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16.6.2016 / 1st meeting of CYT

Youth meeting in May

Middle of May belongs for several years to the meeting of youth talents of Czech TKD Federation. There are two of these competitions a year and the first took place in Nymburk.
This meeting was divided to noncompetitive and competitional part. It all started with registration and weighing, tasty lunch followed and at 1 p.m., participants met at the reception to start noncompetitive program organised by Radek Kolář from department of kids and youth. This year’s program theme was caligraphy – drawing of letters. It was neccesary to build korean letters from bodies. Because the weather was good, it was done outside on grass.

After caligraphy there was a short break and at 3 p.m. the competition started with team patterns. Individual patterns followed. Our medal expectations were fulfilled by youth competitors – Ondra Faltin (blue belts) and Jan Veškrna (red belts). Both of them won gold medals. Silver medal was added by junior male Martin Matouš (blue belts) and bronze medals by junior females Lenka Hrstková (black belts) and Veronika Jungwirtová (green belts).

Competition time was fulfilled according to the schedule and many sparring fights, special technigues and power breaking tests could be done on Saturday.

In sparring, your youth competitors did a really good job – Ondřej Faltin – silver in -32 kg, Jan Veškrna – gold in -50 kg. On Sunday, our juniors fought – Franta Sakař and Martin Matouš, both of them +69 kg. Franta earned bronze and Martin silver.

Honzík Veškrna finished his competing with third gold medal from special techniques. His performance – 3 starts, 3 gold medals is optimal [:)]

Final cerememony awarded Honzík Veškrna with cup for most successful youth male and second place in overall school ranking was ours.

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