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17.5.2021 / 29th online technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong ( YouTube stream )

Also Grand Master of Taekwon-Do can be surprised

The last online seminar of Czech ITF federation took place on 9th of May. It was led by Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong, the most important person of the day for number of reasons. Apart from all the knowledge passed on by Grand Master a second enticement was in place in the form of a secret celebration of Grand Master’s 65th birthday. Looking back, I must say that moving the seminar week later than originally planned, thus closer to Grand Master’s actual birthday was a great idea. To make it a proper celebration during the covid times, we connected our schools’ main coaches and other instructors, trough Zoom platform. As a cherry on the cake (which was actually there), we invited a few Masters and Grand Masters from Great Britain and Spain to join the Zoom call.

But let’s review the seminar itself first. Once again I had a chance to assist Grand Master. We once again used Tereza Simandlová and Ondřej Faltin as our exemplary practitioners. Grand Master did exactly as he said and went through all the colour belt patterns, from Chon-Ji till Choong-Moo. As usual, we covered a lot of specific and important details in each pattern. Grand Master took a break for refreshment and covering all the corrections and details was on my shoulders. 90 minutes passed faster than wind and before we knew it the general secretary of the Czech Taekwon-Do Federation ing. Tomáš Komrska was here with the cake and all was set.

At the end the president of the Czech Taekwon-Do Federation ing. Marek Lazor thanked all the instructors that helped with the 29 online seminars. Then he switched to congratulation mode and we all together gave Grand Master the memorial coin of Czech lion with a certificate and thanks in the name of Czech ITF federation for all the work that he did in the last 34 years. Tomáš Komrska grabbed a knife and took the job of serving the delicious birthday cake.

As I said earlier, Masters and Grand Masters from Great Britain and Spain joined us through a Zoom call, which made the whole celebration more ceremonial. In the name of Sonkal, I gave Grand Master a memorial photo and a section of our wide photo gallery that is connected with him.

In the name of Sonkal, I wish Grand Master a lot more years of teaching taekwondo in Czech Republic and in the whole world. I’m really looking forward to Prague face to face seminars with all the people that I suspected on other end of the YouTube streams. (30.5. and 20.6.).

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