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18.9.2022 / Volnofest 2022

Taekwon-Do shone even in bad weather

The last years of Volnofest were marked by beautiful weather, but this year it was exactly the opposite. The forecast from the beginning of the week did not promise anything great and Saturday afternoon only confirmed it.
However, taekwondo players know how to fight not only with opponents, but also with more difficult conditions. Especially for the youngest ones, it meant an intense battle between washing machines and mud, but that's nothing that modern washing machines can't handle :-D

This time there were a lot of boys and girls from our school, so there was plenty of time for everyone to explore other leisure activities during the Saturday afternoon. The weather also calmed down as the day progressed and there were some rays of sunshine here and there. The biggest dose of sun was saved for our exhibition, which closed the afternoon program in the Park U Čeňku on Černý Most.

The audience could see a demonstration in which nothing of our martial art was missing. The moderator of the Volnofest handed the microphone to the captain of the exhibition team Tereza Žilinská and the audience got a commentary on the whole demonstration. The video can be viewed, so no need to comment on its individual parts. It was filmed and edited by Alex Mach in his usual quality.

Back to our stand, where visitors could try out the smaller monkey bars and try to give the inflatable punching bag and dummies a go :-) We hope this will bring new people to our gyms in the local area. That is Vybíralova Primary School, BPA Hloubětín and Faculty Primary School Chodovická.

We look forward to seeing you next year at Volnofest 2023. And those yellow belts you could see in our team, they started taekwondo a year ago, maybe thanks to the demonstration at Volnofest. Will you be joining us?

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