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12.9.2021 / Volnofest 2021

We freely festivalised

Volnofest 2021 was a more important event for us this year than in previous years because it was the first event after Covid. It was attended by 16 sonkalers and sonkalers. I was in charge of the organization with my sister Veronika. We had already had the experience of organizing, for example, a Christmas exhibition, but a full-day event like this one was a first for us. This event always takes place at the beginning of September from 1 pm to 8 pm. You could see the different sports or leisure activities that are at Prague 14.

Sonkal had their booth number 2 where we had a monkey bars and some tatami blocks for the kids. Here they could try their hand at kicks and paw strikes etc. For completing the tasks they got a smiley face or a heart for their card from us and a leaflet with information about taekwondo recruitment. The sunbathers also had the opportunity to try other sports at other stalls. The weather didn't work out so well, with rain hitting us at times, so our biggest concern was that the tatami would be at least a little dry by the first demonstration :-)

But the rain didn't spoil our mood and we coped with everything. We had two 20 minutes demonstrations, the first at 16:10 and the second at 18:00. My task was to introduce taekwondo to those who don't know anything about it, but most importantly, when and who can come to our training and join us. The first demonstration was mainly by our blue belts, most of whom were there. We showed routines, step sparring, sparring, paw combinations, and there was no shortage of breaking techniques both on the ground and in the jump. The second demonstration featured more black belts where self-defense against weapons was also performed. At the end of each demonstration we invited the public to our Sonkal Open competitions, which will take place on Saturday 25 September in the Na Chobota sports hall in Řepy.

I think we enjoyed the day together despite the not so good weather and we are looking forward to next year's event.

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