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30.3.2007 / International course with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. dan)

More than 40 participants of course

More than 40 taekwondoists visited Prague to take part in International seminar with Master Hwang Ho Yong (VIII. Dan) to practice together from Friday to Sunday. Seminar was really international because of attendance of Swiss and Polish practitioners. Master Hwang went through patterns from Chon-Ji to Choi-Yong, whole sparring system (Sambo, Ibo, Ilbo, Ban-jaju, Jaju matsogi), special techniques, power breaking and also self-defense and tando matsogi (defense against knife) in 11 hours of training. Because of seminar schedule there was time just for very active trainings. Organizer of the seminar, school Hosinsool, organized social party with traditional Korean dishes and screen of Taekwon-do videos. Sonkal has two participants – Ondřej Vrábel and Pavel Bareš (both III. Dan).

Degree tests take place at the close of the seminar. Polish taekwondoist were tested first, applying for II. and III. degrees. Then seven appliers for IV. Dan from Czech Republic showed their skills. Who successes may be called sabum after receiving their certificate. These 7 were : Petr Smejkal (Toi-Gae Prague), Ondřej Vrábel (Sonkal Prague), Jana Mikulenková, Marek Lazor (both Il-Dong Ostrava), Libor Macháň (Brno), Miroslav Sýkora (TKD Frýdek-Místek) a Jozef Juhás (Joomuk Frýdek-Místek). I have to mention practice of Mr. Josef Juhás, who will celebrate his 61. birthday on 11 April. His skills are great examples of indomitable spirit and perseverance.
Hot oficial results says: all 7 adepts was successfull, congratulation! Ondřej Vrábel gained for his performance 65 point and IV. degree.


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