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15.4.2024 / Easter's Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp

Sunny Easter holidays

For this year's Easter, it was practically 100% true that it was a spring holiday thanks to the warm and sunny weather throughout our stay. Just as the bus door slammed behind us on the return journey, the weather started to turn bad...

But let's get to the beginning of our regular camp during the Easter holidays. On Thursday, March 28th, we met first at the gym of Vybíralova Primary School in Černý Most to load the necessary materials. After a short transfer to the prepared bus, where after a little paperwork we quickly boarded the bus and drove across Prague and Central Bohemia to Borotín. The beginning of the stay was taken care of by the circulation and followed by the folding of tatami and other imported material.

In the afternoon, the first training sessions took place, which were already divided into groups according to belts. The evening training was still compulsory, but with fresh strength nobody minded. The next days the morale for the evening training was already dropping depending on the fatigue :-)

In the breaks between training sessions, many participants took advantage to explore the surroundings, including the farmhouse near the nearby landmark - the ruins of Borotoín Castle. The farmhouse is gradually being reconstructed and every training camp we can see a very nice progress.

Sunday afternoon was optionally used to acquire wicker for Easter pom poms, which were then knitted with the assistance of the elders.

Easter Monday was, as usual, in the style of pom poms and feasting. Experienced girls (although in age it looked quite the opposite) also went on a carol ride around Borotín! There was also a troop sweets party waiting for all sonkalers.

There were a lot of training sessions during the whole time and they offered a lot of improvements, besides a lot of fun. And that's how it should be - training + fun is the best recipe for a great time!

We finished Monday with lunch and a mighty cleanup both in Borotín and after returning to Černý Most.

Thanks to all the participants for their great performances and to the coaches for their dedicated work! You can sign up now for the summer camp, which is for nine days and will offer even more participants, skills, improvements and of course fun!

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