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28.12.2021 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp

Preparation for the Championship of the Czech Republic after two years

In the last two years the virus Covid 19 has brought about a lot of troubles in our lives. As Taekwon-Do trainees we were very influenced by this disease mostly in training classes, seminars and competitions, which could only be held under strict rules, or were totally canceled.
For that reason, the last Championship of the Czech Republic took place two years ago in November 2019. The following year the competition was canceled and so was our autumn camp which is meant to be our preparation for the contest.

All of us were afraid of what the situation would allow us this year. Although we hear from the media that the situation is getting worse by each day, there still hasn´t been any prohibition of sport events. So trainees of Sonkal school did not wait and on day 5th to 7th of November they went to Zákupy where, after two years, the autumn camp took place.

Although the autumn camp, contrary to previous years, lasted only three days, instead of usual five, the content was really intensive and the participants worked very hard. Some of them felt the hard working during the last training when the tiredness started to be noticeable.

Even though everybody still needs to train a bit for next few days, I believe that most of our contestants are well prepared to show great performance in the greatest competition of the Czech Republic.

We know that the situation is not much favourable and the Championship is going to be in less than two weeks. But we still hope that the competition will take place although with some regulations and the autumn-camp preparation is not in vain.

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