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10.9.2023 / Training on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Sonkal

25 years is a beautiful adult age

In June this year Sonkal celebrated its half-round anniversary, so we are already 25 years old. Taekwondists are a lively species and so we gathered together in the big gym of Vybíralova Primary School, where a gigantic "monkey track" awaited us. Each of the participants had a unique chance to have fun and also to show their skills.
As there were a lot of us, we divided the participants into higher and lower belts. One part was devoted to the monkey track and the other to practicing defeats and less common kicks.

The second half of the celebration training belonged to the informal team competition. The colored belts split into teams of equal numbers and took turns picking one of the black belts. For them, an inside-out training session followed. The colored belts were tasked with devising and teaching the person in question a pattern to their liking. The subsequent presentation brought very different styles, techniques, gymnastic elements and because everything was filled with a portion of creativity so everything was interspersed with a lot of laughs and sometimes salvos.

The joint special training fulfilled our expectations - training is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. At the very end we gave out commemorative wristbands to all participants and topped it off by eating various sweets.

Sonkal has had a successful 25 years of history and we are off to write another 25!

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