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27.5.2024 / Sonkal Open 2024 (info pack )

How was Sonkal Open 2024?

I won't answer because the competitors, coaches, judges and parents have to say. However, I will tell you some interesting facts and observations. It was definitely more on time this year as there was no weigh-in and the morning meetings were very brisk. After 10am, 286 competitors from 25 schools lined up for the roll call ceremony and soon everything was underway on the traditional 6 tatami. Actually there could have been seven for most of the day as the number of judges was great. Instead of moving the tatami's we created a seventh corps of judges and rotated them between rings for any breaks.

I'm glad when the competition gets going and it's possible to see who is practicing and fighting, at least for a while. I'm always so motivated by the youngest ones. It's a pleasure to observe the mixture of emotions on the few meters around the ring, both of the competitors themselves and their friends and parents. You see the nervousness, the determination, the stubbornness, the enthusiasm, the disappointment. Just a great mix of emotions that comes with racing.

Gradually, juniors and junior girls who are more and more seasoned, but the desire to win, to be the best is still there. The sport fight offered a lot of interesting matches, and it didn't matter whether it was a blue or black belt.

In between, there were competitions with Blazepod reaction lights, which we tested at the Ataxon Open in December. We will be evaluating the winners this week and will send the promised medals via the school leaders as soon as possible.

A higher power decided that the competition was running too briskly and intervened in the form of a power outage. So the most important circuit for the competition with the electrical outlets took the hit. The Sports Centre technicians promptly sorted it out and the 15 minute outage was just a break for a breather and refreshments.

The end of the competition was inevitably approaching with the arrival of the senior competitors, where the members of the organizing school Sonkal were in charge. The matches were very interesting and a great end to an intense day of competition.

The 17th hour struck and it was time to present medals to the last competitors and also to the most successful individuals. These were:
- Younger youth male - Ventura Tadeáš (Silla)
- Younger youth female - Straková Lenka (Silla)
- Older youth - Němeček Dominik (Silla)
- Older youth - Heydušková Lucie (Silla)
- Younger junior male - 2-0-0 Sekera Jan (Sonkal)
- Younger junior female - Trčková Eliška (Brno)
- Older junior male - Dvorský Adam (Brno)
- Older junior female - Simandlová Tereza (Sonkal)
- Adult male - Novák Jiří (Sonkal)
- Adult female - Nekorancová Aneta (Gebaek)

The overall ranking of the schools was as follows:
1. Sonkal (18-7-9)
2. Silla (15-8-3)
3. Brno (10-11-8)

I would like to thank all participants, i.e. competitors, coaches, organizers and referees for their participation and above all for their performances and great work! Also to the Prague City Council for financial support, to the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF for financial and material support, to Ataxon and Hayashi for financial support for our best competitors.

Stay tuned for photos on www.sonkal.cz and Sonkal's social media throughout this week. Editing and general coverage will follow.
On behalf of the organizing Sonkal school, I look forward to seeing you on December 7 for the Ataxon Open and on May 17, 2025 for the next Sonkal Open!

Ondrej Vrabel, VII. dan
chairman of organization committee

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