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13.10.2002 / Junior's and senior's Czech republic championship

Tomáš Bobek is Champion of Czech republic for year 2002

Last weekend in Třeboň belong to taekwondo practicioners from whole Czech republic.
More than 240 competitors from 22 schools took part at this most important national
Championship. Despite of fact that few of well-known persons (members of czech national team-Šárka Kaňková, Lukáš Vaněk, Jaroslav Mašek, Jan Kubát) could not compete (caused by injuries and illness) many interesting and nice duels were shown to spectators.
Audience may saw for example Jaromír Michl(european and world champion in special techniques = flying kicks), who shew all of his practice without mistakes.
Second interesting person was Radka Heydušková (many times european champion and World champion from 1994), who has won power breaking (wirok) and patterns I.degree and above. Our dojang (Taekwon-do school Sonkal Praha) were represented by 15 competitors in
both junior and senior cathegory.

At the beggining of championship

the results of summer photo game were declared.
It has been a nice surprise that our school won 2 of 3 prices. First place took Bárbora Sýkorová a (won tobok) and 3rd place won Martin Hlůže and was appreciated by
Taekwondo t-shirt.

Pattern duels started firstly,all our members checked their skills and of course luck in this discipline.Brnze medals won Martin Svitek (2.-1. kup seniors) and Pavel Bareš (I.degree seniors). Slavék Vinogradov after 2 years stop practising tkd took a „gold return“ (6.-5. kup seniors). Our male senior team struggled to Sunday´s final and very tight lose against
Frýdek-Místek (probably the strongest senior team on championship), so they took 2.place.
Great compliment belongs to Milan Fulmek and Filip Konár, they lose closely to medal
positions, but practised really nice and powerfully. Junior male team practised very skillfully, so they are promise to next years.

Sparring (matsogi) was much succesful for us – Barbora Sýkorová 1.place junior male sparring up to 60kg, Hoang Quang Huy 1.place senior male sparring up to 54kg, Tran Vu Huy
2. place senior male sparring up to 54kg. Bronze medals were taken by Tomáš Bobek
(senior male up to 71kg) and Michal Růžička (junior male over 70 kg). Our male senior team
took 3rd place too, when lose against Frýdek-Místek as in patterns.

After sparring discipline we´re very skilled and handy in comes – special techniques
(t-ki). Lucie Kolmanová (junior female B) took bronze medal. Bára Sýkorová (junior female A) won silver one after very experienced Petra Tošnarová from Hwa-Rang Praha school.
Tomáš Bobek (2nd on Junior orld championship!!) take second place after world champion
Jaromír Michl, who shew faul-less technique and experiences.
Our senior male team was 3rd and junior female team pass all techniques without any mistake and won in equity.

Power breaking took place as last. We has 4 competitors here Martin Hlůže (junior male A), Martin Svitek (senior male A), Slávek Vinogradov (senior male B) a Bára Sýkorová (junior female A), but only last mentioned (Lála Bára) took medal – 2nd place.

As in year 2000, this championship was organised regarding audience, few finals (probably the most interesting ones) took place on Sunday afternoon. Before this, all competitors made a taekwon-do promise followed by practicing pattern Chon-Ji. Then audience may saw short exibition which included self-defence,traditional sparring, flying kicks and power breaking.
I think audience appreciated it very well.

I think, the best way to summarize this prestigeous sport event is 2 notes:

  • Tomáš Bobek became „Czech national male senior champion of year 2002“

  • our quite young school took great 5th place this year (it means, our school is 5th best in sport meaning of Taekwon-do).

  • Translated by Martin Svitek


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