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Summer camp in Pardubice

This year in may our coach Martin Svitek (IV. Dan) sent us some information about Taekwon-Do summer camp of team from Pardubice under the command of Radek Kolář. I recalled an article of Pavel Šnábl which I read two years ago. Pavel had already attended this camp and he praised it a lot. After a short family talk I decided to attend this camp myself

We set out in Friday afternoon – me, Martin Svitek and Pavel Šnábl. We met each other on our usual spot at Černý Most at about 3 o´clock p.m. Pavel took the role of co-pilot and clutching his cellphone he navigated us in the direction to Horní Bradlo next to Chrudim where the camp took place.

First training was planned at 5:45 p.m. on Friday. We just arrived about one hour earlier and Radek welcomed us with refreshment he had prepared. We were accommodated in pension “U kozlů” which was comfortable enough. Especially local swimming pool, as we found out later, turned out to be very useful attraction, very suitable mainly after training.

The lasting of the camp was planned from Friday to Sunday. This time Radek had prepared very obvious goal – side piercing kick and spinning side piercing kick. The training was in the spirit of high intensity full of all variations of those kicks. Together we were 35 participants from white belts to black belts. It was crystal clear from the beginning which way the training was going to be about. The first training belonged to basic forms of side piercing kick and spinning side piercing kick and their applications to targets.

After that we appreciated the already mentioned swimming pool. The water was still quite cold. For dinner we had some dumplings stuffed with smoked meat. They were so delicious that some of us managed to eat even 15 pieces of them. After dinner we had a little talk with members of school from Pardubice but after a while all of us went to bed (the first one who did so was Martin Svitek).

In Saturday morning there was planned a little jogging in local woods. At seven a.m. we assembled in front of the pension and then we set off. I could not keep up when the path started ascending and my comrades had to wait for me on every crossroad in the woods. I was really grateful to them for that, for otherwise I would be lost there forever. Because of this (and maybe due to Pavel´s injured knee too) we missed the morning warm-up at 7:30 a.m. right before breakfast. The braver of us (not me) decided to use the swimming pool for regeneration. The water was still very cold.

Another training started at 9:15 a.m. First part of it was again aimed at side piercing kick and spinning side piercing kick but this time in motion to big target. There were also jumping variations, 180 and also 360 degrees. At the end of the training we moved outside where we practiced basic patterns – saju jirugi, saju makgi and chon-ji. The finish of the training belonged to making photos – groups, individuals or couples. The water in swimming pool was getting increasingly warmer which was caused by the surrounding air and a thermal pump. It was the reason why we, one by one, jumped into the water and enjoyed superb relaxation before lunch.

The lunch consisted of potatoes, cutlets and vegetables. The cuisine again showed the best of itself.

We planned to make a campfire in the evening so after a lunch made a trip to the woods looking for a firewood. Finally, after a short contemplation in front of a sign telling that we should not bring any wood out of the forest otherwise we would be fined, we made a pile of firewood which we brought to a pension.

Before the afternoon training we took the advantage of two abandoned ping-pong tables and spent our leisure time playing ping-pong using anything we could as a ping-pong paddle. Very useful were slippers, hands and also book of Martin Svitek…

All of the afternoon training we spent outside the hall. We were divided to two groups according to our belts. Lower belts (green stripes and lower) had the programme from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Their programme was as follows: plays with targets, basic sparring, blocks against blows or kicks and contra technique. To higher belts belonged the stretch of time form 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and so lying on the blankets we gently provoked those who were already practising. Our training was led by Martin Svitek. We started with throwing cones to each other following by training of sparring in guards. The main aim was side piercing kick and spinning side piercing kick. After that, followed sport sparring and then fighting without rules. The end of that all belonged to stretching. The last hour (from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.) we trained all together and the aim was self-defence.

After training we visited our traditional, now quite warm swimming pool. Once we finished our bathing and drying we step by step moved to our campfire. There cooked our dinner which consisted of sausages and plenty of vegetable. When we finished dinning we organized first Sonkal Open in ping-pong. It was played just in one set until one of the players reached eleven points. The match unequivocally won Martin Svitek. I took the second place and the beautiful third place passed to Pavel Šnábl.

We endured sitting by the campfire until the dark falling and then we moved inside the pension where we managed to talk to others till midnight. Martin Svitek was the first one who went to bed. But after a while the rest of us followed him. After all, our thighs started to complain so we had to give them well-deserved rest and regeneration.

In Sunday morning we swapped jogging in the woods for collective warming-up in local football field. Some of the braver ones afford the swimming in the pool before breakfast. After breakfast we had to pack and abandon our rooms. The morning training was also divided to two parts and secondly to three parts, each one according to our belts. The group of most advanced trainees practised gentle sparring without guards for warming up, followed by patterns according to the belts. The end of the training was in the sign of sparring with knife. At the utmost end of training Radek planned the colour belts testing. Six of trainees of his school gained new higher colour belt.

The after-training-pool could have not been missing. After that we had some rice for lunch.

The afternoon training was dedicated to making photos. Because we had a plan to attend technical seminar in Prague held in the late afternoon led by Martin Zámečník, we did not take part in this training. Instead of that we chose some relax next to the pool, sunbathing and second round of the Ping pong Sonkal open tournament. This time we were playing the game to 21 points and I was successful enough to defeat our champion Martin Svitek. Pavel Šnábl gained nice third place.

At the end of the camp we just threw our luggage into the car and after saying good bye to everyone we set out the road and head in the direction to Chodov in Prague. The summer camp gave us perhaps hundred side piercing kicks, painful thighs, a few new friends and experiences from all trainings. We really enjoyed the camp also thanks to beautiful weather.

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Pavel Šnábl

vloženo 2.8.2016 at 5:54
a taky to, že neumim hrát pinčes

Martin Svitek

vloženo 1.8.2016 at 10:08
Jiří, tys prozradil, že jsem asociál, co pořád leží v posteli a čte si ;o)

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