2.9.2020 / Recruitment
24.8.2020 / Summer traning camp
Photos from summer camp
Photogallery contains all photos from summer camp in Malé Svatoňovice. We will add only videos already published our Facebook page.
17.8.2020 / Summer traning camp
6.8.2020 / Cold baths
With cold to morality
While reading Taekwon-do Encyclopaedia I was always more attracted to non-technical topics like philosophy, moral culture and other with overreach to daily life. I had enough techniques and fighting from regular nearly everyday trainings. It was sometime after my I. Dan test when I found chapter with activities that should develop moral culture of student. One of it are cold baths. And because during that times I took everything in Encyclopaedia as great idea I started practicing it without question and continue doing so daily for most of my adulthood. Citing from the book: „Cold showers
10.7.2020 / Prague & Taekwon-Do
Let's pay visit of Prague
In the first video, you will visit Celetná Street and its surroundings with us. Celetná Street is part of the Royal Route. Find out more HERE. Also Russian info. Second part of our tour will bring you to Oldtown square (Staroměstské náměstí). Read more in English or
4.7.2020 / Test for color belts
Thirteen successful taekwon-do practitioners
At the end of the school year, this year's second examination for higher technical grades took place. Despite a training lapse as well as limited-time preparation, 13 candidates struggled through the examination, successfully passing their test and enjoying the holiday with a higher belt. To those who failed this time we wish much success in intensive training and in the next examination. Next examination will take place at the end of the summer camp in Malé Svatoňovice.
3.7.2020 / Traininng course for instructors & assistents
Instructors´ and trainers´ seminar in Brno - in the eyes of Jirka Huml
During the prolonged weekend 26.-29.6. we met each other at the intense seminar in our colleague´s gym in Brno city. The seminar was about deeper body corrections and breath work led by Martin Svitek (V. dan), my direct instructor. The adventure started by the travel by a train with Tereza Štekerová (II. dan), where we guessed what exactly we will do at the seminar. And not even at the seminar. We had a lot of time for check in and visit of the city center, where we tasted their culture. After the lunch in McDonald’s right next to the Astronomical Clock on the square we went to Brno do
1.6.2020 / Traininng course for instructors & assistents
Invitation to instructors´ and trainers´ camp led by our instructor
Article is na invitaiton for instructor camp in Brno at the end of June led by one of our instructor Martin Svitek. Topics covers health and strenght issues of practicing taekwondo from point of view both taekwondoist and physical therapist. If you are interested in such topics, consider reading this recent article about breathing HERE
24.5.2020 / gyms
4.5.2020 / gyms
27.4.2020 / Planet Earth is our dojang
23.4.2020 / 65th Anniversary of Taekwon-Do
Taekwon-Do Tull mobile application
Today all taekwon-do students celebrate 65 years from the day official naming korean martial art Taekwon-Do by General Choi Hong Hi. Sonkal focused all effort to this day and we finished our almost two years job of Taekwon-Do pattern creation. This application is now ready for Android systems and consists all 24 Taekwon-Do ITF patterns. Nowadays it can be very useful because no training session in many countries, so you can repeat or teach new tuls. Aplication is ready with two languages - Czech & English (language is chosen automatically by settings in your mobile phone or tablet). In next
27.3.2020 / Easter's Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp - CANCELLED
22.3.2020 / Breathing in Taekwon-do
Breath control in taekwondo from physiotherapist perspective
Breathing correction is one of my key focuses in my personal training, but also in working with both patients and taekwondists as physical therapist. In these times with restrictions and canceled trainings it is perfect time to correct this basic movement principle. Focus on breathing also work as psychical hygiene. Breathing is vital life sign. Maybe you can´t imagine living without kicking, punching and fighting, but we would survive without it. But there is no life without breathing. Normally we do not think about it, but we are able to voluntarily control it (for example holding bre
23.2.2020 / Test for color belts
Over 60 higher grades
Over than sixty girls and boys came to our main gym in Černý Most on Tuesday 11 of February to pass the colour belt grading. The complete line-up of colour belts stood in front of the testing committee, after prior try-outs during the winter camp in Zákupy or any of the other club gyms. That means the testing was from the testing to yellow tag (9th Kup) to black tag (1st Kup)! At the end of the testing each of the successful graduates was awarded with the certificate to confirm the new rank. Currently we can practice to the upcoming competitions in February, the European Taekwon-do ITF C
21.2.2020 / Sleep
Sleep through to Euros and few drops of sun
I believe most of Czech taekwondoists are now partly living for Euro 2020 in Prague. Some trains hard at national team camps, some thinks about how to improve their students even a bit more, some spends plenty of hours with organizing work. Some may motivate themselves with sport taekwondo videos and look forward participating as spectators. I´ve been thinking about and studying not only what to do during training to improve, but also what not to do and what is worthy part of your regime out of dojang. Laziness is one danger, but other is self-destroying manner of doing everything har
31.1.2020 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
3, 2, 1 ..... start!
