5.7.2019 / Czech national championship of Czech national union
Brief visit to other Taekwon-Do federation
Championship of Czech Republic of Czech National Union Taekwon-Do ITF 2019 is a competition that is very known to us and Sonkal has been taking part in it for several years. Often we win lots of medals there. This year was no exception. Our team of 31 contestants was definitely the most successful. At the beginning our black belts were dressed in ties judging the performances of pupils and juniors and later even they changed to Doboks to show their skills at patterns, sparring, power breaking and special techniques. There was no discipline in which our contestant would not manage it to fina
4.7.2019 / Sonkal Open
We can do it in another hall
Medals hung on successful necks, cups passed into even more successful hands, the hall is empty as if no tournament has taken place. So we could characterize the hectic Saturday, when more than 220 taekwondists and taekwondists from 23 schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia met in Ruzyně sports hall. It is 7:30 Saturday 25th of May and crowds of sonkal’s boys and girls occupie the TJ Ruzyně Hall. Intensive preparation of sports hall begins - tables, tatami, decoration, registration, weighing…. Everything goes at the speed of serial production in a stale factory :-) 8:00 starts
3.7.2019 / Nitra Cup
Winning at our neighbours
On Friday April 26th at about 2 p.m. Sonkal team left for Slovakia where the Nitra Cup competition took place on Saturday April 27th. Sixteen members of Sonakl took part to represent our school. We went by two cars and one van. Not far away from boundary we met a traffic jam caused by a burning car on the D2 highway. Except that, there were no troubles on the road. We arrived at our final destination around 7:30 p.m. and right away we went to weigh ourselves. No one had trouble to fit his or her weight category. After that we went for dinner to McDonald in nearby mall. It is our tradition o
2.7.2019 / Czech Open (youth, juniors & adults)
Czech Open - We were second again
In days 1st to 3rd of March the biggest international competition in Czech Republic, traditional Czech Open, took place in Nymburk´s sport centre. There were lots of team from abroad – Estonia, Moldavia, Poland, Russia, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Also Czech schools were represented by large number of contestants. In total there were 399 competitors, 9 countries and 38 schools. Our school were represented by 20 contestants. On Friday we registered then weighted ourselves and then we had renowned Nymburk´s dinner. After registration each school went to its own lodgings. Th
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