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25.4.2007 / XII. World senior's championship

Photos & info from the Worlds

15th senior World championship took place in small Slovenian city Bled, which is nearby Austrian borders. Referee seminar took place here just before championship itself (same situation as last year). Because of this, 3 referees left Prague on March 21 – Ondřej Vrábel (IV. Dan), Pavel Bareš (III. Dan) and Lukáš Martiník (III. Dan).

The seminar was organized in new way compared to last’s year one. We had 1 day of trainings to compare techniques and to unite them and then 2 days of theoretical lessons about new rules. Practical part was led by chief of technical committee Ri Yong Sok (VIII .Dan) with Kim Ung Chol (VIII. Dan) and our master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) as assistants. Second (theoretical) part was led by chief of referee committee GM Leong Wei Meng (IX. Dan).

Referees had one day off after this 3-day seminar to recharge energy for upcoming 4-days full of sport duels. Czech referees decided to spend their leisure time in near glen Vintgard.

We won’t surprise our readers by fact that we took our doboks and cameras with us and make many wonderful photos from these beautiful nature sceneries.

But the most important part of our visit was Tournament itself:

Day 1 :

!!! Czech"s are world champions in team male pattern !!!
In very dramatic final match they beat team from DPR Korea. After two patterns it was draw, than pattern Won-Hyo was chosen and Czech guys won with result 3-1-1 (Czech Republic-DPR Korea-draw).
Czech team got also bronze medal in female team patterns.

These members got into semi-finale:

  • Jana Hoňková - pattern senior female I. dan

  • Věra Kuhnová - pattern senior female III. dan

  • Radka Heydušková - pattern senior female IV. dan

  • Michal Košátko - pattern senior male II. dan

  • These guys will got some medal. Semi-finals matches will go on Sunday morning, final"s during afternoon.

    Day 2:

    Second day of championship continued with individual sparring. In sparring these of our team were defeated:

  • Duy Le Duc

  • Petr Kutílek

  • Michal Košátko

  • Lada Obereiterová

  • They are out of medal standings unfortunately.

    Day 3:

    Our male senior team did something unbelievable – they defeated Korean team in duel before semi-final with score 6:4. What an excellent battle !!! Korean team did not show sport spirit and was not able to accept defeat. They accept result after few minutes. After this great fight our team lost 6:2 with Tajikistan.

    Female senior team has won few rounds and was defeated by Bulgarian team.

    Individual sparring was also on programme this morning. Czechs fought very well and these are in semi-final:

  • Aleš Vyzrál - sparring senior male -71kg (he made it already yesterday)

  • Jan Mraček - sparring senior male -78kg

  • Libor Macháň - sparring senior male +85kg

  • Věra Khunová - sparring senior male -57kg

  • Regarding information from our team Libor Macháň is for sure in finale due injury of his competitor in semi-final match.

    Second gold medal for Czech Republic !!! Ilona Hambergerová won gold medal in female special techniques. She got maximal point score after first round and also New Zealand competitor did. Then Ilona beat her opponent scoring maximum on dolmyo yop chagi technique. Our female senior team was on fourth place.

    In power breaking was Martin Zamečník on 4th place and team male out of medal"s standings.

    In self-defence routine both Czech"s teams successfully passed to final round but without any medal success.

    Amendment - Third gold medal for Czech Republic ! Our girls won third gold medal for Czech"s in female power breaking teams. Boys got bronze medal. This was done later in the evening. In male individual special techniques we have no medal.

    Day 4:

    Today morning was successful only for Jan Mraček and Libor Macháň, both of them passed to final matches in sparring this afternoon. Jana Hoňková is also in final but in pattern female I. dan. Other Czech competitors lost in semi-final and got bronze medals:

  • Věra Kuhnová - pattern female III. dan

  • Radka Heydušková - pattern female IV. dan

  • Michal Košátko - pattern male II. dan

  • Aleš Vyzrál - sparring female -71kg

  • Věra Khunová - sparring female -57kg

  • Senior team was not able to got medal in special techniques final. They got 9 points as other 4 teams. First place goes to Estonia.

    Fourth gold medal for Czech Republic ! Jan Mraček won first place in sparring male -78kg. This is his second golden medal in senior category after first in Australia 2005 and he confirmed himself as elite fighter.

    Libor Macháň is silver in sparring male +85kg (defeated by Russian fighter). Jana Hoňková is also second in female patterns I. dan.

    Country overall standings - 1. DPR Korea, 2. Tajikistan and 3. Czech Republic. Total medals score of Czech national team is 4-2-10 (gold-silver-bronze). Czech senior male team won team overall.

    You can look at 1212 photos from Championship and also check many videos in our video gallery!


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