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18.10.2007 / 13th junior & 22nd senior European Championship

Photos from Estonia

There were some pictures in Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) taken in the evening before the European championship began. Its architecture remembers middle Europe very close. Atmosphere in small streets is similar to Czech historical nooks.

Next morning the championship started on 6 rings. 5 of them were used for patterns and the 6th was used for special breaking techniques for whole day. Later this ring was used for power breaking techniques. We had wanted to take a lot of good pictures as usually. Unfortunately there were a lot of very strict conditions for taking pictures and there also were too high fees for it.

The first day meant double gold pleasure for Linda, Czech Republic and Sonkal. There were more competitors in a

junior female category the 1st black belts pattern than past. Also the quality and competition were a bit higher. In a semifinal match Linda met really good competitor from Russia. It was the hardest match in the category, much harder than final match with Scottish competitor. At the end she beat them both and finally won the second gold medal in this category. The first one she had won a year before. In the afternoon was a qualification for special breaking techniques for all competitors (senior and junior categories). Linda was nominated to final match together with Russian and Ukrainian competitor. The biggest rival Greek competitor from last year was out by the 1st nomination technique. After the lunch the final match in special breaking techniques started. The order of competitors was decided by tossing-up. As was shown the toss-up was pretty good for our competitor Linda. She was the last one in the order. The Ukrainian competitor didn’t manage to succeed in any technique; she was the 3rd one at the end. The Russian competitor managed to get one point by twimyo nopi ap chagi technique only; she was the 2nd one at the end. Whereas Linda managed to get 3 points by the 1st and other 3 points by the 2nd technique (plus points from qualification) and now was clear that she won whole category.

Linda managed to get two gold medals until the first day ended such as the year before in the same categories!

The 2nd representative from Sonkal Aneta Hemerová was first time introduced on European championship by herself in sparring junior female -46 kg. Aneta in her first international match was fighting very well but her rival from Ukraine won at the end. Through that she was the 3rd one. The Ukrainian competitor got the 1st place at the end.

Through that the second day took 4 hours in competition only almost all individual sparring matches was ended. Except sparring junior female up to 64 kg - Linda’s category. Our competitor was competing with Croatian competitor Anita Pančelat. Croatian competitors were very well presented here as a good fighters in sparring generally. That’s why we were afraid of Linda’s rival Anita. But as was shown Anita wasn’t the tease for Linda in semifinal match. Linda won again.

Estonian metropolis was very cold and freezing in the morning however the spacious hall Saku offered very nice conditions for final day of European championship. On most of all rings was started with team pattern and sparring categories. There was ready last individual sparring category (junior female up to 64 kg). Linda was competing with Scottish competitor Stacey Cummings. Stacy was very movable whole the match. She didn’t want to offer her scalp so cheap. Sorry for her but Linda won and could go to the final match with Greek competitor Papadopoulou. She was taller then Linda but fortunately it was a problem at the beginning of the match for her. At the begging that was time for Linda’s rival to get some points. Final match was 3x2 minutes. Linda managed to get over it and she got more points then her rival. Linda managed to win the 3rd gold medal in this championship! Great successes, Linda! 3 disciplines, 3 starts, 3 gold medals did 3x 100% fruitfulness!

Linda also was one of Czech junior female team. Girls together managed to get two other medals. The first one was the silver medal in team pattern and the second one was the bronze medal in team sparring.

At the conclusion of the European championship Linda was award as the best junior female competitor in Europe. Czech national team managed to get the 2nd place such as last year. Compared to last championship, the Czech national team got less gold medals. However we got 12 gold, 15 silver and 17 bronze medals at all.

In video gallery you can download movie with footage of korean Taekwon-do demonstration!


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