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13.12.2022 / 15th Serbia Open

Serbian mission

On Friday 18th October we set off from Prague for our first participation in the Serbia Open, which was held for the fifteenth time in the second largest city of Serbia, Novi Sad.11 competitors in two cars set off on an 800km long journey, but thanks to the non-stop driving on the highways of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia it was not as bad as it might seem from the kilometres. With a few short breaks, we arrived at the venue around 6:30. Accommodation, weigh-in and dinner at the hotel followed. In the evening we still managed to walk around the city centre, which is very nice and contains several interesting historical buildings in a small space!

Saturday belonged to the competition and our competitors did very well, at the same time the whole competition had a very good pace. We won't list the individual medals, check the achievements section for that. The great advantage of the whole tournament was the very interesting competition, which included competitors from Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and local Serbs. As there were around three hundred competitors, the competition stretched into the evening hours, so we hastily grabbed dinner at the McDonald's of the neighboring shopping center. We then moved to our beds to start our return journey in the morning.

We set off at 9am and Serbia bade us farewell with a decent fog. This dissipated before the Serbian-Hungarian border, which we enjoyed more than enough. In the context of increasing illegal migration to Europe, especially the European Union, the checks from the Hungarian side are very thorough. We jumped through the 500m long convoy in just three hours. Well for all a very interesting experience. The rest of the journey was uneventful and the Hungarian KFC provided food supplies for the rest of the day. We arrived in Prague around 19:30 and dispersed to our homes :-)

One more observation from the whole trip - the worst travelling was in the Czech Republic! We have not seen so many drivers driving very aggressively and braking just behind the bumper from 160+ km/h anywhere else! In Hungary, there were far more trucks on the two-lane highway than here, but with a few exceptions, everyone there is going the legal 130. We just have to be the best at something... Too bad it's often in the negative :-(

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