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31.12.2021 / Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open 2021 / 6th Devil's cup

Taekwon-Do devils and devilesses fought

On Saturday, December 4, the last competition of the year awaited all devils and devils, this time at the Řepy Sports Centre in Prague. The traditional pre-Christmas meeting called Ataxon Open - Devil's Cup closes the competition season. Despite a smaller number of participants than usual, and with a few limitations due to the high number of covid cases, the competition could still take place.

In the end, 17 schools from all over the Czech Republic entered the competition. Although this year's competition was not international, it was at least multifederal. Schools were represented not only from the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Union, but also from the Czech National Taekwon-Do ITF Union and the Czech Taekwon-Do Association. Over 170 competitors shared very special medals, which were a great motivation for the best performance and from among the judges who normally compete there were repeated questions whether there will be these medals next year. The answer was favourable - Yes, they will!

Medals, diplomas and also trophies for the most successful individuals were handed out continuously. Each top individual received a voucher for a purchase at Hayashi as well as an Ataxon helmet! Around 4pm the competition hubbub died down and the organisers dismantled the competition area. This was followed by the announcement of the top three schools, with the first place going to host school Sonkal, second to Silla and third to Ge-Baek Ml. Boleslav.

A big thank you to our sponsors and partners:
- Prague City Hall for financial support.
- Ataxon for helmets for the most successful individuals
- Hayashi for vouchers for the most successful individuals
- Czech Taekwon-Do ITF for material support and patronage

We thank all participants for their exemplary hygiene measures and look forward to seeing you in even greater numbers on December 3, 2022!


Linda Trčková, Brno - younger youth female
Hieu Nguyen, Silla - junior youth male
Eliška Trčková, Brno - older youth female
Honza Nguyen, Ge-Baek, older youth male
Klára Hůdová, Velešín, younger junior female
Tadeáš Dobrovolný, Tong-Il, younger junior male
Aneta Nekorancová, Ge-Baek, older junior female
Ondřej Pavlas, GBHS, older junior maile
Veronika Žilinská, Sonkal, adult female
Dominik Pospíšil, Silla, adult male


1. Sonkal
2. Silla
3. Ge-Baek Ml. Boleslav

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