6.1.2020 / Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open 2019 / 5th Devil's cup
Nice meeting prior to Christmas
After having been re-deployed from Egypt at the beginning of December, I had the first opportunity to attend taekwondo competition hosted by our school Sonkal, the Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open in Prague. What is more, these competitions are traditionally inspired by national custom “Saint Nicholas Day”. As well as the Saint Nicholas on his way, the Saint Nicholas Cup has been always accompanied by devils. You could see evils everywhere, especially on medals and dummies as well. From my point of view, it was really nice time spent on meeting taekwondo people shortly before Christmas. Seeing al
1.1.2020 / 9th North-West Cup
Adventure in Moscow
On Saturday, December 14th at 7 o'clock in the morning, our Sonkal team including Ondra, Vláďa, Stepan, Kája, Ondráš, Tea, Lea and me, met on Terminal 1 near Costa Coffee. Our flight left without any delays. After we successfully changed our seats and everyone was happy with who's sitting next to them, our two and half hour flight to Moscow started, most of our competitors fell asleep as soon as we took off. Around one o'clock in the afternoon (local time in Moscow) we arrived to the Sheremetyevo International Airport and then we moved to the hotel, where we did a weight check and also pu
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31.12.2019 / 2nd meeting of CYT
Sonkal in action at STM competition
On October 19th and 20th members of our school took part in second round of traditional competition STM (centre of talented youths), which took place in Nymburk. This competition was great challenge for them because the number of all participants was 290. There were 128 members of STM Prague 2 which is the one our pupils compete for. Among them were new support from Sonkal school, two Russian contestants studying in the Czech Republic, Stepan Knyshov and Vitaliya Gagloeva. The contest began on the Saturday afternoon of 19th October with the team patterns competition of the youngest. It was
26.12.2019 / SLO Open 2019
The Penguin did not spoil our trip
In a few years it´s become our custom to visit Slovenia for competition. Last years we attended the capital many times to take part in Ljubljana Open. This year, as well as the previous one, we went to try the contest of higher quality A class Slovenia Opena that took place in the town Zreče. On Friday 15th November we set off from our usual spot in Černý Most. We went by three cars and there were thirteen contestants and three drivers in them. I was concerned by linking warning light of glowing in my car and the powerless car assured me that something was definitely wrong. Fortunately,
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