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5.12.2022 / Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open 2022 / 7th Devil's cup ( info pack )

Pre-Christmas taekwondo devil's flick

The hall of the sports centre in Prague Řepi hosted the seventh year of the Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open - Devil's Cup. After last year's covid edition, it was very pleasant to deal only with ordinary operational matters, and not how to protect the participants and comply with the ever-changing measures. But the past is the past and let's get on with the year just ended.

With five days to go before the entry deadline it was looking like a more intimate number of competitors, however the weekend and the last day was a crushing conclusion. There were 323 entries but only 291 competitors entered the competition as 10% were ruled out by various illnesses. Shortly after 10am, the large starting field made its way to the tatami for the entrance ceremony and after the oath of taekwondo was taken, the competition of the youngest participants, the junior male and female students, got underway on the six wrestling courts. Above all, there were a lot of yellow belts to fix and getting to the precious metal meant a lot of matches and therefore a lot of new experiences! The younger ones were replaced by older pupils and pupils, and after lunch by juniors and seniors. Each age group completed first routines and then blue belts and higher belts and sparring. Compared to other years, the participation of the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF national team, or its junior part, was a change. Although the vast majority of their squads also participated, they were there as part of their training under the supervision and instruction of the national coaches.

The aforementioned six venues were in permanence until the afternoon, when the competition shrank to "only" four, but we still kept the pace high, with one match alternating with another. Those who didn't make it to the hall didn't have to be sad, because they could watch everything via our YouTube channel without any interruption. You can also watch it all from the recording - YouTube A very pleasant surprise was the end not long after 18:00 and when the last of the sonkal left the hall at 18:58, there was definitely great satisfaction.

The best in their categories received original devil's medals and the best individuals were awarded trophies, Hayashi gift vouchers and Ataxon gloves. These were:
- Jakub Přikryl, Fighting Arena, younger youth female
- Jana Vrsanova, Dan-Gun, younger youth female
- Artem Hetman, GBHS, older youth male
- Eva Lejsková, Velešín, older youth female
- Radim Hložek, Fighting Arena, younger junior male
- Veronika Machova, Czech National Team, younger junior female
- Hubert Skála, Czech National Team, older junior male
- Tereza Simandlová, Czech National Team, older junior female
- Jiří Novák, Sonkal, adult male
- Kristína Ivánová, TKD ACA SVK, adult female

The overall ranking of schools was dominated by the organizing school Sonkal with 17 gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze medals. In second place was the Representation with a score of 10-8-6 and in bronze place was the GBHS school with 7-14-12.

Congratulations to all medalists and we hope everyone enjoyed the competition and gained new experiences.

A big thank you to our partners:
- Prague City Council - financial support
- Czech Taekwon-Do Association - patronage, material and financial support
- Ataxon - financial support
- Hayashi - financial support

On behalf of the whole organizing team we look forward to seeing you on May 20, 2023 when the Sonkal Open will take place in Řepy and on December 2 during the Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open.

Ondřej Vrábel, VII. Dan
Head of the Ataxon Open organizing team

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