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13.11.2016 / Technical course with Master Jerzy Jedut (VIII. dan)

Tul & technique marathon

Also this year we accepted the invitation from the Czech national union to attend its traditional national seminar under the lead of Master Jerzy Jedut from Poland. This time very numerous group of people from our school came to Strančice to enjoy two very hard training days.
As well as the year before Saturday was aimed to the colour belts trainees and Sunday for the black belts only.

So from the Saturday program could Ondra Faltin learn the English word “longer” (concerning his stances) and be also taught about more valuable corrections. The Saturday program was ended by mirror pattern Do-San. To be it more difficult for somebody Jirka Novák was assigned to do much more difficult task – mirror pattern Choong-Moo. At the first trial he got lost right at the beginning but the second one was successful. During whole Saturday, especially colour belts were supplied with the instructions of the quality of their stances and also of their proper swings of individual techniques.

The Sunday program was intimate matter and I have to admit that the presence of black belts of Czech national union really disappointed me. The result was nine black belts and five of them were from our school… Anyhow, the drill was very intensive even on Sunday and our trainees got interesting corrections and motivation for further training. There were some differences in techniques which led to interesting discussion. That is really good, because we have to think about the techniques. We also analyzed the movement of Jirka Novák in the pattern Ge-Baek and in techniques in sitting stance. Patterns for black belts quickly changed and also techniques from them. Finish was dedicated to the pattern Juche. But for the very end Master Jedut prepared some hard exercises for legs. As we would say – it was very hard “Suska´s training”. 

We thank the Union for the invitation, Master Jedut for the amazing training and I am very glad I could be present, although just passively. We got a lot of valuable information and interesting ideas for our trainings. We are looking forward to meeting again in November 2017.

And who did not attend this seminar made a really huge mistake!!!!

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