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4.10.2021 / Sonkal Open 2021 - new date

Successfully in the new sports hall

The Sonkal Open had its premiere in the new Řepy Sports Centre on Saturday 25th September. However, if it wasn't for Covid, we would have already held the second edition in a beautiful big hall...

But let's go in order - the hall is new, big, beautiful and also definitely big :-D The doubling of the word big is right on the spot, because there is plenty of space and automatically the idea came up - let's put all 5 wrestling grounds next to each other. This way is not only great for the management of the competition itself, but also for the competitors and last but not least the spectators in the stands. Nothing like having everything in the palm of your hand!

Covid has put another challenge in front of us and the participants - to submit a covid-free entry and also to control it. The wristband system worked very well and with one entrance to the hall, it was able to be checked very quickly and efficiently.

In the morning everything ran briskly except for the last, and largest, expedition which got stuck on a large number of changes and corrections. We will improve this for the December Ataxon Open and hope to start really on time!

Once the competition got underway, the flurry of categories went smoothly and the competition squeaked through despite the lunch break and change of competition judges. The end of the competition took place after 6pm and we had to clean up everything, and most importantly, take it to the warehouses.

On behalf of the whole organizing team, congratulations to all medalists for winning valuable metals and here is a summary of the best competitors of each group:
- Nguyen Trung Hieu, Silla, younger youth male
- Lucie Heydušková, Silla, younger youth female
- Jaromir Roggenbuck, Ge-Baek Mladá Boleslav, older youth male
- Eliška Trčková, Brno, older youth female
- Matěj Mišovic, GBHS, younger junior male
- Klára Hudová, Velešín, junior junior female
- Ondřej Faltin, Sonkal, older junior male
- Karla Šrubařová, Ostrava, older junior female
- Jiří Novák, Sonkal, adult male
- Tereza Štekerová, Sonkal, adult female

Everyone received not only a trophy, but also a voucher for shopping at Hayashi and Ataxon hand protectors.

The ranking of the schools at the end of the competition was as follows:
2. Sonkal
3. Silla

Finally, I would like to thank all the members of Sonkal who participated in the preparation, conduct and conclusion of the entire competition. It could not have been done without you and I am very happy that we organized Sonkal Open 2021 together. Special thanks go to Jakub Geyer for the results service and to Patrik Kurtis who brought the union electronics from Ostrava and was very helpful all the time!

Check our website for photos and a montage prepared by Alex Mach. Together we look forward to seeing you on December 4 at Ataxon Open 2021!

P.S.: Diplomas and participation certificates are printed and will be handed out soon!

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