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1.1.2021 / Year 2020

366 very special days

The year 2020 is past for now, 366 very special days ... The past year has taught us a lot - sewing and using face masks, constantly adapting to changing regulations and, most importantly, trying to practice taekwondo in any way. Looking back in time, I am very happy that we managed a summer camp perfectly. We all probably see now that it was a taekwondo paradise between two covid waves.

Unfortunately, in the summer we could hardly imagine ,that March and April without training will be repeated again. However, the reality was completely different and for several more long months it will be the same as it is now at the beginning of the year with the number one in it.

That is why it is very important to face to another challenge and to show that we are warriors. Show an indomitable spirit and above all constancy. We must not be discouraged and annoyed by all the measures that prevent us from regular training in our gyms!


It’s very clear, because we do martial arts, because we‘re warriors, because we don't want to give up ... Whoever gives up is dead! It doesn't matter that someone, or in this case something, knocks us to the ground. It is important to always get up and fight!

In all the ways we will be able to:
- online training
- outdoor training - even if it is cold outside, with decent clothes you can train a lot of things. There are many sports activities that are commonly practiced even at sub-zero temperatures - of course skiing, but also running, cyclocross, hockey or skating on a frozen pond and so far.
- training in gyms, even with a facemask

Once again, I would like to appreciate all sonkal members, who tried it straightly during outdoor training. Let's take everyone else as an ideals. To those I met in person, I reminded them that they will have a big lead over all the people, who did not practice!

The longer your training outage is, the longer and more painful your return will be :-( And believe me, it is not enough to just workout at home from time to time, this motion is completely different to taekwondo.

In the end, I wish everyone strenght health and a lot of strength resolve for training to the new year 2021! Enjoy a montage of our year 2020, prepared by Alexandr Mach. If you like his work, give him a Like on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, or add a comment. There was a much work on this video and the bless will please everyone. I bless Alex this way too!

Want to improve in 2021?

If there is a will, there is a way.

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