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3.6.2016 / Black belts examinations

One for 68 other for 69

The ending of International seminar in České Budějovice belonged traditionally to final testing for higher degrees of black belts. Contrary to accustomed traditions this time were tested much more applicants for higher degrees than
those for first and second degrees.

There were only two candidates for first degree of black belt, one of whom was our trainee Herbert Kindl. He showed very good performance which testing committee led by Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong awarded for 68 points.

Applicant for second black belt degree was only one – Jiří Novák. He was still in form from Europe championship and his performance was evaluated for 69 points. Such a high score was granted for the first time in the Czech Republic and we can be truly proud of our student.

The other part of testing was under the direction of ITF for it was about fourth to sixth black belt degrees. Applicant for the fourth degree was Jarda Svoboda. Then he was followed by a couple of candidates for fifth degree – the leading coach of Czech national team Jan Mraček and head of Taekwon-Do school of Mladá Boleslav Zdeněk Vavruška. Testing field were closed by a couple of Zbyněk Mácha (leader of school Won-Hyo Třeboň) and Libor Macháň (head of Taekwon-Do Club Brno).

This time all of those applicants were very successful and they would be soon officially promoted to higher degrees by handover of their certificates.

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