15.4.2021 / 2nd Online international technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho-yong ( info pack )
For a second time and even better
We once again managed to set a new meaning to the phrase “busy weekend”. Having two hours of technical seminar twice on Saturday and once on Sunday isn’t enough. It’s only after you add recording of two podcasts and finishing it all with live-streaming the Czech ITF online training. It all started on Friday. The preparation had two parts. First one was to go through the matsugi system with Ondřej Faltin and Tereza Simandlová, which was an absolute tragic, because they messed up everything they could. The second part was setting up all the cameras, microphones, wires, the technical
27.3.2021 / International instructor online course
Instructors in virtual world
In February, we had our first technical seminar in the online world. After such a successful event, an online instructor course followed not so long after. The Zoom platform was used again, but there was one difference- number of participants. I personally expected something like 50 or 60 of them, but the final number of 140 participants was just incredible. The mere amount of people who attended it, meant success. The whole two days long seminar was led by grandmaster Hwang Ho- Yong (IX. Dan) with assistance from myself and Master Martin Zámečník. For me, it was a first time in this role
1.3.2021 / March challenge
15.2.2021 / 65th Anniversary of Taekwon-Do
New version of Taekwon-Do pattern mobile application
We have uploaded a new version of our Taekwon-Do ITF pattern app. Each one of all 24 Taekwon-Do patterns is available for going through technique by technique. And what more? You can view every one of the techniques from 4 different angles. You can also watch a video of all patterns from Saju Jirugi to Yong-Ge on our YouTube channel by clicking the link in description of the chosen pattern. If you need to quickly view a specific technique, you can use a list of techniques- when you access it, just click on the name of the technique you are looking for and you can overlook a photo of it (also f
13.2.2021 / Online international technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho-yong
Internationally online
At the weekend 6th-7th February the International seminar under the lead of Grandmaster Hwang ho Yong IX. degree took place. For there were lots of students from foreign countries the teaching was in English. Masters Martin Zámečník VII. degree and Ondřej Vrábel VII. degree helped Grandmaster Hwang with the explanation. Pavel Zavadil III. degree and Martin Svitek V. degree appeared as the demonstrators. Because of the Corona virus situation, the whole seminar was broadcast online via Zoom which was a little drawback for nobody could practice under the direct Grandmaster´s supervision.
22.1.2021 / Czech Republic & Taekwon-Do
South bohemian trip
In the first half of August, we undertook a South Bohemian mission, the expansion of our Prague & Taekwon-Do project. With words of a classic - Prague was already small for us ... We will bring you many more interesting places from Prague, but there was also an opportunity to approach two very interesting tourist cities in South Bohemia - Český Krumlov and Třeboň. Český Krumlov was not under siege due to the absence of foreign tourists, so we managed to shoot it with Sonkal’s forces. In the region of ponds, ponds and ponds, we welcomed the help of members of the Třeboň taekwondo sc
20.9.2020 / Recruitment
7.4.2021 / April pattern challenge
5.4.2021 / Online technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho-yong
If it can’t be offline, it has to be online
During those last 13 months we had to get used to many limitations - face masks, school, work and trainings via internet. One of the forms of education are online trainings, which went through some changes since autumn. Mainly because of suggestion of Martin Zámečník. I was able to do technical seminars with GM Hwang Ho-yong or other Czech taekwon-do Masters. On Sundays seminar with our Grand Master it was honoured to be his assistant again. Our other assistants were Tereza Simandlová and Ondřej Faltin. In the introductory part Grand Master repeated some important theoretical basic
1.4.2021 / April pattern challenge
9.2.2021 / Online international technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho-yong
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the las weekend was dedicated to the online International Taekwondo Seminar not even in Prague but all over the world. Based on our good experience, the seminar was run on the ZOOM App as tested many times before. To prevent any issue, we installed all the necessities to run the online seminar on Friday evening which did not prevent us from improvisation. Because of the local installation which resulted in transmission issues, we had to find out the way to make it happen and we finally did. Having tested all the camera settings and installation, GM Hwang
31.3.2021 / Czech E-Open
Very successful online competition
Just few steps from the idea of attending UKTA e-competition to having e-Czech Open, despite of some technical issues all competing videos were not even successfully taken and uploaded to Cyber Arena. Organizing team and I were surprised of the worldwide interest and numbers of competitors which led us to postpone the beginning of the competition the same day as it should have been kicked off. Unfortunately, the judging was rescheduled to many weeks. Anyway, let’s talk about the Czech e-Open. Having seen the immense motivation among my students as well as the interest of others, I was ser
1.3.2021 / Czech E-Open
First Taekwon-Do ITF Czech E-Open
The pandemic situation is unfortunately not getting any better and what seemed as a few week affair a year ago, is still here today. But all Taekwon-Do practitioners are fighters and they are not only looking for training options with gyms closed, but also for a way to compete, even in times of very strong restrictions. A year ago, most of us couldn’t even imagine online trainings, training camps, seminars and for sure any kind of competition. Sadly, the Covid time and its very limited options had thought us what is possible. Although some very strict restrictions had come in force by the
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