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19.11.2007 / 2nd national competition of CYT

7 gold medals from kingdom of snow

It is noon of November 16, sun is shining above Prague, but chilly weather says that it will be long way to Frýdek-Místek. Bus with talented youth organization (TYO) Prague II team starts nearly 400 km journey with the only objective - compare with other talented youth organizations´ teams. Despite of Friday traffic our trip passes quickly, but as we go through city named "Border" (Hranice in Czech) weather changes dramatically. Snow makes our ride slower and creates traffic jams. We have to wait in 8 km long traffic jam just few kilometers before Frídek-Místek. Finally (after using shortcut for last 2 km) we reach our destination, but we do not know that more adventure wait for us in this snow covered region.

After registration and weight-in everyone is looking forward to dinner and bed so we enter our bus again t

o reach Hotel Palkovická hůrka. We understand hotel’s name much deeper in few minutes. Hůrka means something like small mountain in Czech language, but this word is not used too often nowadays so sheer 2.5 km long road surprise us and mostly our driver. Even our new winter tires and skillful driver were not enough to beat this long ice-covered hill. So our youths had to walk this slippery road in middle of forest by themselves. Harder objective stood before our driver who had to go back few hundred meters but backwards (and we have to mention that bus start to slip backward by itself even when everyone left the bus and it was secured properly! Fortunately, he is really skillful :-)

Then we try to beat the Hill by our car, what we finally manage to do thanks to chains, but putting them on wheels after sunset when it is really dark, snow is everywhere and temperature is below 0 is really not funny thing to do just at the beginning of weekend.

Early morning darkness is slowly broken by light, but chilly is still the best word to describe temperature outside. We go down the hill and enjoy nicely warm bus, which bring us to prepared hall of one of local primary schools. Not too many places there, but all tatamis and other equipment for competing are successfully on their places.

Let’s describe the most important part now - competition itself. Filip Morkovca, our youngest team member got his first medal (patterns kids 8.-7.kup) ever what made him REALLY happy and we have to say that for his age of 7 he practiced excellent. First gold medal for Sonkal and TYO Prague II got Kristýna Hudková (patterns female kids 8.-5. kup) so we know that bronze medal from Czech national championship was not just a fortune. Gold medal got also Pavel Zacharuk in patterns male kids 6.-5. kup). And we got much more in green belt categories because our female juniors covered all 3 places - Lucka Procházková (1.), Anette Langová (2.) and Majda Borková (3.). Monika Junová did mistake in final of female juniors 2.-1. and got silver, what is still great success.

In sparring we put our hopes to Monika Junová, who did great and got gold (sparring female juniors A 58kg+). Quality of fights of Pavel Šnábel was big surprise and gold medal in male juniors B sparring -63 kg belongs to him with no doubts. Also Tomáš Vodička showed that he is still improving and got 3. place in male juniors B sparring -69kg.

Our favorite part - special techniques. We again trust in Monika Junová skills who did perfect nomination and got gold because no other participant was able to pass nomination technique for 3 points. Two bronze medals were gotten by Pepa Stráník (male kids) and Tomáš Vodička (male juniors B). Tomáš got 3 bronze medals in this competition!

Power breaking and again Monika Junová. Few perfect kicks and chops and another gold medal for her.

Monika with total of 3 gold and 1 silver medal became the most successful female junior A competitor. And our TYO got nice second place.

Check successes to see all results.

Way back to Prague was without any problem and just at midnight we were home. We thanks to competitors for taking part, congratulates to successful ones and we also thank to Frýdek-Místek for such a refreshing adventure :-) But next time without the snow chains please ;)


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