23.1.2021 / Payments, training, etc.
22.1.2021 / Czech Republic & Taekwon-Do
South bohemian trip
In the first half of August, we undertook a South Bohemian mission, the expansion of our Prague & Taekwon-Do project. With words of a classic - Prague was already small for us ... We will bring you many more interesting places from Prague, but there was also an opportunity to approach two very interesting tourist cities in South Bohemia - Český Krumlov and Třeboň. Český Krumlov was not under siege due to the absence of foreign tourists, so we managed to shoot it with Sonkal’s forces. In the region of ponds, ponds and ponds, we welcomed the help of members of the Třeboň taekwondo sc
31.12.2020 / Promotion to 7th degree
Masters way
Where to begin? Let’s try it with few years 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2007, 2011, 2014 and 2020. Nice load of numbers, but what do they mean? For me personally they are important milestones. Let’s break it down chronologically. 1992- September 28 years ago to be more specific. It was then, when this whole story began. And how? There was a recruiting poster for taekwondo on the door of our building and because it’s the early 90s it doesn’t really matter what’s on it. I had known about Taekwon-do earlier than that from TV, but it hadn’t been available then. N
20.12.2020 / International online technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho-yong
Great international seminar
On Saturday the 19th an internal online seminar with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong took place. The seminar was broadcasted on the YouTube channel of Czech taekwondo federation. 276 taekwondo practitioners from 34 countries attended the seminar! Nearly 130 attendees were foreigners. Beside that, members of Sonkal were a majority of the team that made this seminar happen. Master Ondřej Vrábel and assistant Pavel Zavadil led the seminar alongside Grandmaster and two of Sonkal's students provided the necessary behind the scenes support. Alexander Mach was the one changing cameras and making sure tha
20.9.2020 / Recruitment
10.7.2020 / Prague & Taekwon-Do
Let's pay visit of Prague
In the first video, you will visit Celetná Street and its surroundings with us. Celetná Street is part of the Royal Route. Find out more HERE. Also Russian info. Second part of our tour will bring you to Oldtown square (Staroměstské náměstí). Read more in English or
1.1.2021 / Year 2020
366 very special days
The year 2020 is past for now, 366 very special days ... The past year has taught us a lot - sewing and using face masks, constantly adapting to changing regulations and, most importantly, trying to practice taekwondo in any way. Looking back in time, I am very happy that we managed a summer camp perfectly. We all probably see now that it was a taekwondo paradise between two covid waves. Unfortunately, in the summer we could hardly imagine ,that March and April without training will be repeated again. However, the reality was completely different and for several more long months it will be
7.12.2020 / International online technical seminar with GM Hwang Ho-yong
Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong internationally
On the Saturday 19th December Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong and the Czech Taekwon-Do Federation are making an online seminar for all black belts. The seminar will be streamed on the YouTube channel of Czech ITF federation (link). The seminar it self will be three hours long and split in two parts. In the first part Grand Master Hwang and his assistants (master Martin Zámečník and master Ondřej Vrábel) will present theory of power, fundamental movements and common mistakes in patterns from Chon-Ji to Tong-Il. Second part will take place a
28.10.2020 / Czech national championships for color belts
National championship of color belts
After more than six months the competitors in Czech Republic could head back in the rings to compare their Taekwondo skills with others. Unfortunately because of the Covid-19 the competition was held under special conditions. Sonkal arrived with 20 competitors, most of them were fresh blue belts. Most successful competitors were Hubert Skála and Aneta Zelinková who were awarded with best competitor cups. It was mostly a test of current condition of all participants and possibility to test themselves among others in Czech Republic. And a pleasant challenge to train more to be better. :-
11.3.2020 / Czech Open (youth, juniors & adults)
Golden for the Second Time in History
The weekend 28th February – 1st March belonged to the traditional competition Czech Open which is held by Czech Taekwon-Do Federation. Because it´s an international contest, besides Czech schools there were also foreign ones who arrived. Because of the coronavirus plague, many states were in quarantine so schools from those couldn´t visit the competition. Compared to previous years, this time the number of contestants was little bit lower – 370 participants. It didn´t influence the competition to get started. On Saturday the contest began with patterns of seniors and youths and it pr
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