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30.12.2021 / Czech national championship 2021

After five years we're golden again

Despite the unfavourable situation brought about by Covid, on weekend 19th – 21st of November 2021 the Championship of the Czech Republic took place in Nymburk. This year, the number of competitors was a little bit lower than the previous years. But even the slight regulations didn't scare off the attendants from showing great performance.
As usual, the Saturday part belonged to the youngest, senior and veteran contestants. Our only female competitor among the youngest, Anežka Bičíková, gained two bronze medals in patterns and sport sparring. As well, we had only one person in the veteran group, Jiří Faltin, who won golden medal in patterns and silver one in sport sparring.

Excellent performance showed our senior female team who managed to win all the golden medals of team disciplines. Each of them also stood on high places in individual contest. The senior male team made good job as well. They gained two golden medals in patterns and special techniques and bronze medal in sport sparring. Many of them were also successful in the individuals.

During the Sunday part of competition our junior female team won two golden medals in patters and special techniques. The junior male team contributed with one golden medal of sport sparring and silver medal from patterns. Members of each team did well among the individuals too.

The best competitors:
Karolína Chmelíková was awarded as the best older junior female & Jan Vešrkna best older junior male. Tereza Štekerová can be proud of being the best adult female competitor and so can be Jiří Novák who gained the title of the best adult male competitor.

In total Sonkal stood on the first place among all the Taekwon-Do schools with total sum of golden medals 26. The last time we won this place was back in 2016. Second place gained Ge-Baek Hosinsool school and the third place got Taekwon-Do Team Brno.

Everything with the competition went well and surely everyone enjoyed it. Hopefully, current unfavourable situation will end soon and in following years we can look forward to competitions with no restrictions.

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