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30.12.2022 / Black belts promotions

Sunday for black belts

The last event of the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF in 2022 was the examinations for the technical dan, i.e. black belt, on Sunday 12th December. Over 30 adepts appeared before the examination committee of the Czech Federation and among them were four members of Sonkal.

The first to take the exam for I. dan was Katerina Vitechkova for whom it was the culmination of the life of the coloured belt. Katka passed the exam without any difficulties and after receiving the official certificate she will be able to exchange her red belt for the monothematic but beautiful black one.

Among the candidates for III. dan were two of our Tereza - Štekerová and Žilinská. Both of them imitated Katka with their performances and will deservedly add another Roman comma to their belts :-) It is worth mentioning the record in the speed of answering a question from the theory, or acceptance of correctness. The record was achieved by Terka Žilinská and we wonder when someone else will manage to beat it :-D

The last of our adepts was Vladimir Svanda, who took the exam for VI. dan. This exam is specific in that it contains only two patterns. However, these are appropriately challenging due to the technical level. Vlada successfully passed them and he too will be able to add another Roman one on his belt :-)

Normally the VI. dan exam would be the last one to be taken in our country, however, several years without the World Championships and the possibility to travel to Korea necessitated a special approach for the VII. dan exam. Thanks to this, the very last one to go was Libor Macháň, the head of the Brno school. Libor successfully practiced the last pattern of Taekwon-Do Tong-Il and received his black belt mastery, VII. dan, from the hands of Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong!

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