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2.10.2023 / Taekwon-Do Demonstration

Taekwondo demonstration in FZŠ Chodovická

Tuesday morning, 19 September, was dedicated to taekwondo at the Chodovická Faculty Primary School, i.e. its demonstration for first grade students. Shortly after 8 a.m. the large gym was filled and a dozen of taekwondo men and women under the leadership of Tomáš Vodička began to show what our martial art has to offer. The demonstration had a brisk pace and offered everything from patterns, kicks, sparring, special techniques, power breaking and self-defense. The very end belonged to trying out kicks and punches in the prepared lap.

We are looking forward to meeting new people interested in Korean martial art of self-defense, which we practice in FZŠ Chodovická on Mondays and Fridays, see the training schedule.

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