 29 a training camp of the Talented Youth Centre (STM), Prague II, took place in Studenec close to Jilemnice Praha II. 40 gifted Kid and Junior category students from three Prague clubs were sent together to a training camp prior to competitions (IInd TYC Republic Competition takes place in November, 10 to 11, in Třeboň). 14 of the Sonkal arrived to the trainings Friday evening and joined the training regime at the same time. Saturday morning, a competition simulation passed.
25.9.2000 / V. Sonkal sportcamp - exhibition photos
Last Sonkal"s training camp at the year 2000
In September, 21 to 24 we´ve organized the last training camp for students of our club this year. The already fifth training camp was held in the Sporthotel Frýdštejn located at foot of the Jizerské mountains. The surroundings there became very popular with us - woods, swimming pool, and sauna. The first two days of the training camp were accompanied rather by Autumn weather, but Saturday and Sunday were under the sign of beautiful Indian summer. Just thanks to a wonderful weather we were a
26.7.2000 / IV. Sonkal sportcamp
8 days full of Taekwon-do
For the first in the history of our club we decided to arrange a long summer training camp. As opposed to those two previous, this time we´ve chosen the Family hotel Hana in Český Šumburk. This hotel offered us both, accommodation and catering and gym to practise, so as beautiful surroundings of Jizerské mountains. Although the weather was not that holiday one, even was the autumn one, because it had been raining almost all the eight days, there was nothing to belittle the strong-mindedness o
3.4.2000 / III. Sonkal sportcamp - exhibition photos
Exhibition photos from Frýdštejn
Part of last sportcamp day we used to make special (exhibition) photos.
3.4.2000 / III. Sonkal sportcamp
Spring training camp at Frýdštejn
Turn of March had been a good pretext to arrange a club training camp. That´s why we set us out already fo r the 2nd time to Frdýštejn, this time from March, 30 to April, 2. During the four strenuous days, 44 members of our club performed maximally, of what you can persuade yourselves thanks to less than 50 photos.
27.3.2000 / Training with Thomas Brandt
IV. degree from Denmark lead training in our gym
On March, 27, 2000 we had the honour to welcome in our club a very interesting guest, Brandt, Thomas Kortegaard (IVth degreee black belt), President of the Danish Taekwon-Do Union. With students of our club, he led an extra training lesson, that has been very impressive experience.
25.3.2000 / International umpire course AETF
AETF course in Prague
On March, 25 to 26, the Czech Taekwon-Do Federation did act as host of a course for International Referees. The semainary was held by the AETF (All European Taekwon-do Federation). The Czech Taekwon-Do was represented by MUDr. Rostislav Kaňka (IVth degree black belt), Petr Smejkal (IInd degree black belt) and Ondřej Vrábel (IInd degree black belt, our club trainer). The main speaker was Master Wim Bos (VIIth degree black belt). All of the course participant wer
1.3.2000 / March Trainings
In the course of March, we had opportunity to test another digital camera. Outcoming are pictures from our regular club training lessons.
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