Our winter sport camp already started, already training, already getting better! Later this afternoon & evening check our Facebook for videos. The last update of photos from our winter camp is available. We put online also video by Alex Mach :-)
7.1.2020 / Christmas Taekwon-Do demonstration
Successful Christmas event
A year went by and the Christmas exhibition time has come as the final Taekwon-do quest. The positive experiences of 2018 led us back to the Theatre in Horní Počernice. Unfortunately, as we experienced at the beginning of summer holidays one feels fate changes and this option fell due to the long-term reconstruction of the Theatre. Our next choice was the Plechárna in Černý Most. First, I would like to say it was not bad option at all – interesting interior, the possibility of refreshment, the base – ZŠ Vybíralova with all the material close by and mostly the very friendly staff
6.7.2020 / Training course not only for European Championship
Preparation not only for European Championship
At the begining of the year head couch of the school GBHS master Martin Zámečník has reached out to me with an idea. He wanted to do 4 seminars as a preparation for Europe Championship in April in Prague. I agreed to helped him even though it consumed a lot of time, because collective preparation is always good and by letting blue and red belts come as well it got another purpose. Each of the seminars were planed like this: first training with master Martin Zámečník before lunch and after lunch brake a second one with some of the best instructors in Czech Republic. I couldn't personal
17.4.2020 / Home training
1.4.2020 / Home trainings of sonkal's
Sonkal's home training
Look what and how are Sonkal members training at home. Some video maybe availabel later because schedule of publishing.
16.1.2020 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
3.1.2020 / Taekwon-Do demonstration
First-graders and Taekwon-do
On October 3rd we had great opportunity to perform Taekwon-do exhibition for first-grade students of Vybiralova grammar school where we have our regular trainings. Because this school is one of the big ones and we would need a sports hall to fit all first-graders in, we performed three separate exhibitions. Besides three adults, the performers were mostly students of this grammar school. It was very interesting for the teachers to see their actual or recent students during such activity. And the series of prasing their skills was very pleasant. All three exhibitions met with a response both
11.3.2020 / Czech Open (youth, juniors & adults)
Golden for the Second Time in History
The weekend 28th February – 1st March belonged to the traditional competition Czech Open which is held by Czech Taekwon-Do Federation. Because it´s an international contest, besides Czech schools there were also foreign ones who arrived. Because of the coronavirus plague, many states were in quarantine so schools from those couldn´t visit the competition. Compared to previous years, this time the number of contestants was little bit lower – 370 participants. It didn´t influence the competition to get started. On Saturday the contest began with patterns of seniors and youths and it pr
23.2.2020 / Cup of Czech Taekwon-Do Federation
Czech Taekwon-Do Federation Cup
After a six-year break, the official Czech Taekwondo Federation competition returned to Třeboň with the same organization which give participants the opportunity to compete against more rivals. About 300 competitors from various clubs throughout our Federation came to Třeboň to test their abilities and skills before oncoming international tournament – the Czech Open. 25 Sonkal deputies in all three age categories participated and overall, they did great. Due to testing for higher ranks a lot of them (and some of them because they have simply grown older) had to compete in new, unexplo
10.1.2020 / 7th King of Taekwon-Do
The King of Taekwon-Do Contest in Salonica
The penultimate weekend in December a group of the Czech national team went to the Greek competition King of Taekwon-Do that is held in Salonica. It wasn´t the first time we visited this contest so we knew what we could expect. In the National team were two members of our Sonkal school, Jana Kovářová and Tereza Štekerová. Friday was really tough day for we departed from Prague in the early morning hours but we managed to register for the contest at about 6 p.m. On Saturday morning there was a bit of chaos and we didn´t know how to get to the hall. But we stood still. All of the co
6.1.2020 / Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open 2019 / 5th Devil's cup
Nice meeting prior to Christmas
After having been re-deployed from Egypt at the beginning of December, I had the first opportunity to attend taekwondo competition hosted by our school Sonkal, the Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open in Prague. What is more, these competitions are traditionally inspired by national custom “Saint Nicholas Day”. As well as the Saint Nicholas on his way, the Saint Nicholas Cup has been always accompanied by devils. You could see evils everywhere, especially on medals and dummies as well. From my point of view, it was really nice time spent on meeting taekwondo people shortly before Christmas. Seeing al
1.1.2020 / 9th North-West Cup
Adventure in Moscow
On Saturday, December 14th at 7 o'clock in the morning, our Sonkal team including Ondra, Vláďa, Stepan, Kája, Ondráš, Tea, Lea and me, met on Terminal 1 near Costa Coffee. Our flight left without any delays. After we successfully changed our seats and everyone was happy with who's sitting next to them, our two and half hour flight to Moscow started, most of our competitors fell asleep as soon as we took off. Around one o'clock in the afternoon (local time in Moscow) we arrived to the Sheremetyevo International Airport and then we moved to the hotel, where we did a weight check and also pu
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