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10.7.2007 / XXVII. Sonkal sportcamp

Preview for summer camp

Our big summer training camp draw nearer, so we want to briefly describe what to look forward to :o) Of course, there is always bit of space to change, improve or add some ideas :o)


- 2 trainings per day - 2 hours for higher group, 1.5 hour for lower group. Student will be divided into group regarding their grade (belt colour) and for sparring trainings also owning of protective gear. Details will be known during first training.

- in addition to these two trainings we will wake up through some morning setting up exercise to wake up even these of us who behaves like Sleeping beauty. Of course, who is able to sleep during some running and stretching without injury, we have nothing against it.

- we have great news for heavy eaters and lovers of rich breakfasts. Chef Theo and his slaves will prepare all the breakfasts.

- to rest and restore our powers, we plan on free day (probably Monday 27/8/07). We may enjoy this free day by nice trip to near view-tower.

- our master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII.Dan) will visit us after this free day and do grading in the afternoon (you have to past pre-examination day before done by your instructors). If you want to do grading you have to have Czech TKD ITF federation card (pass) and pay grading fee.

- again we will compete in many (not only TKD) games. Interesting prizes prepared :o)

competition in step/model sparring (there will be 2 categories - up to blue stripe and blue belt and above)

big scooter race for taekwondoists younger than 13 years

competition in "action demonstrations" (teams of 3 or more members)

competition in theory divided to technical degree categories (10.-8.kup, 7.-5.kup, 4.-3.kup and 2.kup and above)

taekwondoists with highest point result from grading will also get nice prize

- we will also continue in getting nice summer demo photos (check these in the article). Think about situations, motives, ideas and potential colleagues for photos now, this approach makes getting great photos with you possible.

We ask everyone who is going to be part of our Big Summer camp to help with load of all our stuff into cars (tatamis, posts, board, pads... really lot of stuff). Date of this will be said later, but it will be probably on Tuesday (21/8) or Wednesday (22/8).

If you want, look at 627 photos from last year’s summer camp.


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