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17.4.2016 / 22nd Junior, 31st Senior, 8th Veteran & 6th Youth European Championships1 coment

The cup is full but not spilled

Today was really great day for contestants of our school, even though the competition ended quite late. Finally my big toe stopped festering so moving across the ring as a centre referee, was much easier. But the main thing is our competitors.
I still do not exactly know how the contest of team senior male and female sparring ended up, but sooner or later it will be turned out. There was a little chaos in the hall and there we could see contests of self-defence, special techniques and team sparring separately on different rings at the same time. Jana Kovářová presented twice her performance at the self-defence contest. At the first on my ring in junior group with Vendula Bluchová. This sketch had some faults and did not end up with medal. But the second sketch of senior female group with Martina Kopecká was much better and they won the bronze medal. Tomáš Vodička, if my information are right, had to shoot-out twice with the Greek team and, fortunately, referees were a little bit coaxed by a public opinion (shouting) and they adjudged second place to our guys.

Special techniques were apparently much better. Tereza Štekerová presented herself as the first one. Flying high kick, flying turning kick and flying side piercing kick she managed very well. By reverse turning kick she was very close to the machine and when she was doing spinning side piercing kick she was too low. Both of those techniques were scored as 0 points. None the less that was enough for the first place. Then, followed the team of junior females where Tereza contributed with her flying turning kick and with flying high kick and side piercing kick of other team members, girls won another golden medals.

Jirka Novák was jumping very well but because of the strange method of registering for jumping height his performance was sufficient for the second place. Not to defer so much from the junior female team, the junior male team also got the second place, and Jirka Novák took part here again.

The final medals and cups handover was really pleasant for Czech republic and much more pleasant for our school Sonkal. Jirka Novák is the most successful junior male of European championship, Tereza Štekerová the most successful junior female. So we have masterful double!

The results of this year are very nice and I am looking forward to being at World championship in Andria with juniors.

Tomorrow we are heading home :-)

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Miroslav Novák

vloženo 19.4.2016 at 6:53, Editováno: mirek dne 19. 4. 2016 v 08:54
Velka gratulace! To je slusna motivace pro ostatni - cvicit s nejlepsimi v Evrope

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